SizeBandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
CDAbgrund (CH)Final destinationPrivate pressing, Swiss Black / Death MetalCH2009Private pressingnear mint151416
CDAbigorVerwustung / Invoke the dark ageNPR 005, 1st pressing b/w-cover, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, cover is a bit warped, a godd 2nd Hand copy, Black MetalAUT94Napalmgood353237
CDAbominationDebut (Same)NB 028, Original 1st pressing, Death / Thrash MetalGER90Nuclear Blastvery good423944
CDAC/DCBon, please don't goLACD 1003, Live Newcaste '80, Hard RockEEC90Golden Starsvery good151416
CDSAC/DCHard as a rock7559-66076-2 A4368CDX, digipak, numbered, incl. souvenir album cards, Hard RockUS95EastWestmint (still sealed)768
CDSAC/DCHard as a rock7559 64368-2, 2-track, poster, Hard RockEU95WEAvery good556
CDAC/DCLive-76WORK 5512,2, "Mark Evans" pressing, Hard RockITA90Men At Worknear mint252326
CDAeonblackMetal boundPrivate pressing, Heavy / Power MetalGERPrivate pressingnear mint121113
CDAgathoclesThe LP's: 1989-1991MR 025 CD, cardboard sleeve, GrindcoreGER96Morbidnear mint10912
CDAin't Dead YetRead your mindP 81106, Swiss Hard / HeavyCH96Phonagvery good121113
CDAlastis (CH)The just lawHNF 001, back inlay is slightly warped, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalNOR93Head Not Foundvery good353237
CDAlastor (POR)HellwardWRATH666-014, lim. 666, numberd, lyrics, rare, Black / Thrash MetalGERBarbarian Wrathvery good121113
2CDAlestormLive at the end of the worldNPR 511, digibook, CD & DVD, Folf Heavy MetalAUT2013Napalmnear mint121113
2CDAllegaeonElements of the infinite / Same3984-15330-0, double-CD-set, Death MetalGER2014MBRnear mint121113
CDAllisonOneP-81084, booklet has some tab indents, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard Rock / AORCH93MMPvery good10911
CDAllisonWonderland900212, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCH95Muvevery good151416
CDAmen (Manfred Ehlert's)Same341 372, feat. Glenn Hughes & Marc Storace, Swiss Hard Rock / AORAUT94Kochvery good151416
CDAnalforteAn endless pain…EMB 2840012, Swiss Melodic / Hard RockCH95Embunear mint222023
CDAnarchusIncreasing the hateRRC/MM 06, 1st pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, back inlay is slightly warped, GrindcoreMEX97good181719
CDAncientSvartalvheimPOSH 006/SPV 84-20432 CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalFRA94Listenablevery good252326
2CDAnnihilatorFeast / Re-KilUDR 0262 CD, digibook, hologram cover, ThrashGER2013UDRvery good121113
CDAnorexia NervosaNew obscurantis orderOPCDL 125, digipak, Black MetalFRA2001Osmosevery good121113
CDAnorexia NervosaSuicide is sexyAR004CD, signed box-set, lim. 999, numbered, Black / Speed MetalFRA2004Apokalypsenear mint403742
CDSAnthem Eighty Eight (A88)Q=and progress? A=and progress.8-track, slim jewel case, HCUS2000Schematicsnear mint10911
CDApocalypse (CH)SameDT 277-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, booklet has some tab indents from jewel case, ThrashCH88Out Of Tunevery good302832
CDApostlePrepare to meet godre-issue, great Christian US MetalGR2006near mint10911
CDAriseDistorted112005, Thrash / Groove MetalCH2005Private pressingm-/m-151416
CDAriseShades150601, CH2001Private pressingm-/m-151416
CDArtilleryTerror squad / Fear of tomorrowRO 9389 2, Original 1st CD pressing, 2 albums on 1 CD, Thrash MetalNL90Roadracervery good48450
CDAs Serentiy FadesEarthbornCD AR 018, 4-track, Death / Doom MetalFRA94Adipocerevery good121113
CDAssassin (Minnesota)The metal knightsSSR-RWH86, US Speed MetalUS97Stormspellnear mint121113
CDAtritas (CH)Where witches burntOriginal very first pressing, Symphonic Black MetalCHPrivate pressingnear mint121113
CDAvalonMore than wordsKDC 10018, German Melodic MetalGER94KDCnear mint121113
CDAxemaster / Awakening, The1985 - 1995USR 033, US Power MetalGRUnisoundnear mint10911
CDBarathrumHailstormN.E.P.006, Black / Doom / AmbientGER95Naxgulnear mint282629
CDBarathrumLegions of perkelespi57cd, Black / Doom MetalFIN98Spinefarmvery good121113
CDBartrekIn the red inkP 81113, Swiss Folk RockCH96Phonagnear mint10911
CDBastardSide stuffCD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Noise / AvantgardeFRASemanticvery good201821
CDBathoryBurnin' leather 1983-1995CD & sticker in 7"sleeve, Balck MetalSWE2010Axe Darknessvery good201821
2CDBehemothDemonicaRR 077, digibook, slipcase (vg+), Black MetalSWE2006Regainnear mint121113
CDBeheritWerewolf, semen and bloodSD 115 CD, Black MetalDark Sidenear mint121113
CDBethlehemDark MetalCD AR 022, Black / Doom MetalFRA94Adipocerenear mint121113
CDBeyond NorthThe dark is my fatherGRIM 002 CD, 1st pressing, 5-track, Black/DeathGER95Imperatornear mint121113
CDBig Red One (CH)Russian roulette150297-2, Swiss Hard RockCH97SoundServicenear mint302832
CDBlack SabbathBlack bloody blackKTS 171, Live USA '92, Heavy DoomITA93KTSvery good151416
CDBlack SabbathParanoidCLC 5036, early cd pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Classic Doomish Heavy MetalGER91Castlevery good10911
CDBlack SabbathTechnical ecstasyVERTIGO 838 224-2, Original 1st CD pressing, Doom MetalGERVertigovery good222023
CDBlack WitcheryDesecration of the holy kingdomfmp030, Original 1st pressing, Black / Death MetalUS2001Full Moonnear mint151416
CDBlasphemyGods of warOPCD 008, Matrix: SONOPRESS G-8404/084-08672 B1, Black MetalFRA93Osmosevery good151416
CDSBlind GuardianA past and future secret8927442, 4-track, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power MetalNL95Virginvery good556
CDBlind GuardianA voice in the darkNB 2614-2, 3-track, Teutonic MetalGER2010Nuclear Blastnear mint556
2CDBlind GuardianBeyond the red mirrorNB 3272-5, 2 CD's, earbook, Power MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastnear mint252326
CDBluuurghIn my embraceWIHU 9207, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect playat all, Death MetalCH92Witchhuntvery good121113
2CDBon JoviDouble platinum Vol. 1 & Vol. 22 CD's, 34 tracks, Live, rare versions etc. , CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockGERVolkswagenvery good252326
CDBon JoviKeep the faith liveLL 15487, Live93Live Linevery good121113
CDBon JoviLive and faithfulWS- CD 003, Live N.Y. '92, lim. 500, Hard RockWall Of Soundvery good151416
CDBon JoviLove, faith and soulFlash 01.93.0194, Live New York '92GER93Flashbacknear mint121113
2CDBon JoviSeoul streetDGCD 047-2, double-CD-set, Live Seoul '95, Hard RockEECD.Gigvery good252326
CDBon JoviShooting starsPLAN 038, Live Floria '93, booklet is slightly warped, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCZPlanet-Xgood10911
CDSBonfireThe strokePD 44878, 3-track, rare, HardrockGER91BMGvery good333
CDCandlemassEpicus doomicus metallicusMH157 / BDMH003, Greek Promo only, Doom MetalGRvery good151416
CDCarriageVisionsSSR-DL-234, Heavy MetalUS2018Stormspellmint (still sealed)151416
CDCentaurMob rules the worldNRR 1015, ORIGINAL, lyrics, booklet vg+, German Heavy / Power MetalGER90NRRvery good151416
CDCentaurPower worldTECX-25772, Japanese pressing, OBI, Heavy MetalJAP94Teichikuvery good121113
CDChalice (US)Demo anthology: Live & rareSSR-DOS127, US 80ies MetalUS2014Stormspellnear mint10911
2CDChildren Of BodomRelentless reckless foreverSPI386BK, book CD & DVD, book and CD are almost mint, DVD is a bit tarnished because of storaging in a crappy plastic sleeve which came with this book, maybe it was mint before left the factory!!!!!, Melodic DeathFIN2011Spinefarmvery good201821
CDSChildren Of BodomThrashed, lost & strung outSPI207CD, 2-track, Melodic Death MetalFIN2004Spinefarmnear mint333
CDSChildren Of BodomYou're better off dead!SPI159CD, 2-track, Melodic Death MetalFINSpinefarmnear mint556
CDChina (CH)Same834 451-2, re-issue, with IFPI code, 12-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HardrockGER88Vertigovery good151416
CDSChthonicSatan's horns01, slimcase, 5-track, OBI, Black MetalTAIW2003TRA Musicnear mint201821
CDCold Steel (Nebraska)And it begins5-track, private pressing, US Metal, musicians are under 16 years!!!US2007Private pressingmint10911
CDCooper, AliceLive at the GardenSA 24.010, Live '87, Hard RockGER94Sounds Alivevery good151416
CDSCooper, AliceSame921 132-2, 3"-CD-Single, cardboard cover, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockGER89Warnergood121113
CDCover ConnectionVintageCC-DS9811M, 4-track, 4 cover of Metallica, ZZ Top, Genesis, Mellencamp, Swiss bandCH98Private pressingnear mint657
CDCradle Of FilthDusk…and her embraceCDMFNX 208, deluxe leather digibook, Symphonic Black MetalUK96MFNvery good121113
CDCradle Of FilthPanDaemonAeonincl. 5 bonus tracks, Russian only pressing, Black-Gothic MetalRUSAgatmint121113
CDCradle Of FilthThe princess of darknessMTCD 12, Live '97 & '99, Symphonic Black Metal99Masterratsvery good151416
CDCrashinTV violencePrivate pressing, Swiss Hard RockCH96Private pressingvery good201821
CDCruor (BRA)SameThrashBRA95Poco Locovery good666169
CDCrypt Of KerberosWorld of mythsCD AR 013, Original 1st pressing, Matrix: CDAR013 23 A2, Death MetalFRA93Adipocerenear mint151416
CDCryptic VoiceRetribution comesSwiss Melodic Death MetalCH2002Private pressingnear mint151416
CDCyclone TempleBuilding errors in the machinePRO 019, 6-track, Original pressing, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash MetalUS93Polydiscvery good121113
CDD.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles)Dealing with itRR 9481 2, re-issue, rare, Crossover, Thrash, HCNL88Roadrunnernear mint181719
CDDanger, RobynAnthologySSR-DY38, still selaed, US Hard & HeavyUS2009Stormspellmint (still sealed)10911
CDDanzigEvil LiveNG 77 791, Live Hollywood '89, Heavy / Danzig MetalITA91Not Guiltynear mint201821
CDDark Funeral / BathoryLive Hultsfred Sweden / Demos 83 & 84limited edition, Split-CD, Black Metal2002Imperial / 2N1near mint151416
CDDarkthrone / MayhemThe true legends in blackDemos, Split-CD, Black Metalvery good151416
CDDeathLeprosyCD FLAG 24, Original 1st EU pressing, Death MetalUK88UOFvery good302832
CDDeathSpiritual healingCD FLAG 38, Original 1st EU pressing, Death MetalUK90UOFvery good201821
CDDeathspell Omega / Clandestine BlazeSplit-CDNH-011, split-CD, Black MetalFIN2003Northern Heritagevery good302832
CDDecember WolvesTil ten yearsHammer3, Black MetalKoreaHammerheartnear mint151416
CDDecoryahWisdom floatsWIHU 9416, Original 1st pressing, Gothic / Doom MetalCH93Witchhuntvery good121113
CDSDef LeppardHave you ever needed someone so bad864 151-2, 4-track, Hard RockEU92Bludgeonvery good333
CDSDef LeppardHave you ever needed someone so badCDP 722/CDP 744, fold-out cardsleeve, Promo only, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUS92Mercurygood556
CDSDef LeppardHeaven isLEPCD 9, 4-track, Hard RockUK93Bludgeonvery good333
CDSDef LeppardTonight862 231-2, 4-track, Hard RockEU93Bludgeonvery good333
CDSDef LeppardWhen love & hate collide852 421-2, 3-track, Hard RockEU95Mercurynear mint333
CDDefyanceTime lostPrivate pressing, US Progressive MetalUS99Private pressingnear mint282629
CDDelirious (GER)ThoughlessnessBMR-0010, ThrashGER97BM Rec.near mint121113
CDSDenial Of GodA night in TransylvaniaPKR-061, no barcode, Black MetalBEL2006Painkillernear mint121113
CDDesolation AngelsSweeter the meatPrivate pressing, 5-track, cardboard slipcase, NWOBHMUK2014Private pressingnear mint879
2CDDestroyer (US)Monster with 6 arms & 3 headsHHR068, double-CD-set, US MetalUS2018Heaven & Hellnear mint151416
CDDestructionAlive devastationKICP 909, OBI is missing, Thrash MetalJAP2003King Rec.near mint201821
CDDestructionCracked brainSPV 084-76192, Thrash MetalGER90Steamhammervery good151416
CDDestructionMad butcher / Eternal devastationSPV 076-1860, re-pressing, 2 albums on 1 CD, rare, Thrash MetalGER87Steamhammernear mint151416
CDDetenteDeclineUS ThrashUS2010Cognitivenear mint10911
CDDevil's Blood, TheCome reapvan019, digipak, Occult MetalGERVan Recordsnear mint121113
CDDeyssVision in the darkFGBG 4152.AR, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockFRA95Museavery good151416
CDDiabolos Rising"666"OPCD023, Original pressing, Black MetalFRA94Osmosevery good222023
CDDimmu BorgirIn sorte diaboli Sampler1895-2, cardsleeve, Promo only, 2-track, Black MetalUS2007Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
CDDimmu BorgirThe gods of darknessBHR001, Black MetalITA2000Black Heartvery good121113
CDDioHoly diverUICY-6390, Japanese pressing, OBI, lyrics, incl. 10 bonus interview tracks, Heavy MetalJAP2005Rock Candynear mint121113
CDDioLock up the wolves9 26212-2, long box edition, 2 cut-outs, longbox =vg+, Classic MetalUS90Reprisemint (still sealed)10911
CDDisaster (CH)No hope for the future9810-36, Swiss Death MetalCH99Art-Teammint (still sealed)504653
CDDisincarnateDreams of the carrion kindRR 9102-2, Death MetalNL93Roarunnervery good201821
CDDisparagedDeathtrapdispCD0001, Swiss Death MetalCH2002Assburnvery good121113
CDDistant PastExtraordinary indication of unnatural perceptionKay0000a2, CD has some surface marks witch do not affect play at all, Swiss Prog. MetalCH2005Kayfabevery good151416
CDDivinefireEye of the stormLRCD005, Symphonic DeathSWE2011Liljegrennear mint121113 (ex-Die Krupps)Hell is heavenRTD 195.3596.3, 5-track, ex-Die Krupps, IndustrialGER2000Zombavery good333
5CDDokkenOriginal Album series8122 79833 9, 5 CD-Box (Breaking, Tooth & nail, Under lock, Back for, Beast from), Heavy / HardrockEU2009Rhinomint (still sealed)201821
CDDominoeKeep in touchPD 71757, very rare Original pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, AORGER88BMG Ariolavery good181719
CDDominoeThe key260 809-222, very hard to find ORIGINAL pressing, German AORGER90Virginvery good252326
CDDouble HeartHearts on fireCD 29103, Swiss AOR / Hard rockCH93Solonear mint403742
CDDragon (PL)Fallen angelCDFLAG 48, Original pressing, rareUK90UOFvery good252326
CDDream TrollThe knight of rebellionSSR-DL-212, Heavy MetalUS2017Stormspellmint (still sealed)151416
3CDEcholynA little nonsense now and thenfold-out slipcase, 3-CD-set, Prog. RockUS2002Velveteenvery good322934
CDSEdguyPainting on the wallAFM CD 050-5, 4-track, Power MetalGER2001AFMvery good556
CDEisregenKrebskolonie / FleischfestivalMAS CD0384, compilation, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER2003Massacrevery good353237
CD-rEistroll (CH)DimitriosOfficial CD-r - Demo, Black MetalCH2005Private pressingnear mint121113
CDElfforSon of the shadesPrivate pressing, Original 1st pressing, lim. 500, Symphonic Balck Metal / Ambient2002Private pressingvery good282629
CDElysian Fields, TheWe…the enlightenedTFCK-87175, OBI, lyrics, Death MetalJAP98Toy's Factorynear mint121113
CDSEnd Of GreenMotor3-track, Gothic / Hard RockGER2002Silverdustnear mint556
CDEngorgedDeath Metal attack 2RR01, Death MetalUS99Razorbacknear mint121113
CDEnola GayPressureCREAM 008, Heavy MetalGER95Creamnear mint121113
2CDEvanescenceIn zenithDH2-815, double-CD, 22-track, Taiwanese only presing, 1st and 2nd album on 2 CD's, rareTAIW2004Sony Musicnear mint181719
CDEvildeadUnited States of anarchySPV 241412 CD. digipak, US Power Thrash MetalGER2020Steamhammermint (still sealed)151416
CDExhortation (CH)The last trialOPUS 005, rare, Swiss Death MetalCH95Opus Diemint353237
CDExistenceGodforsaken nightsEpic Power MetalGER2008Private pressingvery good121113
CDExodusBonded by bloodCD MFN 44, Thrash MetalUK89MFNnear mint151416
CDExodusFabulous disasterINT 848.510, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, ThrashGER92MFN/Intercordvery good10911
CDExodusFabulous disasterCD MFN 90, Original 1st European pressing, Thrash MetalUK88MFNvery good10911
CDExodusImpact is imminentCDP 7 90379 2, Thrash MetalUK90Capitolnear mint151416
CDExodusPleasures of the fleshCD MFN 77, Original 1st European pressing, CD has some surface marks on both cd sides, but does not affect play at all, Thrash MetalUKMFNgood121113
CDSExtremeRest in peaceAMCD 0055, CD-Single, 4 track, incl. Box and numbered OBI, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUK92A&M Rec.very good556
CDExtremeTake it to the limitsCM 011, Live Texas '91, Hard RockITA93Cocomelosnear mint121113
CDSExtreme Noise TerrorPhonophobiaDISC 1X, CD-Single jewel case, Original 1st pressing, Crust / Grind / PunkUK91Vinyl Japannear mint10911
CDFast LanePlanet EarthP 81189, Hard & HeavyCH2001Phonagnear mint201821
CDFatal RecoilMaliciousRTTC006, 6-track, rare, Death MetalBELRotten To The corenear mint10911
CDFelonyFirst worksPrivate pressing, lyrics, Swiss Melodic MetalCH2005Private pressingmint10911
CDFifth AngelSameOBI, lyrics, re-issue, US Power MetalGR2006near mint151416
CDFifth AngelTime will tellOBI, lyrics, re-issue, US Power MetalGR2006near mint151416
CDFire ShadowPhoenixFONOCD3697, Power MetalBRAFonomidianear mint121113
CDFlaming Rocks, TheEnter evermoreDigipak, RockGER2013Cargo / Ratamnear mint121113
CDFlegmaBlind acceptanceBRR 001, Thrash / HC / Crossover92Black Rosenear mint121113
CDFlotsam & JetsamWhen storm comes downMCAD-6382, Original pressing, lyrics, Speed / Thrash MetalUS90MCAnear mint151416
CDForbidden SiteSturm und DrangSOL 011, Symphonic Black MetalGERSolistitiumvery good151416
CDForce, The (CH)Voodoo cock's revengeEF 322-2, Southern / Hard RockCH2007Earforcenear mint10911
CDrForcefieldCosmic integration4-track, card sleeve. Power / ThrashUS2013Fearbonernear mint10911
CDrForcefieldSaga of the tamingProgressive Power / ThrashUS2015Fearbonernear mint121113
CDFord, LitaDangerous curvesRCA 07863, Long box edition, 2 x cut-out, still selaed, Hard RockUSRCAvery good10911
CDFun GoghBack for moreLux-NOISE 39233, Swiss Melodic Hard RockCH92Lux Noisevery good10911
CDFuneral NationAfter the battleOriginal 1st pressing, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death / Thrash MetalGER91Turbo "Ripp Off" Musicvery good484450
CDFunereal MoonLuciferian symphonies of destruction - 10 years od audio blasphemialim. 500, numbered, rare, CD has some stains which do not affect play at all, Black MetalAUS2005Wintereichvery good121113
CDGamma RayHeading fro tomorrowN 0151-2, lyrics, Original 1st release, Power / Speed MetalGER89Noisevery good151416
CDGates Of IshtarA bloodred pathSPI31CD, Melodic Death MetalFIN96Spinefarmnear mint302832
CDSGehennaDeadlightsFog 015, 3-track, Black MetalNOR98Moonfognear mint556
CDGehennaMaliceNihil 16CD, red/black cd face, Black MetalUK96Cacophonousnear mint181719
CDGenocide (CH)Stranded74321280042, Original 1st pressing, Hard Rock / Classic MetalCH95BMGnear mint121113
CDGernotshagenWintermythenGH-666-2, cd is tarnished, re-issue, Black / Viking MetalGER2008Trollzornvery good121113
CDGetz, Leo (CH)I'll get itSwiss AOR / Hard Rock, quite hard to findCH93DayStarvery good302832
CD & VHSGloomy GrimReborn through hateHOLY45CDVD, CD-Single & VHS, lim. 3000, numbered, Black MetalFRA99Holy Rec.near mint10911
CDGodThe anatomy of addictionABB 62 CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / Industrial / Crossover / AvantgardeUK94Big Catgood151416
CDGonoreasOutbreakSwiss Power MetalCH2003Private pressingnear mint121113
CDGonoreasPlead not guiltySwiss Power MetalCH2007Private pressingmint151416
CDGorefestMindlossNB 086-2/2736 1 6089 2, re-issue, Death MetalGER93Nuclear Blastvery good151416
CDGotthardAnytime anywhereG 004, Digipak, 6-track, lim. 1000 copies, Swiss pressing, AORCH2005G Rec.mint879
CDSGotthardHe ain't heavy…7432 1409652, 3-track, AOREC96BMG Ariolanear mint768
CDSGotthardHeaven74321808642, 3-track, Hard Rock / AORGER2000BMG Ariolanear mint10911
CDSGotthardLift u up13680, 5-track, cardboard sleeve, remix version with Mousse T., official song for the Swiss national soccer teamCH2008G. Recordsmint444
CDSGotthard & Montserrat G.One life, one soul74321464372, 3-track, Hard RockCH97BMG Ariolanear mint201821
CDGravestoneSame12 130, rare, Teutonic MetalGER93Laserlightvery good121113
CDSGroinchurnAlready deadCAHRECS08, 3"inch CD-Single, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, GrindcoreUSCrimes Against H.very good333
CDGround Zero (US)Drop the hammer824-2-97, Power/Groove MetalUS97Gee Zeenear mint10911
CDSHang LooseHopeSCD 855, 2-track, AOR2000Tyrolisvery good879
CDHang LoosePerfect worldCD 375 428, Hard Rock / AORCH2001Helpvery good121113
CDHeathen ForayArmored bardsBBE 032 HF, wooden box, incl. signed band photo, patch, lim. 400, numbered, Viking MetalGER2010Black Bardsnear mint454147
CDHeaven 11Baptism of fireKM CD 193 211, CD has some surface marks which do not affect playat all, Swiss Glam / Hard RockCH93Kay-Musicgood353237
CDHellhoundIce ageMM-1004, US Power / Speed MetalGER98Maximum Metalnear mint121113
CDHelloweenSameN 0088, 2nd pressing, incl. "Walls of Jericho", "Starlight - EP" & "Judas", Speed MetalGER88Noisevery good121113
CDHelstarA distant thunderRR 9524 2, Original 1st European pressing, Prigressive / Power MetalNLRoadrunnervery good222023
CDrHeritage, TheLiving…standing…burning…US Hard & HeavyUS95Pyramidnear mint121113
CDHIMAnd love said no - Greatest hitsBVCM-31175, incl. OBI, Promo, lyrics, AlternativeJAP2005BMGnear mint121113
CDHurricaneSlave to the thrillreissue, Japan edition, counterfeit, uncensored artwork, OBI, Melodic MetalGR2006near mint151416
CDHydrotoxinOceansCRCD 085-54092, Promo sticker on back inlay, Prog. RockEU96Urwerknear mint151416
CDSI MadmanToo bad to funkKKS 002, 5-track, rare, Alternative MetalCH93Kling Klonknear mint879
CDI.M.C.Enter deliriumSwiss Industrial Death Metal, back inlay is slightly warpedCH92Blackendvery good252326
2CDIced EarthParis 2002 - Elysee MontmartreDouble CD, Digipak, Live Paris 2002, one CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at allvery good282629
CDIced EarthThe dark saga77136-2, Digipak, numbered, bonus track, very rare, Power MetalGER96Century Mediavery good282629
CDImpaled NazareneSuomi Finland perkeleOPCD 026, black digipak, Black MetalFRA94Osmosevery good121113
CDIncubusBeyond the unknown / Serpent temptationNB 519-2, digipak, Thrash / Death MetalGER2000Nuclear Blastnear mint151416
CDInfectedCrawlspaceTHRUST006, Original pressing, Industrial Death MetalAUS94Thrustvery good10911
CDInferno (GER)It should be your problem!SNAKE 24 CD, Original pressing, plus 8 Live bonus tracks, Thrash Metal / CrossoverGERA.M.Musicnear mint322934
CDInquisitionObscure verses for the multiverseSOM315D, digipk, box, patch, key holder, Black MetalFRA2013SOMnear mint201821
CDSIron MaidenBe quick or be dead204764 2 / CDEM 229, 3-track, NWOBHMNL92EMIvery good768
CDSIron MaidenRun to the hills (Live '01)7243 5 50623 0 7, , 4-track, Classic Heavy Metal / NWOBHMEU2002EMInear mint879
CDSIron MaidenThe wicker man7243 8 88656 0 9, 4-track, incl. video track, NWOBHMEU2000EMInear mint768
CDIron SaviorComing homeVICP-60518, OBI, lyrics, 4-track, Power / Speed MetalJAP98Victornear mint121113
CDIrrwischTime will tellcmp 2002, Swiss Prog. RockCH2002Chestwoodnear mint151416
2CDIt BitesEat me in St. LouisCDVX2591, double-CD-set (5" & 3" CDs!!!), thick jewel case, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. Rock 89Virginvery good151416
2CDJanusAuferstehung / Kleine Angstetri 208 CD, double-CD-set, digipak, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, ElectroGER2004Richterskalavery good252326
CDKaroHeavy birthdayre-issue, lyrics, German Melodic Metal / HardrockGR2005near mint10911
CDKaro (GER)Heavy birthday8.26717, Original 1st pressing, Tutonic Hard Rock GER88Frontrownear mint181719
CDKarthagoRock & roll testament288-09-036, Krautrock, rareGER91Bellaphonnear mint10911
CDKataklysmThe mystical gate of reincarnationNBA RED 6090-2, Death MetalUS93Nuclear Blast USAvery good181719
2CDKatatoniaDead end kingsCDVILEF 402X, CD&DVD, digibook, Gothic / Alternative / Prog. MetalUK2012Peacevillenear mint201821
CDSKatatoniaJhva elohim meth…VIC-1, cover is folded and in 2 pieces (see scan), CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black / DoomNL92VIC Rec.good252326
CDKiller (BEL)Wall of sound704106.2, 1st cd pressing, ORIGINAL, Heavy MetalGER94Mausoleumnear mint121113
CDSKissGod gave rock & roll to you IIA8696CD, 3-trackGER91East Westvery good222
CDSKrokusI want it all5050466240224, 3-track, Hard RockCH2003Warnervery good879
CDKrupps, DieIII - Odyssey of the mindRTD 195.9303.2 57., Metal-Box, Hologram jewel case, postcard, lim. 2000GER95Rough Tradevery good302832
CDKurgan's BaneCamouflaged in staticPrivate pressing, Progressive Rock / MetalUS2005Private pressingmint (dtill sealed)10911
CDLazy Bones, The (CH)Irony of ignorance39897152, Swiss Hard RockCH95Dildonear mint151416
CDLegion Of DoomFor those of the bloodHR 003, Original 1st pressing, lim. 500, Black MetalGR97Hypervoreanear mint9991104
CDLiers In WaitSpiritually uncontrolled artBS 08, 1st re-issue, 5-track, Death MetalSWE96Black Sunnear mint222023
CDLoge (CH)Embryo38206, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Swiss Alternative RockCH94Hear Wegovery good121113
CDLordian Guard (ex-Warlord)Woe to the inhabitants of the earth… (Same)HE 020196, 2nd / remastered version, rare, Epic MetalGER96Hellionnear mint201821
CDLucifer's HammerTime in deathSSR-DL-232, Heavy MetalUS2018Stormspellmint (still sealed)151416
CDLunacy (CH)Believe?SUFF003, Original pressing, Swiss Thrash MetalCHSufferingvery good201821
CDMaelstromChicago meltdown 83-89REALM018, compilation, US Power MetalPOR2018Lost Realmnear mint121113
2CDMagentaAnother time…another place…200411, double-CD-set, Prog. Rock2004F2 Musicnear mint252326
CDMaimFrom the womb to the tombSSR015, Death MetalSWE2009Soulsellernear mint121113
CDManesMaanens nattHHR utw 002, lim. 1000, Black MetalNL98Hammerheartvery good201821
CDManowarDeath to all, peace at lastLive Stuttgart '92, civer has 2 tab indents from jewel caseGERvery good181719
CDManowarInto the glory rideRC 1022, plus bonus tracks, this was the 1st CD press ever even it's a counterfeit, Epic / Heavy MetalGER92Reborn Classicsvery good282629
CDManta RayVisions of towering alchemyDive045, 6-track, lim. 500, Classic US MetalUS2013Divebombmint (still sealed)121113
CDMardukOpus nocturneOPCD028, Promo CD, only with CD & front cover, diff. cover, Black MetalFRA94Osmosevery good504653
CDMassacraSigns of the decline512 897-2, Original 1st pressing, Death / Thrash MetalGER92Vertigovery good353237
CDMaster (US)Let's start a warIR-C-185, Original 1st pressing, Death / Thrash MetalGER2002System Shocknear mint181719
CDMayhemDe mysteriis dom SathanasAnti-Mosh 006, 4th pressing (incl. lyrics & barcode), Black MetalNORDeathlike Silencevery good121113
CDMegadethBlack shadowsHR 5935-3, Live '94, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash / SpeedITA94Home Rec.good151416
CDMegadethHidden treasuresTOCP-8555, OBI, Japanese pressing, lyrics, rare, Speed / Thrash MetalJAP97Capitolnear mint201821
CDMercyful FateThe live oathLive Philadelphia 1995, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at allvery good181719
CDMescarbonic (CH)FirstingreenPrivate pressing, Gothic MetalCH97Private pressingvery good151416
CDMessiah ForceThe last dayre-issue, 9-track, Heavy / Speed MetalGR2006very good10911
CDMetalicaCreeping death / Jump in the fire842 219-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, ThrashGER90Vertigogood151416
2CDMetallicaCreeping deathP 910059/60, double-CD-set, Live New Orleans '92, Speed / ThrashP:very good201821
2CDMetallicaEnter mudmanKTS 344/45, double-CD-set, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Live Woodstock '94ITA94KTSvery good201821
CDMetallicaEnter the final show Pt. 2SE-425, Live '93Dead Dognear mint151416
CDMetallicaFour horsemen in BrooklynMM 9207 CD, Live Brooklyn, back inlay is slightly warped93Metal Messvery good201821
CDSMetallicaFrantic9861151, 3-trackEU2003Vertigonear mint333
CDMetallicaGarage days and morelimited edition, 10-track, Speed / ThrashSoundproofvery good121113
CDMetallicaL.A. for a fuckin' beerNG-100192, Live L.A. '92, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Speed / ThrashGER92Not Quiltyvery good121113
CDMetallicaLast caressNG 380993, Live USA '93, CD has slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Speed / ThrashGERNot Quiltyvery good151416
CDMetallicaLive before death Vol. 1GSCD 1017, Live S.F. '82, CD has slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Speed / ThrashITA90Golden Starsvery good151416
CDMetallicaLive in DetroitTOURPRO98, Live '98, CD has slight some surface marks which do not affect play at allvery good151416
CDMetallicaLive in LondonTOURPRO97, Live '97, CD has slight some surface marks which do not affect play at allvery good151416
CDMetallicaLive USAimt 900.034, Live S.F. '85, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, ThrashGERImtratgood121113
2CDMetallicaNaughty Vol. 1 & Vol. 2CB 53010-1 & CB 53010-2, 2 CD's, Live Canada '9293Crocodile Beatvery good201821
CDMetallicaNowhere else to roam!78'49, Live Nurnberg '93, Thrash / SpeedGERnear mint151416
2CDMetallicaPile of shitKTS 365/66, double-CD-set, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Live '94ITA94KTSvery good252326
2CDMetallicaRed diamonds5557.2, double-CD-set, digipak, insert, Live London '92, Speed / ThrashITA92Men At Workvery good201821
CDMetallicaRiding the blackRBCD 029, Live Fresno '92ITA93Robespierrenear mint151416
CDSMetallicaSad but true864 943-2, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at allEU93Vertigovery good333
CDMetallicaTexas 1989PSCD 1172, Live Austin '89, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all,ITA92Post Scriptvery good252326
CDMetallicaThe $ 9.98 CD - Garage days re-revistedSEL-RP 1038, 5-track, Speed / Thrash MetalKORSung Eumvery good201821
CDMetallicaThe 10 years collectionHR 30004, Live, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect playat all92Sledgehammervery good151416
CDMetallicaThe naked truth - James Hetfield - Interview 1992 (Lars Ulrich)CHQ 2CD, Interview-CDvery good10911
CDSMetallicaThe unforgiven IIMETCD 17 / 568 551-2, 4-track, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at allEU97Vertigovery good333
CDSMetallicaTurn the page566 591-2, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at allEU98Vertigovery good222
CDSMetallicaUntil it sleepsMETCX 12, 3-trackUK96Vertigovery good222
CDSMetallicaUntil it sleepsMETCD 12, 3-track, Part 1UK96Vertigovery good222
CDMetallicaWelcome homeGLR 9228, Live '91, CD has slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Speed / Thrash92Great Livevery good181719
CDSMetallica w/M. KamenNothing else matters562 572-2, 4-trackEU99Vertigonear mint222
CDMidas TouchPresage of disasterN 0124-2, Original 1st pressing, Speed / Thrash MetalGER89Noisevery good282629
CDMisantropusLP - EP (2003)DYD002CD, Doom2011Doomymoodvery good121113
CDMissing Link (GER)World of fantasy89.1102, Original pressing, rare, PopRockGER89Foxinear mint222023
CDMonstersRiot in the nightCD084-57022-SPV, Hard RockGER90West Virginiavery good151416
CDMoonspellUnder the moonspellAR 021, Original 1st pressing, 5-track, Black MetalFRA94Adipocerevery good121113
CDMordredDynamo Open AirMDOA 58, Live Dynamo Open-Air Holland, Funk / Thrash MetalGERnear mint10911
CDMorgartDie TurmeMP 01, signed, Atmospheric Black MetalCH2007Black Towervery good10911
CDMortal SinFace of despair836 370-2, ThrashGER89Vertigovery good302832
CDMosher, ScottInfernoProgressive Rock / Metal, ElectronicUS2004The Ambient Mindmint (still sealed)10911
CDNapalmZero to blackTECP-25549, OBI, Japanese pressingJAP90Teichikunear mint201821
CDNauseaCrime against humanityWRE/918-2, Original 1st pressing, Death Metal / GrindcoreNL91Wild Ragsnear mint222023
CDNebelhornFjordland sagasDigipak, lim. 1000, patch, Black / Viking MetalGER2007Skollnear mint322934
CDNecromantiaCrossing the fiery pathOPCD 021, Original 1st pressing, Black MetalFRA93Osmosevery good282629
CDNecromantiaScarlet evil witching blackOPCD 036, Original 1st pressing, Black MetalFRA95Osmosenear mint222023
CDNecronomiconThe devil's tongue (Escalation)15 197, re-issue, different cover art, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER90Laserlight / Delta Musicvery good10911
CD-BoxNecrophobicMark of the necrogram19075805092, box-set incl. Digi-CD, patch, 5 photo cards, metal pendant, lim. 3000, Death MetalGER2018Century Medianear mint201821
CDNightingaleInvisibleBMCD172, Prog. / Heavy MetalSWE2004Black Marknear mint201821
3CDNightwishDark passion play - Special deluxe editionNB 2253-5, box-set incl. 3 CDs, Symphonic MetalGER2008Nuclear Blastnear mint151416
CDNightwishImaginaerum - The scoreNB 2993-0, poster, slip case, Symphonic MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastnear mint121113
CDSNightwishNemoNB 1290-2, digipak, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDNightwishWalking in the air - The greatest ballads0602537 390243, Symphonic MetalEU2011Spinefarmnear mint121113
CDNo ReturnSelf mutilationK.O.D 002, Digipak, 1st pressing, (Digi=vg+), Death / Thrash MetalFRA2000Kodiaknear mint201821
CDNocturnusSameDEAD 02 CD, 2-track, Death MetalUS93Moribundnear mint322934
CDNuclear AssaultFight to be free / Brain deathCD12FLAG 105, Original 1st pressing, rare, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash MetalUKUOFvery good454147
CDNuclear AssaultGame over & The plagueCDFLAG 5, Original 1st European pressing, 2 albums on 1 CD, Thrash MetalUK87UOFnear mint353237
CDSO.I.R.O. (Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus)Cosmic horrorBS-11, CD-R, 1-track, jakebox-cover, lim. 100, Black Metal / AmbientCH2011Bergstolznear mint768
CDO.S.T.Omen IV - The awakeningVSD-5318GER91near mint10911
CDSOccult (NL)Violence & hatredPKR-018, 2-track, Black / Thrash MetalBEL2001Painkillernear mint768
CDOceanaSameOC 001, private pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, back inlay is slightly warped, 6-track, Death / Doom / GothicITA96Private pressingvery good252326
CDOctober FallsTuonidhr028, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, re-issue, Neo-Folk / Ambient / Dark MetalUS2005Dark Horizonvery good121113
2CDOsbourne, OzzyLive & loudZ2K 48973, double-CD-set, metal cover, INCL. 2 tattoos!!!!!!!!! (they are mostly msssing!!!), digipack in good shape (some age wear), Classic MetalUS93Epicvery good302832
CDOsbourne, OzzySee you on the other sideSRCS 7962, OBI, lyrics, 4-track, Japan only, rareJAP96Sony Musicvery good181719
CDOsbourne, OzzyThe essentialHLJ-080, Best of…, 14-track, incl. cardcoard sleeve, Taiwanese pressingTAIW2003Universalnear mint151416
CDPaganiniDetoxCD TOP 20023, Original-CD, very rare, Swiss Hardrock / Heavy MetalCH90Gruezinear mint252326
CDSPan.Thy.MoniumDream IIAV008, 5-track, CD-Single, Avantgarde Black MetalITA95Avantgardevery good282629
CDPetrified (CH)with fearPrivate pressing, Swiss Death MetalCH2006Private pressingnear mint252326
CDPhideauxNumber sevenzyz-007, Prog. Rock2009Bloodfishnear mint121113
CDPhlegethonFresco lungsWIHU 9208, CD has some surface marks wjich do not affect play at all, Death MetalCH92Witchhuntgood121113
CDPretty MaidsIn Santa's claws467744 2, 5-track, rare, Original 1st pressing, Melodic MetalDK90CBSvery good10911
CDSPrimusMiscellaneous debris7567-96208-2, 5-track, Alternative / Prog / FunkEU92Interscopevery good222
CDProtectorUrm the mad010 MRI 030, Original 1st pressing, plus 4 Live bonus tracks, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER89Atom Hnear mint302832
CDPungent StenchClub Mondo bizarreNB 079-2, poster cover, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all and is a bit tarnished, Death MetalGER94Nuclear Blastgood151416
CDPurulence / AmaymonSplit-CDCD AR 017, split-CD, Death MetalFRA93Adipocerevery good252326
CDPylon / My Silent WakeEmpyrean roseQLR-511311-2, digipak, incl. Pylon guitar pick, Split-CD, lim. 500, DoomCH2013Quam Libetmint (still sealed)151416
CDQueensrycheBest I canTOCP-7035, 4-track, OBI, Japanse pressingJAP91EMInear mint121113
CDSQueensrycheBridgeCDSP 103, Promo, 1-track, Dutsch pressingNL94EMInear mint333
CDSQueensrycheBridgeDPRO 19897, Promo, 1-track, US pressingUS94EMInear mint333
2CDQueensrycheRyche & rollMECD 2021/2022, DoCD, Live Milan '90ITA91Metal Crashvery good151416
CDSQueensrycheSilent lucidityDPRO 4700, Promo, 1-track, US pressingUS91EMInear mint333
CDSQueensrycheSilent lucidity560-20 4249 2, 3-track, Dutch pressingNL90EMInear mint333
CDSQueensrycheSilent lucidityCDMT 94, 3-track, UK pressingUK91EMIvery good333
CDQuill, TheSameMCY-008, Psychedelic Hard RockUSMeteorcitynear mint121113
CDRagnarokNattferdHNF 012, Original 1st pressing, Black MetalNOR95HNFvery good403742
CDRaise Cain (SWE)Call it whatever you wantDEM94002, Hard RockSWE94Demolitionvery good121113
2CDRammsteinLiebe ist für alle da06025 2719511 7, double-CD-box-set, Digipak, bonus CD, Neue Teutonen HärteGER2009Universalss (mint)181719
CD-RRattSameVK 69586, advance Promo-CD-r, no back inlay, Hair MetalUS99Portraitvery good201821
CDRaven (NOR)F.M.N.C. 015, lim. 1000, rare, Black MetalGERNo Coloursnear mint121113
CDRe-AnimatorLaughingCD FLAG 53, Original 1st pressing, Thrash / CrossoverUK91UOFvery good121113
2CDRiotArchives Vol. 1: 1976-1981HRR 553 CD, CD & DVD, slipcase, Classic MetalGER2018High Rollermint (still sealed)121113
2CDRiotArchives Vol. 2: 1982-1983HRR 554 CD, CD & DVD, slipcase, Classic MetalGER2019High Rollermint (still sealed)121113
CDRushRun from the fansKTS094, 9-track, Live '92 (London?), Technical / Progressive ITA92Kiss The Stonenear mint151416
CDRychus SynRebirthCD PPD 1234, Power / ThrashUS2007Photonnear mint10911
CDS.A. SlayerPrepare to die5-track, lim. 1000, numbered, Power MetalGER2003near mint151416
CDSacred ReichSurf NicaraguaRR 9512 2, Original 1st European pressing, 6-track, Thrash MetalNL88Roadrunnervery good201821
CDSadness (CH)Ames de marbreWIHU 9313, Gothic / Black / DoomCH93Witchhuntnear mint302832
2CDSadusOut for bloodM 7173 2, double-CD-set, Death / Thrash MetalNL2006Mascotnear mint10911
CDSage MeridienWhispered talesSSR-DOS-194, lim. 500, numbered, Prog. / Classic MetalUS2016Stormspellnear mint151416
CDSaharaGoing crazyDCD 9202, Original pressing, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play all, Melodic Heavy MetalGER92Dream Circlevery good181719
CDSaint VitusLet the end begin…MILKCD 9015, Live Germany '95, lim. 500, numbered, Doom MetalGERvery good181719
CDSammathStrijdFR 016, Black MetalGER99Folternear mint151416
CDSamsonLive at Reading '81FRSCD001, booklet is slighty warped, NWOBHMUKRaw Fruitvery good10911
CDSarcofagoCrustCG0047, 4-track, Original 1st pressing, back inlay is warped because of that shitty paper they used!!!!, Black / Death MetalBRA2008Cogumelovery good454147
CDSarnathShadowlandB.C.P. 06/004, official CD-r, lim. 111, numbered, Black MetalCH2006Black Coloursnear mint121113
CDSatroxEnergy469472 2, Swiss Glam / Hard RockAUT92Columbiavery good121113
CDSatyriconLive Roskilde 2002Live, Black Metal2003Hells Devilsnear mint252326
CDSavatagePoets and madmanSPV 088-72150 CD, Deluxe box, sticker, poster, Power MetalGER2001Steamhammerss (mint)181719
CDSchiliro, AngiWhite ladyLAKE 3050, Original 1st pressing, Hard RockCH93Lakesidevery good121113
CDScytheOn my way homeWRATH666-029, lim. 1000 copies, numbered, Black MetalGER2002Witches Brewnear mint10911
CDSeasons Of The WolfNocturnal revelationSW11031, great US Epic Power MetalUS2001Private pressingmint10911
CDSecrecy (LIE)SameTSM 002/ts 134, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. Rock from LiechtensteinCH93Private pressingvery good706474
CDSepulturaAgainstRRCY-1080, Japanese pressing, incl. OBI, lyrics, Thrash / Groove MetalJAP98Roadrunnernear mint121113
CDSepulturaLive from the jungleMM 90031, Live UK '90, Thrash MetalITA91Metal Memorynear mint181719
CDSSepulturaRoots bloody rootsRR 2320-3, 4-trackNL96Roadrunnervery good444
CDSSepulturaTerritoryRR 2382-3, 3-track, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, ThrashNL93Roadrunnervery good333
CDSeventh OmenMajesticSEP9898CD, Original private pressing, US Power MetalUS95Septagramnear mint10911
CDSharp Brothers Inc.PinupCD 38006, SwissMelodic Hard RockCH90Fun Keyvery good201821
CDShining / Funeral DirgeThe sinister allianceOLD.12., Split-CD, 7"size cover, lim. 666, numbered, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black/Doom Metal, AmbientPOL2007Old Templevery good121113
CDSiegrist Band, DanuWasser u Brot280200-2, Swiss Mundart RockCH2000SoundServicenear mint10911
CDSilenceVisionCD347, Private pressing, Thrash MetalUS91Private pressingmint (still sealed)807484
CDSilent HillSameDS CD-002, digipak, Doom MetalITA2008Underground Symphonyvery good121113
CD-RSirenNo place like homeCD-recordable, bonustracks, US MetalGERnear mint353237
CDSiren (Rob Phillips)Don't mindPrivate pressing, Hard RockUS2007Private pressingnear mint151416
CDSiren (Rob Phillips)You never noticedHard RockUS2008The Flying Corginear mint151416
CDSSix Feet UnderBonus CD - Live 99800-2, 6-track, Live, Death MetalEU2000MBRvery good556
CDSkagarackA slice of heavenre-issue, Greek pressing, AORGRnear mint10911
CDSkagarackA slice of Heaven847 444-2, Original pressing, rare, CD has some surface marks wich do not affect play at all, AORGER90Polydorgood151416
CDSkagarackSamere-issue, Greek counterfeit pressing, AORGR2006near mint121113
CDSkannersPictures of warMGP-011, 2 bonus & 2 video tracks, Italian Classic MetalITA2006My Graveyardnear mint121113
CDSkid RowCreepshowGLR 9117, Live '91, Heavy Metal91Great Livenear mint252326
CDSkull (B. Kulick)No bones about itCD MFN 117, Hard RockUK91MFNnear mint121113
CDSlayerCaptors of sinGSCD 1062, Live '85, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, ThrashITA90Golden Starsvery good222023
CDSSlayerEternal pyre5439 15685 2, 2-track, Thrash MetalEU2006Americannear mint556
CDSlayerHaunting the chapelVICP-60072, OBI, lyrics, 4-track, ThrashJAP97Victornear mint252326
CDSlayerShow no mercyCD ZORRO 7, Original 1st UK pressing, Thrash MetalUKMFNnear mint151416
CDSlayerUbernoisecsk 41691, Promo only, 1st pressing, 16-track, great CD, cardboard sleeve, very rareUSAmericannear mint201821
CDSleepy HollowRest in piecesTRUE METAL 006, lyrics, 11-track, great US Power MetalGR2002Unisoundnear mint10911
CDSodomPersecution maniaRCD 9491, US pressing, Teutonic ThrashUSRC Recordsvery good201821
CDSoldierInfantrycide4-track, NWOBHM / Classic MetalUK2003Starhavennear mint768
CDSonic ViolenceJagdVILE 20CD, Original pressing, HC / IndustrialUK90Peacevillenear mint201821
CDrSpellcasterSameLFR - 03, cardborad sleeve, US MetalUS2014Lone Firnear mint10911
CDSpina BifidaZiyadahAR010, Original 1st pressing, golden disc, CD has some black stains and some surface marks which do not affect play at all, rare anyway, Doom / Death MetalFRA93Adipoceregood252326
CDSt. Elmo's FireWarning from the sky290.07.114, very rare Original pressing, Melodic MetalGER88Bellaphonnear mint322934
3CDStar One, Arjen Anthony Lucassen'sLive on EarthIOMSECD 121, slipcase, double-cd-set plus DVD, Prog. MetalGER2003InsideOutnear mint151416
CDStargazersHeavy Metal power5-track, Swiss Heavy MetalCH2004Private pressingmint (still sealed)252326
CDSteamtrainOn the move…476805 2, Original pressing, Swiss Melodic Rock / AOREU94Epicvery good282629
CDStonefield (CH)Light of lies21933, Original 1st pressing, Swiss Classic Heavy MetalCH90BSC Musicnear mint282629
CDStratovarius14 diamonds - Best of StratovariusCM0062, incl. cardboard sleeve, Taiwan import only, Melodic MetalTAIWnear mint151416
2CDStratovariusElements Pt. 2NB 1176-0, CD & CD-Single, box-set, photo booklet, sticker, Symphonic MetalGER2003Nuclear Blastnear mint121113
CDSubwayDangerous games39P706, Original 1st pressing, Swiss Hard RockCH90Pink 7 Musicnear mint252326
CDSuffocationBlood oathNB 2302-5, blood pack edition, incl. plastic outer sleeve, lim. 500, Death MetalGER2009Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)454147
CDSSuicidal TendenciesI'll hate you betterSAMPCD 1823, Promo, 3-track, cardboard sleeve, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, CrossoverNL93Epicgood333
CDSupremacyHuman's destinyFR 187, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, cover & back inlay are warped and have some remove marks (see scans), Swiss Death MetalCH94Private pressingfair504653
CDSvartsynThe true legendFR 007, Original pressing, Black MetalGER98Folternear mint282629
CDSymbolizerThanatos unleashedSMBLZ001, ThrashDK2010Private pressingnear mint121113
CDSymmetryOfficial DemoPromo, 4-track, members of Rhapsody & Labyrinth, Melodic MetalGRMetal Invadervery good10911
CDTainoLunar eclipsecd-ta-5977, Space / Prog. RockCH97Private pressingvery good151416
CDTankardChemical invasionN 0097-2, Original 1st pressing, no barcode, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER88Noisevery good302832
CDTankardStone cold soberN 0190-2, Original pressing, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER92Noisenear mint201821
CDTankardThe morning afterN 0123-3, Original 1st pressing, no bar code, CD has some surface marks on both sides, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER88Noisegood121113
CDTankardZombie attack / The morning afterre-issue, Russian pressing, Teutonic Thrash MetalRUSnear mint10911
2CDTenhiSaivoPRO 119, artbook, CD & DVD, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Folk / NeofolkGER2011Prophecyvery good201821
CDTerrorizer / NauseaSplit DemosCD-r, Split-CD, Death MetalMEXMastercultvery good10911
CDThemgorothGate to the unknownBlack MetalPOLAmbernear mint121113
CDSThomson, SteveBlazing heart878 099-2, 3-track, rare, AORGER90Vertigonear mint879
CDThomson, SteveEveryone loves a winner846 676-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Swiss AOR / Hard rockGER90Mercuryvery good10911
CDThomson, SteveSameP 81044, Original 1st pressing, AOR / Hard RockCH89Phonagvery good151416
CDThou Shalt SufferInto the woods of BelialEclipse 007, Original 1st pressing, compilation, Black Metal97Nocturnal Artvery good201821
CDSThroes Of DawnThe blackened rainbowcut 005, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect pla at all, Black MetalFIN98Woodcutvery good879
CDThrone Of AhazNifelheimNFR005, Black MetalSWE95No Fashionnear mint252326
CDThy CatafalqueTuno ido tarlatEPR071, digipak, Black Metal / AvantgardeCZ2010Epidemienear mint201821
CDTiamatWorld's endCD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death / Gothicgood151416
CDTime MachineDungeons of the vaticanLUCD 94003, Original 1st pressing, 3-track, special edition for Japan only, lim. 500, Progressive Melodic MetalITA94Lucretianear mint121113
CDTitan ForceAll what it isSHARK 2009, 14-track, Power MetalGER2001Shark Fucking Labelvery good201821
CDTrampled UnderfootSameSTH 0308, re-issue, Progressive MetalITA2003Steelheartvery good121113
CDTrans AmFasten seatbeltsB.P. 006, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Teutonic Heavy MetalGERBernie Prod.good201821
CDTroubleDallas, Texas, Alive!white stallion records 003, Live recordings USA '90, lim. 500 copies worldwide, Psychadelic / Doom MetalPOR2004White Stallionmint (still sealed)201821
CDTykettoStrength in numbersCDMFN 157, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, AOR / Hard RockUK94MFNvery good121113
CDTyrant (GER)Metal rules (Fight for your life)15 393, Original 1st CD pressing, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Teutonic MetalGER91Laserlightvery good181719
CDUnchainPlug & playOF 68120, signed, CH Hard RockCH2009Private pressingvery good302832
CDUndiscovered SoulDresscode loveDigipak, Swiss Classic RockCH2011Private pressingmint (still sealed)10911
CDUnholyThe second ring of powerAV 005, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death / Doom MetalITA94Avantgardevery good151416
CDSUnknown ArtistWeihnachten…wie es früher einmal warNBXMAS-777, 12-track, CD-Single case, Scheisse aus dem Hause Nuclear BlaschtGER94Nuclear Blastvery good556
2CDUriah HeepSea of light & SpellbinderSPV 310-21920, 2 CD-box-set, incl. card sleeve, Hard RockGER2000Steamhammervery good121113
CDVan HalenLive USAimt 900.022, Live Pasadena '77, HardrockGERImtratvery good10911
CDVenomPrime evilMCD 1064, plastic longbox, still unopened but plastic is brittle, cut-out, Thrash MetalUS90Mazevery good151416
CDVergeat / StoraceWhen a man…74321 597172, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCH98BMGgood201821
CDVerminPlunge into oblivionCHAOS CD03, Original 1st pressing, Death MetalSWE94Chaosnear mint353237
CDVerminous (SWE)Impious sacrilegeXM 008 CD, Original 1st pressing, Death MetalESP2003Xtreemnear mint121113
CDVibrionClosed frontiersFB 017, Original 1st pressing, back inlay is slightly warped, Death MetalARG96Frost Bitevery good423944
CDVibrionErradicated lifere-issue, green cover, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalARG94Advancevery good151416
CDVicious RumorsWelcome to the ball7 82276-2, lyrics, rare Original 1st US pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, US Power MetalUS91Atlanticgood121113
CDViper (Brazil)Coma rageRR 8964-2, Original pressing, Speed MetalNL95Roadrunnernear mint10911
CDVoodoo XVol. 1 - The awakeningCBS 465241 2, Original 1st pressing, AORGER89CBSnear mint201821
CDVordvenWoodlands passageNC 036, 6-track, Original pressing, Melodic Black MetalGER2001No Coloursnear mint322934
CDWhiskyGunesin tahti030, hard to find Turkish Hard & HeavyTURMega Muziknear mint353237
2CDWhitechapelOur endless war3984-15295-0, box-set, CD & DVD, flag, MetalcoreGER2013MBRnear mint121113
CDWild DogsSame & Man's best friendUSM34315, re-issue, 2 albums on 1 CD, US MetalUSUS Metal Recordsnear mint121113
2CDWintersunTime INB 2106-0, CD&DVD, digibook (oversized), Death MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastnear mint121113
CDWitcheryRestless & deadNR029, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black / Thrash MetalUS98Necropolisgood121113
CDSWithin TemptationRunning up that hill82876 59824 2, 3-track, Symphonic / Gothic MetalGER2004Gun Recordsnear mint121113
CDWolfchantDetermined damnationMAS DP0623, Black MetalGER2009Massacrenear mint121113
CDWolfhetanEntruckungIR 023, digibook, Black MetalGER2006Irminsulnear mint121113
CDSWolfpackBloodstained dreamsDISTCD30, 4-track, Crust / PunkSWE96very good151416
CDWykked WytchSomething wykked this way comesWW-1313, Black / Gothic MetalUS93Cauldronvery good151416
CDX-WildMonster effectEDEL 0086112 RAD, Original pressing, very slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Teutonic Power MetalGER95Tricolorvery good181719