CD - Singles

BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
AC/DCHard as a rock7559 64368-2, 2-track, poster, Hard RockEU95WEAvery good556
Anthem Eighty Eight (A88)Q=and progress? A=and progress.8-track, slim jewel case, HCUS2000Schematicsnear mint10911
Blind GuardianA past and future secret8927442, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power MetalNL95Virginvery good556
Blind GuardianMr. Sandman892960 2, 5-trackGER95Virginnear mint556
Blind GuardianThe bard's song (In the forest)7243 5471640 9, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at allGER2003Virginvery good333
Blind GuardianTwilight of the godsNB 3399-0, 3-track, Digipak, Power MetalGER2014Nuclear Blastnear mint556
BonfireThe strokePD 44878, 3-track, rare, HardrockGER91BMGvery good333
Children Of BodomThrashed, lost & strung outSPI207CD, 2-track, Melodic Death MetalFIN2004Spinefarmnear mint333
Children Of BodomYou're better off dead!SPI159CD, 2-track, Melodic Death MetalFINSpinefarmnear mint879
ChinaAll I do is wait07243 8640082 6, 3-track, rare, AORNL95EMIvery good768
Cooper, AliceSame921 132-2, 3"-CD-Single, cardboard cover, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockGER89Warnergood121113
Cult, TheHeart of soul665 192, 4-track, HardrockEU92Virginnear mint333 (ex-Die Krupps)Hell is heavenRTD 195.3596.3, 5-track, ex-Die Krupps, IndustrialGER2000Zombavery good333
Dream TheaterThrough her eyes7559-67026-2, 4-track, Progressive Power MetalEU2000Elektravery good556
EdguyPainting on the wallAFM CD 050-5, 4-track, Power MetalGER2001AFMvery good556
End Of GreenMotor3-track, Gothic / Hard RockGER2002Silverdustnear mint556
ExtremeRest in peaceAMCD 0055, CD-Single, 4 track, incl. Box and numbered OBI, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUK92A&M Rec.very good556
Extreme Noise TerrorPhonophobiaDISC 1X, CD-Single jewel case, Original 1st pressing, Crust / Grind / PunkUK91Vinyl Japannear mint121113
GotthardHe ain't heavy…7432 1409652, 3-track, AOREC96BMG Ariolanear mint879
GotthardHeaven74321808642, 3-track, Hard Rock / AORGER2000BMG Ariolanear mint10911
GotthardLift u up13680, 5-track, cardboard sleeve, remix version with Mousse T., official song for the Swiss national soccer teamCH2008G. Recordsmint444
GroinchurnAlready deadCAHRECS08, 3"inch CD-Single, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, GrindcoreUSCrimes Against H.very good333
I MadmanToo bad to funkKKS 002, 5-track, rare, Alternative MetalCH93Kling Klonknear mint879
Iron MaidenBe quick or be dead204764 2 / CDEM 229, 3-track, NWOBHMNL92EMIvery good768
Iron MaidenRun to the hills (Live '01)CDEM 612, 4-track, Classic Heavy Metal / NWOBHMEU2002EMInear mint10911
Iron MaidenThe wicker man7243 8 88656 0 9, 4-track, incl. video track, NWOBHMEU2000EMInear mint768
Iron MaidenWildest dreamsCDEMDJ 627, Promo-CDS, 1-track, foc, cardboard sleeveEU2003EMInear mint201821
KissGod gave rock & roll to you IIA8696CD, 3-trackGER91East Westvery good333
MotorheadNo voices in the skyNSK 4010, 2-track, Promo, no P/SUS91WTGvery good768
NightwishBless the child74321 95632 2, dual disc (CD & DVD), digipak, Symphonic MetalGER2002Drakkarvery good556
NightwishElanNB 3484-0, digisleeve, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
NightwishEndless forms most beautifulNB 3529-2, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
NightwishNemoNB 1290-2, digipak, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastvery good556
NightwishNemoM 948, cardboard sleeve, French edition, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastmint556
NightwishStorytimeNB 2801-0, digipak, 3-track, Symphonic MetalGER2011Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
NightwishThe crow, the owl and the doveNB 2866-0, digipak, 5-track, Symphonic MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
O.I.R.O. (Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus)Cosmic horrorBS-11, CD-R, 1-track, jakebox-cover, lim. 100, Black Metal / AmbientCH2011Bergstolznear mint879
Occult (NL)Violence & hatredPKR-018, 2-track, Black / Thrash MetalBEL2001Painkillernear mint879
Pan.Thy.MoniumDream IIAV008, 5-track, CD-Single, Avantgarde Black MetalITA95Avantgardevery good302832
QueensrycheBridgeCDSP 103, Promo, 1-track, Dutsch pressingNL94EMInear mint333
QueensrycheBridgeDPRO 19897, Promo, 1-track, US pressingUS94EMInear mint333
QueensrycheBridge7243 8 81896 2 0, 4-track, Dutch pressing, rareNL94EMIvery good333
QueensrycheSilent lucidityDPRO 4700, Promo, 1-track, US pressingUS91EMInear mint333
QueensrycheSilent lucidity560-20 4249 2, 3-track, Dutch pressingNL90EMInear mint333
QueensrycheSilent lucidityCDMT 94, 3-track, UK pressingUK91EMIvery good333
SepulturaChokeRR 2219-3, 3-track, Thrash MetalNL98Roadrunnermint556
SepulturaRoots bloody rootsRR 2320-3, 4-trackNL96Roadrunnervery good556
Six Feet UnderBonus CD - Live 99800-2, 6-track, Live, Death MetalEU2000MBRvery good556
SlayerEternal pyre5439 15685 2, 2-track, Cover & back inlay are slightly warped because of water, Thrash MetalEU2006Americanvery good556
SlayerLive intrusionSLAY 001, 3-track, Promo only, Thrash MetalEC95Americanvery good879
Suicidal TendenciesI'll hate you betterSAMPCD 1823, Promo, 3-track, cardboard sleeve, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, CrossoverNL93Epicgood333
Thomson, SteveBlazing heart878 099-2, 3-track, rare, AORGER90Vertigonear mint879
Unknown ArtistWeihnachten…wie es früher einmal warNBXMAS-777, 12-track, CD-Single case, Scheisse aus dem Hause Nuclear BlaschtGER94Nuclear Blastvery good556
WASPChainsaw Charlie20 4761 2, 3-track, Heavy MetalNL92Parlophonevery good768
Within TemptationRunning up that hill82876 59824 2, 3-track, Symphonic / Gothic MetalGER2004Gun Recordsnear mint151416
WolfpackBloodstained dreamsDISTCD30, 4-track, Crust / PunkSWE96very good151416