In this section there are mostly 2nd hand items. Some are new or near mint, some have a few surface marks which do not affect play at all.
BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
CD1349-Revelations of the black flame / Works of fire….CANDLE284CD, double-CD-set, no slipcase, Black NetalUK2009Candlelightnear mint768
CD30 Seconds To MarsThis is war509999 65111 2 1, AlternativeEU2009EMInear mint556
CD36 CrazyfistsRest inside the flamesRR 8079-2, Nu Metal2006Roadrunnernear mint556
CD69 ChambersWar on the insideSPV 620102 CD, Alternative MetalGERSPVnear mint768
CDA Day To RememberFor those who have heartVR337, Original 1st pressing, Post-HC / MetalcoreUS2007Victorynear mint768
CDA.C.T.Last epicATZ 02005, Prog. RockSWE2003Atenziavery good9810
CDAaron, LeeEmotional rain78871 7000-2, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCAN94A&Mvery good556
CDABC DiaboloGive rise to doubtsHardcoreUSA95Life Is Abusenear mint9810
CDAbigail WilliamsIn the absence of lightCDL429CDSE, digipak, Black MetalUS2010Candlelight USAnear mint556
CDAbigail WilliamsLegendCANDLE163CD, Brutal Death / BlackUK2006Candlelightnear mint556
CDAbrahmaThrough the dusty paths of our livesSS-127, Stoner / Space / PsychadelicUS2012Small Stonenear mint556
CDAbsence, The (US)Enemy unbound3984-14925-2, Melodic Death MetalUS2010MBRnear mint556
CDAbsence, The (US)Riders of the plague3984-14623-2, Melodic Death MetalUS2007MBRvery good556
CDAcceptObjection overruled74321 12466 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at allGER93RCAgood556
CDAcrassicaudaOnly the dead see the end of the warVCA 80025-2, 4-track, Digipak, ThrashUS2010Vice Musicnear mint556
CDAdeptAnother year of disasterGR-09, OBI, Post-HCJAP2009STMonlinenear mint9810
CDAerosmithGet a gripGED024444, Hard RockEU93Geffenvery good556
CDAerosmithNine livesCOL 485020-2, Hard Rock97Columbiavery good556
CDAeternamDisciples of the unseen3984-14894-2, DeathUS2010Metal Bladenear mint556
CDAfflictis LentaeFrom nothing…to nothingINFKOM CD06, compilation, lim. 500, Black MetalFRAInfernal Kommandonear mint768
CDAgainst Me!The original cowboyFAT743-2, digipak, PunkUS2009Fat Recordsmint (still sealed)556
CDRAgathoclesUntil it bleedsOfficial CDr release thru the band, copied covers, private pressng, GrindcoreBEL99Private pressingnear mint556
CDAgathocles / Din-AddictMutilation / RevengeREV 001, Split-CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, GrinscoreGER2001very good9810
CDAgathodaimonSerpent's embraceNB 1257-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDAge Of EvilLiving a sick dreamEEE666-2, Thrash2009Evil Eyemint (still sealed)768
CDAhnenstahlZwischen Tod und LebenBT07, Black MetalCH2006Black Towervery good768
CDAlabama ThunderpussyOpen fireRR -6719, StonerUS2007Relapsenear mint768
CDAlasAbsolute purityHHR069, Symphonic MetalNLHammerheartnear mint556
CDAlastis (CH)The other side77156-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER97Century Mediavery good768
CDAlestormLeviathanNPR 274, Folk MetalAUT2008Napalmnear mint556
CDAll Souls' DayInto the mourningDS CD-001, digipak, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, DoomITA2005Doom Symphonyvery good768
CDAll That RemainsThis darkened heart6561910012 2, MetalcoreUS2003Prostheticnear mint556
CDAllhellujaPain is the gameSPV 085-148782 CD, Digipak, Stoner / HCITA2006Scarletnear mint556
CDAlove For EnemiesResistanceFCD53, HC / MetalcoreUS2006Facedownnear mint556
CDAlove For EnemiesThe harvestFR043, incl. Slipcase, HC / MetalcoreUS2005Facedownvery good556
CDAlways FallenThe age of rivalry251136, Thrash MetalBEL2012Mausoleumnear mint768
CDAmmitHammer of darknessFBP 054, Original 1st pressing, Black / Thrash MetalNLFrom Beyondvery good768
CDAmmitMass suicide / Steel infernoFBP 034, Original 1st pressing, CD ha some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black / Thrash MetalNL2005From Beyondvery good768
CDAmorphisThe karelian Isthmus / Live in Moscow: Part 117-track, Russian only pressing, Progressive Death / doom MetalRUSAgatnear mint9810
CDAncestral SinSameDH 001, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC94Dance Hardgood556
CDAncient RitesAnd the hordes stood as oneHHR090, Live, Black Metal / Folk / VikingNL2003Hammerheartnear mint768
CDAncient WisdomCometh doom, cometh deathAV073, Black / DoomITAAvantgardenear mint9810
CDAngelA woman's diary - Chapter 1BLRCD0931, Digipak, Symphonic / Gothic MetalITA2005Black Lotusvery good556
CDAngry BastardMy world collapseDigipak, 5-track,MetalcoreCH2015Private pressingnear mint556
CDAnteriorThis age of silence3984-14622-2, Melodic Death MetalGER2007MBRnear mint556
CDAnthraxAmong the livingIMCD 186, Speed / ThrashUKIslandnear mint556
2CDAnthraxArmed and dangerous / Fistful of metalSPV 076-18182 2CD, double-CD-set, front cover is missing, only the 2 original covers, Speed / ThrashGER98Steamhammervery good768
CDAnthraxSpreading the disease262 042, early CD pressing, Speed / Thrash MetalGERIslandvery good768
2CDAnvilBack to basics / Still going strongSPV 260542 2CD, double-CD-set, digipak, Heavy MetalGER2012Steamhammernear mint768
2CDAnvilPlugged in permanent / Absolutely no alternative260412 2CD, double-CD-set, digipak, Heavy MetalGER2012Steamhammernear mint768
CDAnvilPound for pound7 73336-2, cut-out mark, Speed / Power MetalUS88MBRvery good768
2CDAnvilSpeed of sound / Plenty of powerSPV 260422 2CD, double-CD-set, digipak, Heavy / Speed MetalGER2012Steamhammernear mint9810
CDArcane Order, TheIn the wake of collisions3984-14661-2, Death MetalGER2008MBRnear mint556
CDAriseKings of the cloned generationSPI179CD, Death MetalFIN2003Spinefarmnear mint768
CD-RArtisianLament for the eternal frostart1001, official CD-Recordable, Black / Death MetalUK2005Grindethicnear mint556
CDAs I Lay DyingThe powerless rise3984-14907-2, Digipak, MetalcoreGER2010MBRss (mint)768
CDAsag (CH)Feuer zieh mit mirPrivate pressing, lim. 500, Black MetalCH2010Private presisngnear mint768
CDAstrofaesAdea. Form. EssenceFerly051CD, Black MetalUK2007Supernalnear mint768
CDAstrofaesThe eyes of the beastFPG13, Black MetalFRA2003Oaken Shieldvery good556
CDAsylumVentHIM 8926 / EFA CD 06196-2, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Gothic / MetalGER95EFAvery good768
CDAt The GatesPurgatory unleashed - Live at WackenMOSH386, Live, Melodic Death MetalUK2010Earachenear mint768
CDAt VanceOnly human3074882, Heavy Metal2002Nothing To Sayvery good768
CDAthos (GR)Crossing the river of CharonSLAIN 007, lim. 1000, Black MetalUS2008CDPRODnear mint556
CDAthos (GR)The awakening of AthosSLAIN 003, lim. 1000, Black MetalUS2007CDPRODnear mint556
2CDAtrocityWillenskraftMASS CD 009, double-CD-set, Death / Thrash MetalGER96Massacrenear mint768
CDAuguryFragmentary evidenceNB 2370-2, Prog. Death MetalGER2009Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDAutumn Offering, TheFear will cast no shadowVR353, MetalcoreUS2007Victorynear mint556
CDAversion (GER)Fall from graceIRS 975.977, HCGER95Doctor Dreamvery good768
CDAwaken DemonsFrom heaven to hellDRA016, HC / PunkGERDemons Runamoknear mint768
CDAzaghalKyyCHAPTER XXV, lim. 1000, 5-track, Black MetalNOR2003Aftermathnear mint768
CDAzaghal (FIN)Codex antitheusAV 086, Black Metal2005Avantgardenear mint768
CDAzaghal (FIN) / Beheaded LambSuicide anthems / Dark blashemous moonMMM 007, Split-CD, Black MetalGERMillenium Metalvery good768
CDAzrael RisingSamePR 018, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, 4-track, Black MetalFIN2008Primitivegood556
CDBaby AnimalsShaved and dangerous72787 20119 2, Hard RockUK93Imagovery good556
CDBarren EarthCurse of the red riverCDVILEF279, super jewel case, Doom / DeathUK2010Peacevillenear mint556
CDBatten, JenniferAbove below and beyondVCD2-72914, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, RockUS92Vossvery good556
CDBeardfishThe voidIOMCD 359, Prog. RockGER2012InsideOutmint (still sealed)9810
CDBeehler (Exciter)Messages to the deadHRR 200 CD, Power / ThrashGERHR Recordsnear mint556
CDBehemothLive BarbarossaLive, Black / Death MetalGERLegacy / Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDBeneath The SkyThe day the music diedVR437, MetalcoreUSVictorynear mint556
CDBeneath The SkyWhat demons do to saintsVR340, HardcoreUS2007Victorynear mint556
CDBergthronJagdheimPT 042, Atmospheric Black MetalGER2001Perverted Tastenear mint768
CDBergthronVerborgen in den Tiefen der WälderBlack MetalGERPervertednear mint556
CDBesattUnholy trinity Part 1SEVEN 777037 / WAR 002, BlackMultiple labelsvery good556
CDBestial HolocaustFinal exterminationKILL 003, Original 1st pressing, Black MetalGR2006Kill Yourself Prod.near mint9810
CDBeyond DawnLonging for scarlet daysCD AR 019, 4-track, Black / Doom / Gothic / AvantgardeFRA94Adipocerevery good556
CDBeyond DawnPity loveCANDLE012, Black / DoomUK95Candlelightnear mint768
CDBiohazardNo holds barred - Live in EuropeRR 8803-2, Groove MetalNL97Roadrunnernear mint556
CDBitternessAutumn's fallHR006, Thrash / Death MetalGER2005Heavy Horsesvery good556
CDBlack Circle (SWE)Behold my visions and wisdomPT 110, Black MetalGER2004Perverted Tastenear mint768
CDBlack Maria, TheA shared history of tragedyVR320, AlterntiveUS2006Victorynear mint556
CDBlack SabbathSameCLC 5035, early cd pressing, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Classic Doomish Heavy MetalGER91Castlevery good9810
CDBlastmastersTwisted metalDG-046, Death Metal / GrindcoreUS2008Deathgasmvery good768
CDBleeding ThroughThe truthRR 8187-2, HC / MetalNL2006Roadrunnernear mint556
2CDBlind GuardianA twist in the mythNB 1515-0, double-CD-set, sticker, Power MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDBlind GuardianAt the edge of timeNB 2287-2, Power MetalGER2010Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDBlind GuardianBeyond the red mirrorNB 3272-2, Teutonic MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDBlind GuardianFollow the blind262 153, re-issue, Teutonic Speed MetalGER91Virginnear mint768
CDBlind GuardianSomewhere far beyond0946 3 96515 2 8, remastered, Teutonic MetalEU2007EMI / Virginnear mint768
CDBlood RevoltIndoctrinePT001/IP020/3984-14936-2, digipak, Black / DeathEU2010Poisoninvicbladevery good768
CDBlue Manner HazeAnother confused youth production50.501-421, Crossover / HC / Groove MetalGERSemaphorevery good768
CDBlutmondEndzeitSMP004, Black MetalCHSchwarzmetallnear mint556
2CDBon JoviThese days532 644-2, double-CD special edition, fold-out cardboard case, CD's have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HardrockGER96PolyGramgood556
CDBonded By BloodExiled to earthMOSH 390CDL, patch is missing, ThrashUK2010Earachenear mint768
CDBone Gnawer / Bonesaw (UK)Split CDAP052, Split-CD, 6-track, Death Metal2009Aphelionnear mint9810
CDBorn Of SinImperfect breed of humanityUER017, Melodic Death Metal2008Unexplodednear mint556
CDBothersNo way out8450-24147-0, 1 bonus track, Thrash MetalMEX2010EBMvery good768
CDBrainstormDownburst3984-14659-2, red disc, NO red jewel case, Power MwtalGER2008MBRvery good768
CDBrainstormOn the spur of the momentAFM 360-9, digipak, Power MetalGER2011AFM Rec.near mint768
CDBrainstorm (GER)Downburst3984-14659-0, 3-D-cover, Digipak, 2 bonustracks, Power MetalGER2008MBRvery good9810
CDBridge To SolaceKingdom of the deadLIB 018, Digipak, 5-track, 1 tray teeth is broken, HCGER2004Let It Burnvery good556
CDBrown, Jeff23 years251164, Hard RockBEL2015Mausoleumnear mint768
CDBulletBoysFreakshow9 26168-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUS91Warnervery good556
CDBurn AgainExcuses for apologiesACM005….., incl. OBI, lim. 1000, HCJAPAclaim…..very good768
CDBurning, TheHail the hordeMAS CD0694, Death MetalGER2010Massacrenear mint768
CDBurns, VinnyThe journeyFR CD 021, Classic RockITA99Frontiersvery good556
CDBury Your DeadIt's nothing personalVR512, HC / Post-PunkUS2009Victorynear mint556
CDButcherWelcome to the nightIR010CD, lim. 1000, Heavy MetalFRA2010Infernovery good556
CDCadaverous ConditionIn melancholyLRC 008, Death MetalAUT93Lethalnear mint768
CDCarveStillborn aevelationsBHP 003, Original 1st pressing, Death MetalBRA2002Black Holevery good768
CDCelestial SeasonForever scarlet passionCD AR 015, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Doom / DeathFRA93Adipocerevery good9810
CDCenotaph (MEX)Saga belicaCDOZ015, Melodic Death MetalMEX2002Ozvery good768
CDCerberus (GER)Klagelieder - GrabesgesangSD 28C, Black MetalGER2006Schwarzdornnear mint768
CDChant, TheA healing placeSCR002, Post/Prog. RockEU2012Secretvery good556
CDChapter II (CH)AngelfacePLP-C2-091509, Swiss Synphonic Metal with female singer, with a slight modern touchCH2009Peak Levelmint556
2CDChildren Of BodomHalo of bloodNB 2953-0, Digipak, CD & DVD, Melodic Death MetalGER2013Nuclear Blastss (mint)9810
CDChrist Deniedgot what he deservedGR 005, Original 1st pressing, Death MetalGER96Gullinear mint9810
CDChroma KeyDead air for radiosMAS CD149, Dream Theater & Fates Warning members, Prog. RockGER98Massacrevery good768
CDCinderellaStill climbing522 947-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockEU94Mercurygood556
CDCircle Of WitchesRock the evilPD001, Heavy MetalMetal Tanknear mint556
CDCirith GorgorFirestorm apocalypseKCD37, Black MetalGER2004Ketzervery good768
CDCity Of FireSameCANDLE320CD, Hard / Prog. RockUK2009Candlelightnear mint556
CDCivil WarGods generalsNPR 564 LTD, digipak, Power MetalAUT2015Napalmnear mint768
CDClarke, GilbyRubber085-18132 CD, Hard RockGER98Steamhammervery good556
CDClassic Struggle, TheFeel like hell3984-14541-2, MetalcoreGER2005MBRnear mint556
CDClouds Over ChryslerFertilizerGASH REC 019, Indie / Alternative RockAUT94Gashnear mint768
CDCold Existence, TheSombre gatesKR004, Death MetalEU2009Kolonynear mint556
CDColdworkerRotting paradiseDigipak, Death Metal2008Relapsevery good556
CDColumnsPlease explodeRR7255, Grind / DeathUS2014Relapsenear mint556
CDComeconFable frolic77094-2, Death MetalGER95Century Medianear mint768
CDCommunicWaves of visual decayNB 1656-2, Progressive Power MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDComrades / AgathoclesTear off the mask / Gotcha!S.O.A. #54, Split-CD, slipcase is missing, GrindcoreITAS.O.A.near mint768
CDConfrontoCausa mortisBSR 021, DeathcoreAUT2005Burning Seasonnear mint556
CDContradictionThe warchitectAMG 055-2, Promo, ThrashGER2006Armageddonvery good222
CDCorroptionDevil's shareMMP CD 0739, StonerPL2014Metal Mindnear mint768
CDCortina De FerroTemple of the darknessSCFC 007, incl. Slipcase, Heavy MetalGRBaratos Afinsnear mint9810
CDCradle Of FilthCruelty and the beastCDMFN 242, Original 1st pressing, Symphonic Black MetalUK98MFNnear mint556
CDCradle Of FilthFrom the cradle to enslaveCDMFN254, 6-track, Symphonic Black MetalUK99MFNnear mint556
CDCradle Of FilthFrom the cradle to enslave EPCDMFNX254, Digipak, 6-track, Symphonic Black MetalUK99MFNvery good768
CDCradle Of FilthMidianCDMFN666, Symphonic Black MetalEU2000Zomba / MFNnear mint556
CDCrash Museum706 little riots in toyland35581, Modern Metal / Electronic RockGER96Semaphorenear mint556
CDCreature (GER)KreuzlaubCHP 088, Digipak, Pagan Black MetalGERChristhuntvery good768
CDCro-MagsNear death experience77050-2, HCGER93Century Mediavery good768
CDCryptic WindsStorms of the black milleniumM.R.BON10CD, Black MetalGER2001Mercilessnear mint556
CDCryptopsyNone so LiveCM 77442-2, Live Montreal 2002, Brutal / Technical Death MetalGER2003Century Medianear mint556
CDCursed, TheRoom full of sinnersLM452, Groove / DoomESP2007Locomotivenear mint556
CDCyraxPicturesBT 048 CD, Prog. MetalITA2015Bakerteamnear mint768
CDD.A.D. (Disneyland…..)No fuel left for the pilgrims7599-25999-2, Hard RockGER89Warnervery good556
CDD.O.A.Murder.LS 9413 2, HCNL90Restlessvery good9810
CDDaemonheimHexentanzBT11, Digipak, lim. 500, Black MetalCH2007Black Towernear mint556
CDDaemonium (FRA)Dark opera of the ancient war spirit…CD AR 020, very 1st pressing, no IFPI codes, Black Metal / AmbientFRA94Adipocerenear mint556
CDDangerous ToysSameCBS 465423 2, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockEU89CBSvery good556
CDDantescoSeven years of battleSSR-DL50, lim. 100, numbered, cut-out, Doom / Heavy MetalUS2011Stormspellnear mint768
CDDanzigII - Lucifuge846 375-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, MetalEU90Def Americangood556
2CDDark AgeMinus exitusREM 057, CD & DVD, Death MetalGER2008Remedynear mint9810
CDDark AgeRemonstrationsREM 027, Death MetalGER2003Remedynear mint768
CDDark FuryFortress of eagleslim. 1000, Black Metal2008Garazelvery good768
CDDark FurySaligiaPrivate pressing, etched disc, Black MetalPOL2010Private pressingnear mint768
CDDark FuryThe price of treasonBlack MetalTrue Undergroundnear mint768
CDDark LegionsSatanic destroyerPEST 006, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash / Black MetalGER2006Pestilencevery good556
CDDark TranquillityDamage done77403-2, Original 1st pressing, Melodic Death MetalGER2002Century Medianear mint768
CDDark TranquillityHaven77297-2, Digipak, Melodic Death MetalGER2000Century Mediavery good768
CDDark TranquillityProjector77285-2D, digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGER99Century Mediavery good768
CDDarkest Hate WarfrontSatanik annihilation kommandoKCD 041, Black / Thrash MetalGER2005Ketzervery good556
CDDarksideEvolutionNSM 007, Death MetalAUTNSM Rec.very good768
2CDDas IchLava (glut)MAS CD0420, double-CD-set (CD/DVD), Dark Wave / AvantgardeGER2004Massacremint (still sealed)768
CDDawnThe eternal forest9984182, Death / Black MetalGER2014Century Medianear mint768
CDDawn Of RelicLovecraftian darkSOM 056, Melodic(?) Black MetalFRA2002Season Of Mistvery good556
CDDayshellSameSUM 405, MetalcoreUS2013Sumerianmint (still sealed)556
CDDe ProfundisThe emptiness withinKR014CD, DeathEU2012Kolonynear mint556
CDDead By AprilLet the world know0602537661565, MetalcoreEU2014Universalnear mint768
CDDead InfectionThe lethal collectionOBP 053, rare, GoregrindCZObscenenear mint9810
CDDead Milkmen, TheSoul rotationHR-61294-2, Punk RockUS92Hollywoodnear mint768
CDDead OrchestraGlobal lobotomy084-76372, Original 1st pressing, Death / Thrash / CrossoverGER91Steamhammervery good9810
CDDead To FallAre you serious?VR352, MetalcoreUSVictorymint556
CDDead WorldCollusionRED 6051-2, Industrial / Death MetalUS92Relapsevery good556
CDDeadlockWolvesLFR 8069-2, Death MetalGER2007Lifeforcenear mint556
CDDeath AngelAct III2-24280, re-isue, ThrashUSGeffenvery good768
CDDeath By StereoDeath for life6754-2, HC / PunkNL2005Epitaphnear mint556
CDDeath SSDo what thou wilt561.3016.20 B.O., Heavy MetalGERB.O. Rec.near mint768
CDDeath SSHi-tech JesusLR 514 CD, 5-track, Heavy Metal / IndustrialITALucifer Risingvery good768
CD (DVD)Death SSLet the panic beginLR 522 DVD, Horror MetalITALucifer Risingvery good768
CDDecember FlowerWhen all life endsCYC 086-2, Melodic Black / Death MetalGER2011Cyclonenear mint9810
CDDeep PurpleBestBS-062, Best of…., CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockBuena Suertevery good768
CDDeep PurpleHushWZ 90016, Hard RockEEC93Legendvery good556
2CDDeep PurpleLive a the Olympia7243 8 57982 2 1, DoCD, Live, HardrockNL97Thamesvery good556
CDDeep PurpleProgression5500272, compilation, Hard RockFRA93Karussellnear mint556
CDDef LeppardSongs from the sparkle loungeB0011004-02, Hard RockUS2008Islandnear mint556
CDDefianceThe prophecyCANDLE250CD, Thrash MetalUK2009Candlelightnear mint768
CDDefilerNematocera79301833362, DeathcoreUS2012Razor & Tienear mint556
CDDefleshedReclaim the beatRR051, slipcase is missing, Thrash / Death MetalSWE2005Regainnear mint768
CDDegradeadThe monster withinMV0038, digipak, Death / ThrashGER2013Metalvillemint (still sealed)9810
CDDeicideThe stench of redemptionMOSH343CD, Death MetalUK2006Earachenear mint768
CDDekadentManifestation of seasonal bleedingSMP005, Digipak, lim. 1000, Atmospheric Black MetalCH2006SMPnear mint768
CDDemiansMute0505210, digipak, Indie RockGER2010InsideOutnear mint556
CDDemogorgon (PL)Christ is a lieDeath MetalPOLGruft Prod.near mint768
CDDemonic ChoralsPower of immortal hatredSMP 001, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalCH2005Schwarzmetallvery good556
CDDescendingNew death celebrityMAS CD0717, Death / Thrash MetalGER2011Massacrevery good556
CDDesert SinAll in one7-track, Private pressing, CD in DVD-case, signed, Power MetalAUT2008Private pressingnear mint333
CDDespise (CH)Some noise in your silenceLL#08, Swiss MetalcoreGERLucifer's Legionsnear mint556
CDDestinityThe insideLFR 082-2, Death MetalGER2008Lifeforcevery good556
CDDestrageAre you kidding mer? No.3984-15273-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Nu MetalGER2014MBRvery good556
CDDestructionD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.AFM 223-9, digipak, ThrashGER2008AFMnear mint768
2CDDestructionThe curse of the Anti-christ - Live in agonyAFM 232-2, double-CD-set, Live, Teutonic ThrashGER2009AFMnear mint768
CDDevianNinewinged serpent77725-0, 2 bonus tracks, slipcase missing, Black / Death / Thrash MetalGER2007Century Mediavery good556
CDDevil Ate My SonWhere ghosts roamPSI 002, HC / Death MetalCH2003Paperstreetnear mint768
CDDevil Sold His SoulBlessed & cursed9979722, HCGER2010Century Mediastill sealed (mint)768
CDDeviliciousThe esoteric playgroundFDDL0009, digipak, Hard RockSWE2012Fat Ladyvery good768
CDDevilryRites for the spring of supremacyFIAMMA020, Black / Death Metal2007Blazingvery good768
CDDevolvedReprisalULR 12035-2, Death MetalUS2012Unique Leadernear mint768
2CDDew-ScentedIncinerateNB 1817-0, double CD-set, back inlay is very slightly warped, Thrash / Death MetalGER2007Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDDew-ScentedInwardsNB 704-2, Original 1st pressing, Thrash / Death MetalGER2002Nuclear Blastvery good556
2CDDew-ScentedIssue VINB 1452-5, 1xCD & 1xDVD, lim. 5000, Thrash / Death MetalGER2005Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDDiabolic (US)Chaos in hell / Possessed by deathDG-045, compilation, Death MetalUS2008Deathgasmnear mint556
CDDialSynchronizedPRR118, Prog. RockProgrocknear mint556
2CDDiamond HeadLive at the National Bowl 1993ESD CD 29, double-CD-set, thick jewel case, NWOBHMUK94Castlenear mint9810
CDDie VoidSame6-track, Prog. / Hard / Psychedelic RockGER2013Private pressingmint (still sealed)556
CDDie!StigmataBBE 0009 DI, IndustrialGERBlack Bardnear mint556
CDDies AterOut of the darkBA 017, digipak, Black MetalGER2004Black Attakkmint (still sealed)556
CDDies Irae (POL)Immolated3984-14356-2, Death MetalGER2000MBRvery good768
CDDies Irae (POL)The sin war3984-14422-2, Death MetalGER2002MBRnear mint768
CDDimmu BorgirPuritanical euphoric misanthropiaNB 527-2, Symphonic Black MetalGER2001Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDDimple MindsDer Maurer und der KoenigSPV 084-38562, Original pressing, PunkGER90Steamhammernear mint768
CDDioDream evil9 25612-2, Classic MetalUS87Warnernear mint768
CDDioEvil or divineSFMCD156, Live, back inlay is slightly warped, Classic MetalUS2009Spitfirevery good768
CDDioHoly diver811 021-2, Heavy MetalGERMercurynear mint768
CDDioHoly diver9830994, re-issue, bonus interview, Classic MetalEU2005Mercurynear mint768
2CDDioHoly diver - LiveEDGCD324, double-CD-set, Classic MetalGER2006Eaglenear mint768
CDDioIntermission830 078-2, Heavy MetalEUVertigonear mint556
2CDDioLive in LondonEDGCD532, double-CD-set, Live, Classic MetalGER2014Eaglenear mint768
CDDisasters, Roger Miret and theGotta get up now468224-2, PunkGER2011PLYnear mint556
CDDisbeliefShineMAS CD0314, Death / Thrash / SludgeGER2002Massacrenear mint556
2CDDisbeliefSpreading the rageMAS CL0387, double-CD-set, Death / Thrash / SludgeGER2003Massacrenear mint768
CDDisbeliefWorst enemyMAS CD0278, Death / Thrash / SludgeGER2001Massacrevery good556
CDDischargeWhyPLATE CD 2, Original 1st cd pressing, 12 tracks, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / Crust PunkUK89Clayvery good9810
CDDisgrace (FIN)Superhuman domeMR023CD, Death MetalGER95Morbidnear mint556
CDDisturbedBelieve9362-48358-2, Alternative / Nu-MetalEU2002Reprisenear mint556
CDDisturbedTen thousand fists49433 2, Alternative / Nu MetalUS2005Reprisenear mint556
CDDisturbedThe lost children528610-2, AlternativeUS2011Reprisenear mint768
CDDisturbedThe sickness9362-48315-2, Alternative / Nu MetalEU2000Reprisenear mint556
CDDiverciaCycle of zeroKARMA038, Melodic DeathNLKarmageddonmint (still sealed)556
CDDiverciaModus operandiHHR127, digipak, Melodic Death, Goth / Doom etc. etc.NLHammerheartnear mint556
CDDivinityThe singularityCANDLE308CD, Prog. Death MetalUK2010Candlelightnear mint556
CDDokkenBreaking the chains9 60290-2, tab mark on cover, Hard / Heavy MetalUSElektravery good768
CDDominion CaligulaA new era risesNFR 045, back inlay is slightly warped, Melodic Death MetalSWE2000No Fashionvery good556
CDDoomFuck Peacevilletc[069], Digipak, re-issue, Crust / PunkGER2009Twistedvery good9810
CDDornSurielCCP 100249-2, Symphonic Black / Doom MetalAUT2004CCPnear mint768
CDDoroFightSPV 085-74102-P CD, CD-Single case, Promo, Teutonic MetalGER2002Steamhammernear mint556
CDDoroRaise your fist in the airNB 2913-0, Digisleeve, Teutonic MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
CDDown BelowWildes HerzPRE 0262, digipak, Dark RockEU2009Premiummint (still sealed)556
CDDown By LawSameE -86411-2, PunkUS91Epitaphnear mint556
CDDragon's KissBarbarians of the wastelandKMR-CD025, Heavy Metal GER2014Killer Metalnear mint768
CDDream TheaterAwake7567-90126-2, Prog. MetalGER94EastWestnear mint556
CDDream TheaterFalling into infinity7559-62060-2, Prog. MetalGER97EastWestnear mint556
CDDream TheaterImages & words7567-92148-2, Prog. MetalGER92Atconear mint556
CDDunkelgrafenBaphomet's aeonLEP 036, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER99Last Episodevery good768
CDDuskfall, TheFrailtyBLR/CD041, Original 1st pressing, Melodic Death MetalGR2002Black Lotusvery good556
CDDuskfall, TheLifetime supply of guiltNB 1491-2, Melodic Death MetalGER2005Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDDuskfall, TheSourceBLR/CD060, Original 1st pressing, Melodic Death MetalGR2003Black Lotusvery good556
CDDynastyIMIEZ-9301, cover is slighty warped, Hard RockGER93Miezvery good768
CDEagles, TheTheir greatest hits105-2, Classic RockGERAsylumvery good556
CDEclipticaImpetusRB123, Power MetalGER2008Rebeatnear mint556
CDEdanDead flowershr-61329-2, Glam RockUSA92Hollywoodnear mint556
CDEidolonHallowed apparition3984-14371-2, Heavy / Speed MetalGER2001MBRvery good556
CDEihwazAmadeusDigipak, Symphonic RockRUS2012??near mint768
CDEl EgoWinds of glorySR 107, Thrash MetalESPFragmentnear mint556
CDEmergency GateYouGCR 20076-2, Metalcore / Melodic DeathEEC2013ZYXnear mint556
CDEmpire Of The ScourgedTranscend into oblivionEOTS001, 5-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death Metal / IndustrialNL2013Private pressingvery good556
CDEmpty TremorApocolokyntosys35899, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockGER97Rising Sunvery good556
CDEmpyriosThe glorious sicknessSC 162-2, Prog. MetalITA2008Scarletnear mint556
CDEnboundAnd she says goldIW83012, incl. 2 stickers, Power MetalSWE2011Inner Woundnear mint768
CDEnchantTime lostIOMCD 012, Progressive RockGER97InsideOutvery good556
CDEncoffinationRitual ascension beyond fleshSMG 068, re-issue, Death / DoomPOL2011Selfmadegodnear mint768
CDEnd Of GreenThe sick's senseSD 030, Doom / Depressive RockGER2008Silverdustvery good556
CDEnd Of SeptemberSameULTCD021, Melodic Metal / RockSWE2012Ulteriumnear mint556
CDEndoveinWaiting for disasterP18R 026, Thrash MetalITA2010Punishment 18mint (still sealed)768
CDEndrahSameGOW#15, Death Metal / HCGER2006Grapes Of Wrathnear mint556
CDEnemy Of The SunShadowsMAS CD0581, Prog. ThrashGER2007Massacrenear mint556
CDEnergy VampiresSameSKR004CD, Heavy MetalUS2008SKRnear mint768
CDEnethAura sinfonicaEHRCD-002, rare, Black MetalICLElectric Horizonvery good556
CDEnsiferumFrom afarDRAKKAR 170, Viking MetalGER2009Drakkarnear mint768
CDEnsiferumIron1761296, Folk MetalFIN2004Spinefarmnear mint9810
CDEnsiferumSame1761295, Folk MetalFIN2001Spinefarmnear mint768
CDEnsiferumVictory songs88697 07660 2, Folk / Viking MetalGER2007Drakkarnear mint768
CDEnuff ZnuffSevenCDMFN 212, 1st pressing, Hard RockUK97MFNvery good556
CDEpoch Of UnlightThe continuum hypothesisCANDLE0124CD, incl. slipcase, Black / DeathUK2005Candlelightvery good768
CDEscape The FateThere's no sympathy for the dead6801-2, Post-HCNL2006Epitaphnear mint556
2CDEscape The FateUngratefulESM 061, CD & DVD, Post-HCEU2013Eleven Sevenmint (still sealed)768
2CDEsotericThe maniacal valeSOM 172, Funeral Doom / Death MetalFRA2008Season Of Mistnear mint768
2CDEternal, TheKartikaFIRECD053, double-CD-set, Doom / GothicFIN2008Fireboxmint (still sealed)556
CDEtrusgraveTophetMGP 066, Heavy MetalITA2010My Graveyardnear mint768
CDEvanescenceFallen510879 2, Alternative / Nu "Metal"2003Wind-upnear mint556
CDEvanescenceThe open door82876 86082 2, Digipak, Alternative / Nu MetalEU2006Wind-Upnear mint556
CDEvergreen TerraceAlmost home3984-14754-2, digipak, HC / PunkGER2009MBRnear mint556
CDEvocation (SWE)Dead calm chaosCYC 028-2, Death MetalGER2008Cyclone Empirenear mint768
CDExhumationSeas of eternal silenceRRS 956, Melodic Death MetalDie Hardvery good9810
CDExhumation (GR)TraumationHOLY51CDX, Digipak, Melodic Death MetalFRA99Holy Recordsvery good768
CDExiliaDecodeGCR 20067-2, 1 tab indent from jewel case, Nu MetalGER2012ZYX Musicvery good556
CDEye Sea ILegend078, digipak, Post-HCGER2013Redfieldvery good556
2CDEyes Set To KillBroken framesBRE-CD-193, Metalcore2010Breaksilencenear mint556
CDF5The reckoningSWP 0007 F5/SPV 620042 CD, Hard Rock2008Silverwolf/SPVnear mint768
CDFace Down (SWE)The will to powerBLOD 069CD, Post-Thrash / Death MetalSWE2005Black Lodgevery good556
CDFace Down (SWE) / RemasculateThink twiceUER028, Split-CD, lim. 2000, Death Metal / Grindcore2008Unexplodedvery good768
CDFailed HumanityThe sound of razors through fleshCANDLE058CD, Black / Death MetalUK2001Candlelightnear mint556
CDFaith No MoreAngel dust9 26785-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Funk MetalUS92Slashgood556
CDFalchionLegacy of heathensKDM-018, Folk / Death Metal2005World Chaosnear mint556
CDFall Of The IdolsThe womb of the earthIHATE CD 019, Doom MetalSWEI Hate Recordsnear mint556
CDFalls Of RaurosBelieve in no coming shoreNVP023/Br022cd, digipak, Black Metal2014Nordvis/Bind..near mint9810
CDFates WarningInside outP2 53915, Original 1st US pressing, Progressive Power MetalUS94MBRvery good556
CDFear My ThoughtsIsolation9977762, HC / ThrashGER2008Century Medianear mint556
CDFear My ThoughtsThe great collapseLFR 044-2, digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Melodic Death Metal (formely HC / Thrash)GER2004Lifeforcegood556
CDFearerConfession to hateRMR CD002, Death MetalGER2002Remissionvery good556
CDFelskinnListen!MR003, Modern MetalCH2007Montaphonvery good768
CDFightWar of words474547 2, with Rob Halford, Heavy MetalEU93Epicgood556
CDFight Or FlightA life by design?535619-2, Hard RockUS2013Warnernear mint556
CDFimbulthierThe battle beginsSMP, Teutonic Viking MetalGER2007Twilightnear mint768
CDFir BolgTowards ancestral landssd44cd, Viking MetalGERSchwarzdornvery good556
CDFirewindAllegiance8321-2, Heavy MetalUS2006Century Medianear mint768
CDFirewindBetween Heaven and HellMAS CD0327, Heavy MetalGER2002Massacrenear mint768
CDFirewindForged by fire77529-2, Heavy MetalGER2005Century Medianear mint768
CDFord, LitaLitaPD86397, earlier CD pressing, Hard RockGER88RCAnear mint556
CDForefatherDeep into timeANG001-2 CD, re-issue, Black / Viking MetalUK2002Angeliscvery good556
CDForever In TerrorRestless in the tides3984-14621-2, Melodic Death / MetalcoreUS2007MBRnear mint556
CDFornacePregnant is the nightPRG 45052, re-issue, Black MetalUS2013Paragon Rec.near mint556
CDFornostDer Wind hat mir ein Lied erzaehltHAMAR 003, Black MetalGER2007Hammermarkvery good556
CDForsaken, TheManifest of hate77318-2, back inlay is slightly warped, Thrash / Melodic Death Metal2001Century Mediavery good768
CDForsaken, TheTraces of the past77518-2, Melodic Death / Thrash MetalGER2003Century Mediavery good556
CDFozzyDo you wanna start a war9984338, digipak, Heavy MetalGER2014Century Mediavery good556
CDFragments Of UnbecomingSterling black icon3984-14548-2, Melodic Death MetalGER2006MBRnear mint768
CDFramesIn viaSPV 260182 CD, digipak, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Post RockGER2012Steamhammervery good556
CDFreyaAll hail the endVR543, HCUS2010Victorynear mint768
CDFrontsideForgive us our sinsRR 053, DeathcoreSWERegainvery good556
CDFrontsideTwilight of the godsDY100342, HC / DeathGER2004Dockyardvery good556
CDFunebrisTriumph of the everlasting fireLEP 073, Black MetalGER2001Last Episodenear mint556
CDFuneral For A FriendMemory and humanityRR 7911-2, AlternativeNL2008Roadrunnernear mint556
CDFurzeTrident autocratApocalypse 008, Original 1st pressing, Experimental Black / Doom Metal2000Apoclyptic Empirevery good768
CDGae Bolg And The Church Of FandLa ballade de l'Ankoudys 02, Digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Neofolk / MedievalFRA2002Dysphorievery good556
2CDGallowsGrey Britain2564690765, CD & DVD, PunkUK2009Warnernear mint768
2CDGamma RayBlast from the pastN 0332-2, double-CD-set, digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power MetalGER2000Noisevery good768
2CDGamma RayHell yeah!!! - The awesome foursome - LiveSPV 92802 2CD, double-CD-set, Live, Power MetalGER2008Steamhammernear mint768
CDGamma RayMaster of confusion0208610ERE, Teutonen PowerGER2013Edelnear mint768
CDGamma RaySigh no moreN 0178-2, Original 1st pressing, Power / Speed MetalGER91Noisevery good768
2CDGamma RaySkeletons & majesties - Live0208199ERE, double-CD-set, Teutonic Heavy MetalGER2012Edelnear mint9810
2CDGamma RaySkeletons in the closetMISDL023, double cd, Digipak, tear in digipak, Power MetalGER2003Metal-Isvery good768
CDGamma RaySkeletons of majestties0206542ERE, digipak, Power MetalGER2011Edelnear mint556
2CDGamma RayTo the Metal!0202658BERE, CD & DVD, digipak, Power MetalGER2010Ear Musicnear mint768
CDGathering, TheIf_then_else772989-2, digipak, CD = near mint, digi = very goodGER2000Century Mediavery good556
CDGenesisDukeCBRCDX 101, Prog. RockNLVirginnear mint556
CDGenesisLiveCLACDX 1, Live, Prog. RockITA94Virginnear mint556
CDGenesisNursery crymeCASCD 1052, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockNLVirginvery good556
CDGenesisWind and wutheringCDSCDX 4005, Prog. RockNLVirginnear mint556
CDGeorgian SkullMother armageddon, healing apocalypseSC 169-2, Stoner / DoomITA2008Scarletnear mint556
CDGift Of Gods (Nocturno Culto's)ReceiveCDVILEF487, Heavy MetalUK2013Peacevillenear mint768
CDGloria MortiLateral constraintCYC 098-2, Black / DeathGER2012Cyclone Empirenear mint768
CDGloria Story, TheShades of whiteTGS002, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockEU2011Rambovery good556
CDGnostic (USA)Hatewar 666IR 009, compilation, Raw Black MetalNL2005Infernus Rexnear mint768
CDGod ForbidGone forever (Deluxe tour edition)CM 774660, deluxe tour edition, MetalcoreGER2004Century Mediamint (still sealed)556
CDGod ForbidIV: Constitution pf treasonCM 77566-0, incl. DVD-section, Melodic Thrash Metal / MetalcoreGER2005Century Medianear mint768
CDGodgoryResurrectionNB 371-2, back inlay is slightly warped, Melodic Death MetalGER99Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDGodgoryWay beyondNB 534-2, Original 1st pressing, Melodic Death MetalGER2001Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDGodless RisingBattle lordsDEAD 89 CD, Death MetalUS2007Moribundnear mint768
CDGodsendAs the shadows fallHoly 03 CD, DoomFRAHolyvery good9810
CDGodsmackLive & inspiredB0016854-02, crappy digisleeve, Hard & HeavyUS2012Universalvery good556
CDGodstomper / IrritateExtreme mosher / Need to destroySplit-CD, CD is packaged in a 7"-Single cover, Death Metal / Grindcore2001Riotousm-/m-556
CDGone Jackals, TheBone to pickBB9545, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUS95Blue / Blackgood556
CDGorefestSoul survivorNBA 6143-2, Original 1st US pressing, Death MetalUS96Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDGotthardG.74321323012, Hard RockEC96BMGvery good768
CDGotthardHomerun74321 79479 2, Hard RockEU2001BMG Schweiznear mint556
CDGotthardOne life one soul - Best of ballads74321 90654 2, digipak, Hard RockEU2002BMGvery good556
CDGraafDifferent worldPrivate pressing, Teutonic Heavy MetalGER97Private pressingnear mint768
CDGrabakAgash daevaBBRE 002, Black MetalGER2007Black Bloodnear mint768
CDGrailKnightsAlliance784-1527, Digipak, Melodic Death / Power MetalGERTwilightnear mint556
CDGrave PleasuresDreamcrash88875125292, digipak, Death RockGER2015Columbianear mint768
CDGrayceonAll we destroyPFL 073, Digipak, Prog. Rock / ExperimentalProfund Lorenear mint768
CDGreat WhiteRecovery: Live!CDP 7 90413 2, 10-track, Hard RockUK88Capitolnear mint9810
CDGreeley EstatesThe death of Greeley estatesTGH2-90082, HC / EmoUS2011Tragic Heronear mint556
CDGrief Of WarWorship6561910073-2, ThrashUS2009Prosthericnear mint556
CDGriffarOf witches and celtsIS10, 4-track, Pagan Black Metal2002ISO666near mint768
CDGrip Inc.SolidifySPV 086-18592 CD, Digipak, Post-ThrashGER99Steamhammervery good556
CDGroinchurn / Sutek ConspiracySplit-CDGT001, Death / GrindcoreSA2007Give & Takenear mint556
CDGropeThe furyPCD-27, Groove MetalDKProgressnear mint556
CDGuided CradleSameIS 072, digipak, Black / Thrash Metal / CrossoverCZInsane S.near mint9810
CDGuns & RosesGreatest hits0602498621080, Digipak, Hard RockEU2004Geffenvery good556
CDGwarCarnival of chaos3984-14125-2, Shock MetalGER97MBRvery good556
CDHackett, SteveTime lapse (Live)CD 947, Live, Prog. RockFrance92Baillemontvery good556
CDHacrideDeviant current signalposh069, Thrash / Death MetalFRAListenablenear mint768
CDHagar, SammyMarching to MarsTRKD-11627, Hard RockUS97The Track Factoryvery good556
CDHalorWelcome to hellHALO3, private pressing, Heavy MetalHUNPrivate pressingnear mint768
CDHarlan CageForbidden colours199683, Hard Rock / AORGER99MTMvery good768
CDHarris, LaurenCalm before the stormDR2CD005, Hard Rock2008DR2very good556
CDHartmannBalance12 04 0042, Hard RockGER2012Avenue Of Alliesnear mint556
CDHate PlowEverybody diesIR-C-115, Original EU pressing, Death MetalGERSystem Shocknear mint768
CDHateSphereBallet of the bruteSC 087-2, Death / Thrash MetalEU2004Scarletvery good556
CDHatesphereSerpent smiles and killer eyesSPV 98020 CD-E, Death / Thrash MetalGER2007Steamhammernear mint556
2CDHaunted, TheMade me do it / Live rounds in TokyoMOSH 241 CDB, limited edition doubel-CD-set, Melodic Death / Post-Thrash MetalUK2001Earachenear mint768
CDHaunted, TheRevolver77488-2, Melodic Death Metal / Post-Thrash MetalGER2004Century Medianear mint556
CDHavohejKembatinan premasterHells 033, Black MetalUS2009Hell's Headbangersvery good556
CDHavokUnnatural selectionCDL539CD, Thrash MetalUS2013Candlelight USAnear mint768
CDHavok (SWE)Being and nothingnessVSP004, Death Metal2009Vicisolumnear mint556
CDHeadless KrossVolumesBWR043, digipak, Doom / SludgeNL2015Burning Worldnear mint556
CDHearseDominion reptilianHHR130, Digipak, 1st pressing, rare, Melodic Death MetalNLHammerheartnear mint9810
CDHeavenwardWithin these dreamsPURCD011, Power MetalGER2012Pure Undergroundmint (still sealed)9810
CDHeavy's TheMetal marathon260 197, Hard Rock remixesGER89Ariolavery good768
CDHell WithinShadows of vanityLFR 070-2, HC / Thrash / CrossoverGER2007Lifeforcevery good556
CDHellacopters, TheBy the grace of god064 998-2, Alternative / Hard RockEU2002Universalnear mint556
CDHellmouthDestroy everything, worship nothingF117, HC / PunkUS2008Ferretnear mint768
2CDHelloweenGambling with the devilSPV 98120 2CD, digipak, gimmick O-card, double-CD-set, Heavy MetalGER2007Steamhammernear mint9810
CDHelloweenKeeper of the 7 keys Vol. 1CMQCD1178, expanded version, Power MetalEU2006Castlenear mint768
2CDHelloweenWalls of Jericho (Expanded version)CMQCD1177, 2-CD-set, CDs have some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Teutonic MetalEU2006Castlevery good9810
CDHellvetoZmierzchDark-25, Orchestral Pagan / Black MetalUSDark Symphoniesvery good556
CDHemlockBleed the dreamCANDLE194CD, Thrash / GrooveUK2007Candlelightnear mint556
CDHenker, DerAnnihilation in blasphemyhaarbn 005, Viking Black MetalRUS2006Haarbnvery good768
CDHensley, KenLove & other mysteriesEANTCD 1005, Hard RockEU2012Cherry Rednear mint768
CDHigh 'N DryHands off my toy!290-09-066, Teutonic Hard & HeavyGERBellaphonvery good9810
CDHighgateShrines to the warheadTRUST015, Stoner-Black-DoomISRTotal Rustnear mint556
CDHIMLove metal / When love and death embrace2165/M3-97, 2 albums on 1 cd, Russian only pressingRUSAgatnear mint556
CDHollentorBlessed are the strong, cursed are the weakTwilight 784-666, Raw Black MetalGER2005Twilightnear mint768
CDHoly MartyrHellenic warrior spiritCHAOS 042CD, digipak, Heavy MetalITA2008Dragonheartnear mint768
CDHomicideSlaughter's legacyUCR CD-08, Black MetalGER2000Undercovernear mint768
CDHorned AlmightyThe devil's musicIR011, Black Metal2006Infernus Rexvery good768
CDHorrendousAnaretaDDR146CD, Death MetalDark Descentnear mint768
CDHowe, Steve (YES)SkylineIOMCD 113, Digipak, Prog. RockGER2002InsideOutnear mint556
CDHuman Abstract, TheIIIIEOM-CD-2358, Math / Prog. RockUS2011E onemint (still sealed)768
CDHyperion DB 369 (AUT)Divine infernalRCR 1008, Black MetalAUT2010Typhonsnear mint768
CDHypocrisyHypocrisy destroys WackenNB 376-2, Live, Melodic Death MetalGER99Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDIced EarthDystopiaPromo, 6-track incl. Live and interview, Power MetalGERRock Hardmint768
CDIced EarthFestivals of the wicked8776-2, Live, Power MetalUS2011Century Medianear mint556
CDIced EarthThe dark saga7831-2, Power MetalUS98Century Medianear mint768
CDIced EarthThe dark saga77131-2, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power MetalGER98Century Mediagood556
CDIcon In MeHuman museumMAS CD0635, Death MetalGER2009Massacrevery good556
CDIctus / This Thing Called DyingSplitdia11, Split-CD, Crust / HC / PunkESP2006Diasnear mint768
CDRIgnis UraniumPromoOfficial CDr, Promo, 7-track, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER2008Stunde….very good556
CDIgnitePast our meansREV:54, Melodic HCUS96Revelationnear mint556
CDIllumeniumTowards endless 8Cardboard slipcase, Post-HCPrivate pressinggood556
CDIllwillEvilutionDR 002, ThrashDK98Diamondvery good556
CDImmortal Rites (GER)For tyrant's sakeMP/DD 012, Melodic Death MetalGERMedusanear mint556
CDImpaled NazareneAll that you fearOPCD 2152, Black MetalUS2003Osmosevery good556
CDImpending Doom (GER)Caedes sacrilegaePT020, Black / Death / Thrash MetalGER97Perverted T.near mint9810
CDImpiousDeath domination3984-14781-2, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalUS2009MBRvery good556
CDImpiousHellucinate3984-14502-2, Death MetalGER2004MBRvery good556
CDIn Aeternum (SWE)Nuclear armageddonATTIC 001, Black / Death MetalPOL2003Agonianear mint556
2CDIn ExtremoAm goldenen Rhein2703515, double-CD-set, FolkGER2009Vertigovery good556
CDIn ExtremoLive 2002063-568-2, digipak, live, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Folk MetalGER2002Islandvery good556
CDIn FlamesCome clarity9984942, re-issue, Death MetalGER2015Century Medianear mint768
CDIn FlamesReroute to remain9984928, digipak, re-issue, Melodic DeathGER2014Century Mediavery good9810
CDIn FlamesSiren charms88843075582, digibook, CD has some slight surface marks becaise of this crappy digibook!!! (what a stupid invention!!!), Death MetalEU2014Sonyvery good768
CDIn FlamesSoundtrack to your escape9964938, digipak, re-issue, DeathGER2014Century Medianear mint768
CDIn FlamesSubterranean9984878, digipak, re-issue, Death MetalGER2014Century Medianear mint768
CDIn FlamesThe Tokyo showdown - Live Japan 2000NB 636-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Melodic DeathGER2001Nuclear Blastgood556
CDIn FlamesWhoracle9984898, digipak, re-issue, Death MetalGER2014Century Medianear mint768
CDIn Other ClimesLeftoverBE086, Metalcore, PunkGER2014Bastardizedmint (still sealed)556
CDInanna UnveiledSameSOL 023, digipak, Black MetalGERSolistitiumnear mint556
CDIncapacity9th order extinct3984-14495-2, Thrash / Death MetalGER2004MBRnear mint556
CDIncapacityChaos completeCOLD 002, Thrash / Death Metal2003Coldnear mint556
CDIncesticideSameRNR 002, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGERRising Nemesisgood556
CDIncraveDead endULTCD007, Power MetalSWE2008Ulteriumvery good556
CDIncured (CH)Stand as oneprawda 3, Swiss HCCH99Prawdavery good556
2CDIndicaA way awayNB 2522-0, digipak CD & DVD, (another crappy packaging, if CD will be removed the first time = surface marks, what idot invents this shit!!!!!!!!!), Alternative RockGER2010Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDIndicaKadonnut puutarha88697080752, RockEU2007Sonynear mint556
CDInevitable EndThe severed inceptionRR 7039, Death Metal2009Relapsenear mint556
CDInfernal Execrator / Imperial TyrantsMCBL heathen blood cultOCR 29, Split-CD, lim. 1000, Black Metal2010Old Cemetaryvery good768
CDIngrimmIhr sollt brennenBBE 0011 IG, Folk / MedievalGER2007Black Bardsnear mint556
CDInner ThoughtWordly separationWIHU 9314, Death Metal / IndustrialCH94Witchhuntnear mint768
CDInquisitorThe quantum theory of IdFPR001, digipak, Black / AvantgardeLITForgotten Pathnear mint556
CDInsuicietySameVendetta 32 / TF 108, 5-track, lim. 500, special cardboard fold-out sleeve, Sludge2009Vendetta / Trujacanear mint9810
CDInteritus DieIn motion…BBE 0020 ID, Doom / GothicGERBlack Bardsnear mint768
CDInto EternityDead or dreaming8054-2, re-issue, Progressive / Technical Death MetalUS2002Century Mediavery good768
CDInto EternityThe incurable tragedy8508-2, Prog. Melodic Death MetalUS2008Century Mediavery good768
CDInto EternityThe scattering of ashes8376-2, Prog. Death MetalUS2006Century Medianear mint768
CDInvisiusThe spawn of condeminationPMZ44, Death MetalDK2010Targetnear mint556
CDIron MaidenA real live one0777 7 81456 2 2, Heavy MetalUK93EMIKvery good556
CDIron MaidenBrave new world7243 5 26605 2 0, Classic MetalEU2000EMInear mint556
CDIron MaidenNo prayer for the dying7243 4 96865 0 2, re-issue, NWOBHMUK98EMInear mint768
CDIron MaidenPowerslaveBulgarian pressing, incl. 2 multimedia tracksBULnear mint556
2CDIron MaidenRock in Rio7243 5 38643 0 9, double-CD-set, no slipcase, LiveEU2002EMInear mint768
CDIron MaidenThe number of the beastCDP 7 46364 2, early pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect pay at all, NWOBHMUKEMIvery good768
CDIron MaidenThe X factor7243 8 35819 2 4, Classic Heavy MetalNL95EMInear mint556
CDIron MaidenVirtual XI7243 4 93915 2 9, fold on back inlayEU98EMInear mint556
CDIronweedYour world of tomorrowSS-114, StonerUS2011Small Stonenear mint556
CDIsacaarumCunt hackersOBP 041, Black / Death Metal / GrindcoreCZ2001Obscene Prod.near mint556
CDIsacaarumShibari kata and other practicesOBP 065, Black / Death / GrindcoreCZObscenenear mint556
CDIsen TorrMighty & superiorSKR003CD, Heavy MetalUSShadow Kingdomnear mint556
CDItchDryin' to be JesusNET 039 CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Punk / Glam92Network Europegood556
CDJam Pain SocietyBlack light MessiahLM663, Hard RockESP2008Locomotivenear mint556
CDJanusIsaakNTD 92203-08, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, IndustrialGER99Nova Tekkvery good768
CDJanusSchlafende Hundetri 062 cd / EFA 16872-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Industrial / NDHGER2000richterskalagood9810
CDJetboyFeel the shakeMCAD-42235, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Glam / Hard RockUS88MCAvery good768
CDJingo De LunchDeja voodoo522 702-2, Punk RockGER94Phonogramvery good556
CDJingo De LunchPerpetuum mobileWE BIT 027CD, Punk RockGERWe Bitevery good556
CDJob For A CowboyGenesis3984-14614-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGER2007MBRvery good556
CDKalmah12 gaugeNAULA 116, slightly warped back inlay, Melodic Death MetalFIN2010Spikefarmvery good768
CDKandidate, TheUntil we are outnumberedNPR 316, Thrash / MetalcoreAUT2010Napalmnear mint556
CDKarnariumTank pa dodenEMF 008, compilation, Death MetalMEX2005Embracevery good768
CDKarnvapen AttackSame (=I=)MR 021, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / PunkESP2002MalaRazagood768
CDKataklysmEpic (The poetry of war)NB 621-2, Melodic DeathGER2001Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
CDKataklysmHeaven's venomNB 2557-2, Death MetalGER2010Nuclear Blastnear mint768
2CDKataklysmIn the arms of devastationNB 1527-5, CD & DVD, Melodic Death MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastvery good9810
CDKataklysmWaiting for the end to comeNB 3143-0, Digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalUS2013Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDKatmanduSame467323 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard rockEU91Epicvery good556
CDKeep Of KalessinKolossusNB 2148-2, Melodic Black / Death MetalGER2008Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDKholdMasterpiss of painFOG027, Original pressing, Black MetalNOR2001Moonfognear mint9810
CDKill DivisionDestructive force3984-15242-2, digipak, Death / ThrashGER2013MBRvery good556
CDKilling MachineMetalmorphosis251081, Heavy MetalBEL2006Mausoleumnear mint556
CDKillraysSpace giantLF 203/CD, Punk RockGER95Lost & Foundnear mint556
CDKingdom ComeBad image4509-93148-2, Hard RockGER93WEAnear mint556
CDKingdom ComeSame835 368-2, Hard RockGER88Polydornear mint556
CDKing's XBest of…CD 83066, Hard RockCAN97Atlanticvery good556
CDKing's XSame7567-80506-2, Funk / Hard RockEU92Atlanticnear mint556
CDKirchenbrand (AUT)AbgrundeNSP 019, lim. 1000, Black MetalGER2008Nordsturmnear mint768
2CDKissSymphony - Alive IVSANDLI95, Double-CD, Russian pressingRUSnear mint768
CDKlimt 1918Ghost of a tape listenerPRO 096-0, digipak, Wave / Alternative RockGERProphecyvery good768
CDKobraMight & magicDVP 57, True MetalGER2015Dying Victimsnear mint768
CDKoldbornFirst enslavementRRS967, Death / Thrash MetalDK2002Die Hardvery good556
CDKoldbornThe uncanny valleyLIS089, Death / Thrash MetalFRA2006Listenablenear mint768
CDKrakkbrainInnercutKIC 02 CD, ThrashFRAHolyvery good9810
CDKratornasThe corroding age of woundsKBTMT-CD005, Black Metal / GrindcoreGER2009Kneel Beforenear mint768
CDKrautAn adjustment to society9741-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play ar all, HardcoreGERCentury Mediagood556
CDKreatorEndoramaDRAKKAR 001, Original pressing, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER99Drakkarnear mint556
CDKruger (CH)Built for speedRR667, Sludge / Death & RollCH2002RRRecordsnear mint556
CDKryptI am GodARmcd009, 2-track, Black Metal2007Agonianear mint556
CDKwoonThe guillotine showKW03, digipak, Alternative / Post-RockPrivate pressingvery good556
CDLacrimosaEchosHOS 7880, digipak, Gothic RockEU2003Hall Of Sermonvery good768
CDLacrimosaInfernoHOS 761 / DW 088-2, DarkwaveGER95Hall Of Sermonvery good556
CDLair Of The MinotaurEvil powerGRIND 1, cover has a slight fold, Thrash / Black MetalUS2010Grind Housevery good768
CDLamb Of godKilladelphiaMOCCD 1304, super jewel case, Groove / Nu Metal2005Music On CDnear mint556
CDLamb Of GodResolution88697 97968 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affe play at all because of this crappy cover!!!!, Groove / MetalcoreUS2012Epicgood556
CDLamb Of GodVII: Sturm und DrangNB 3559-0, digipak, stickers inside of digipak, Groove / MetalcoreGER2015Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDLamontThunder boogieT7-004, digipak, StonerUS2002Traktornear mint9810
CDLardThe last temptation of reidVIRUS 84CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Industrial/HCUK90Alternative T.very good556
CDLast MileSameDRA 029, HardcoreGERDemons Runamoknear mint556
CDLawton, JohnStill payin' my duesNL 10081, Hard Rock2009NL (still sealed)768
CDLeader ShitDiscografiaHC / Crust / PunkMEXMakinasvery good768
CDLegacy, TheBeyond hurt beyond hellTORMENT25, Melodic HCUK2008Visible Noisenear mint556
CDLegion Of DoomGod is deadLOD 003, private pressing, Black MetalGR2000Private pressingvery good768
CDLegions Of WarTowards deathIR003CD, Black / Thrash MetalFRAInfernovery good556
CDLife ExtinctionLo unico seguro en la vida, es la muerteCrustESPExabrupto etc. etc. etc.very good768
2CDLinkin ParkCollision course9362-48963-2, CD & DVD, Nu MetalEU2004Warnernear mint556
CDLinkin ParkHybrid theory9362-47755-2, Nu MetalGER2000Warnernear mint556
2CDLinkin ParkLive in Texas9362-48628-2, CD & DVD, Live, Nu MetalEU2003Warnernear mint556
CDLinkin ParkReanimation9362-48326-2, Nu MetalGER2002Warnernear mint556
CDLooking For An Answer / KontraataqueSplit-CDER-039, Split-CD, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / GrindMEXEstaja.good556
CDLost, The (US)SameZK 47116, cut hole in back inlay, Hard RockUS91Epicnear mint556
CDLutemkratThe last survivorBAR002, CD has some sirface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalCAN2007Bleak Artvery good556
CDLux FerreAntichristian war propagandaKCD 036, lim. 2000, Black MetalGER2004Ketzernear mint768
CDLux OccultaDionysosMMP DG 0142, remastered Digipak, 5 bonus tracks, lim. 1000, Black MetalPOL2001Metal Mindnear mint768
CDLux OccultaForever alone immortalMoon CD 005, slipcase's missing, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalPOL96Pagangood556
CDLux OccultaMajor arcana (The words….)MoonCD 015, compilation, lim. 1500, Black MetalPOL98Pagannear mint768
CDM.O.D.Loved by thousands…hated by millionsSPV 076-18632 CD, Greatest hits, Thrash Metal / CrossoverGER98Steamhammermint556
CDMacalpine, TonyCollection - The Shrapnel yearsM 7193 2, Shred / Heavy MetalNL2006Mascotnear mint768
CDMacbethGotteskriegerMAS CD0652, ThrashGER2009Massacrenear mint556
CDMachine HeadBloodstone & diamondsNB 3322-0, mediabook, Thrash MetalGER2014Nuclear Blastnear mint9810
2CDMachine HeadMachine fucking Head LiveRR7623-2, double-CD-set, ThrashEU2012Roadrunnervery good768
CDMadame GermenDiscografiaCD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / Punk / CrustESP2004Too much Labelsvery good9810
CDMade Of HateBullet in your headAFM 201-2, Thrash / DeathGER2008AFMnear mint556
CDMagnumVigilante829 986-2, re-issue, HardrockGERPolydornear mint556
CDMaladieStillCD ARC 021, digipak, Black Metal / AvantgardeGER2015Apostasynear mint768
CDMalcuidantL'hymne de la ghildeTHR-89, lim. 1000, Black MetalSWE2005Total Holocaustvery good768
CDMalevolent CreationJoe black72445-15013-2, compilation, Death MetalUS96Pavementvery good768
CDMalmsteen, YngwieTrial by fire - Live in Leningrad839 726-2, Live, Classic Metal / ShredGER89Polygramvery good556
CDMalmsteen's Rising Force, YngwieWar to end all warsCRIDE 32, Melodic MetalUK2000Dream Catchernear mint768
CDMalummehRevivalNaula 083, super jewel case, Metalcore / GrooveFINSpikefarmnear mint556
CDMandrakeForeverGF 007, Gothic MetalGER2007Greyfallnear mint556
CDManiganceAnge ou demon3075292, Progressive Power MetalFRA2002NTSvery good768
CDManitouNo signs of wisdomMETAL HEAVEN 00038, Classic MetalGER2007Metal Heavennear mint768
CDManntisSleep in your grave77535-2, MetalcoreGER2005Century Mediamint (still sealed)556
CDManowarBattle hymns MMXIMCA 01243-2, Epic MetalEU2010Magic Circlemint (still sealed)9810
2CDManowarHell on stage LiveMCA 01162-2, double-CD-set, Epic MetalGERMagic Circlenear mint768
2CDManowarHell on wheels - LiveUMD 70062, double-CD-set, Live, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Epic Heavy MetalGER97Universalvery good556
CDManowarKings of metal7567-81930-2, 40th Anniversary of Atlantic - logo, Epic Heavy MetalGERAtlanticnear mint556
CDManowarSign of the hammer0777 7 86747 2 6, re-issue, Heavy / Power MetalNL10 Recordsnear mint768
CDManowarThe sons of odinMCA 01178-2, 5-track, Epic Heavy MetalEU2006Magic Circlenear mint556
CDManowarThe triumph of steel7567-82423-2, Epic Power MetalGER92Atlanticvery good768
2CDManowarThunder in the skyMCA 01222-2, Epic MetalEU2009Magic Circlemint (still sealed)768
2CDMarienbadWerk 1: NachtfallMAS CD0712, , double-CD-set, Black / DoomGER2011Massacrenear mint768
CDMarillionA singles collection0777 7 99370 2 8, Prog. RockNL92EMIvery good556
CDMarillionB'sides themselvesCDP 7 48807 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockUK88EMIgood556
CDMarino, FrankFull circleSPV 76-7589, Original 1st pressing, "SPV CD-Low price serie", Hardrock / Classic MetalGERSteamhammernear mint768
CDMartiriaOn the way backMGP-081, digipak, Heavy MetalITA2011My Graveyardnear mint768
CDMassmordInget liv / ingen dodCAHRECS044, HC / CrustUSCrimes Againstnear mint556
CDMayfairBehind…GIT002, Original 1st pressing, booklet has some stains, because of the golden print, Prog. Rock / MetalCH93General Inquisitor…very good768
CDMaze Of Torment (SWE)Hammers of mayhemBLOD 016CD, Death / Thrash MetalSWE2005Black Lodgevery good768
CDMaze Of Torment (SWE)Hidden crueltyBLOD 048CD, Death / Thrash MetalSWE2007Black Lodgenear mint768
CDMeanwhileRemaining right: silence.RAD001-2, CrustGER95Nuclear Blastnear mint9810
CDMeat LoafBat out of hell IICDV2710, Hard RockNL93Virginvery good556
2CDMeat LoafCouldn't have said it better076 117-2, double-CD-set, HardrockEU2003Polydornear mint556
CDMegadethCountdown to extinction - Live0602537437252, Speed / ThrashEU2013Universalnear mint768
2CDMegadethGreatest hits09463-30771-2-6, CD&DVD, Speed / ThrashEU2005Capitolnear mint768
2CDMegadethRust in peace / Countdown to extinction5099970475524, double-CD-set, 2 albums, re-issue, Speed / Thrash MetalEU2004EMInear mint768
CDMegadethSo far, so good… what!CDP 7 48148 2, Original 1st pressing, Speed / Thrash MetalUS88Capitolnear mint9810
CDMegadethYouthanasia724359862323, remastered, Thrash / SpeedEU2004Capitolnear mint768
CDMegiddo (Chile)Subterranean empire100-2, Black MetalCHIRawforcenear mint556
CDMelek-ThaAstrum argentinumCD AR 032, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Dark / Ambient / ExperimentalFRA96Adipoceregood556
CDMelencolia EstaticaSameATMF 002, Black Metal2006Aeternitasvery good556
CDMemento Mori (GER)Phase VIR-C-063, Rock / PunkGER93Impactnear mint768
CDMenaceHeavy lethalMGP-097, Heavy / speed MetalITA2012My Graveyardvery good556
CDMenegrothGazourmahDTB 024, Swiss Black MetalCH2009Darker Than Blacknear mint768
CDMercy ScreamsBroken mirrorsRC028, MetalcoreUS2011Redcordnear mint556
CDMercyful FateThe bell witch3984-17027-2, 6-track, Real Evil Power MetalGER94MBRnear mint9810
CDMesrineGoing to the morgueMS-CD1, Original 1st pressing, GrindcoreFRADead / Murdernear mint556
CDMetal ChurchA light in the darkSPV 80000975, Promo, CD-Single-case, Power MetalGER2006Steamhammernear mint556
CDMetallicaBay Area ThrashersCRANCH 1, Speed / Thrash98Ranchvery good768
CDMetallicaInterviews Vol. 2CBAK 4053, InterviewUK92Tabakvery good556
CDMetallicaSame (91)510 022-2, re-issue, MetalEU91Vertigo / Universalvery good556
CDMidryasiCorridorsITR21CD, Doom / Psychedelic2009Iron Tyrantnear mint556
CDMindcrimeStrandeadBBE 0005 MI, Thrash MetalGERBlack Bardsvery good768
CDMindflowWith bare handsNMR-551, digipak, Hard RockUSNightmarenear mint768
CDMinushumanBloodthroneSOM 240, digipak, Thrash / DeathFRA2011Season Of Mistvery good556
CDMistressII - The chronivisorILIAD045, Classic MetalUK2003Rage Of Achillesnear mint556
CDMnemicMechanical spin phenomenaNB 1139-2, Metalcore, DeathGER2003Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDMnemicMnemesisNB 2871-2, digipak, Metalcore, Industrial, Groove MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDMnemicSons of the systemNB2 2301-0, digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Modern MetalGER2010Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDMoloch (UKR)A journey to the VyrdinNSP 022, lim. 1000, Orioginal 1st pressing, Black Metal / Ambient2008Nordsturmvery good768
CDMonkey CabMother Earth193050-2, Teutonic Hard Rock / MetalGER97Happymint768
CDMoonlight AgonyEchoes of a nightmareMAS CD0435, Symphonic MetalGER2004Massacrenear mint556
CDMoonspellDarkness and hope77390-2, 2 bonustracks, Gothic Black MetalGER2001Century Medianear mint768
CDMoore, GaryAfter the warCDV 2575, Hard Rock89Virginvery good556
CDMoore, GaryVictims of the futureDIXCD 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect playat all, Hard RockUK8510 Rec.good556
CDMoore, GaryWild frontierDIXCD 56, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockUK10 Rec.very good556
CDMorbosidad / IronfistSexxxual blasphemous krucifixxxionDeath 034, Split-CD, compilation, lim. 500, Black / Death / ThrashPOL2005Time Beforevery good9810
CDMordredThe demos 1986-1988BCR/GOM 005, Funk / ThrashGER2014Battle Cry / GOMnear mint768
CDMorgart (CH)Die SchlachtBT 03, Atmospheric Black MetalCH2005Black Towervery good768
CDMorkerHostmakterNSP-070, Black MetalGER2008Northern Silencevery good9810
CDMortal AgonyDobermannDeath MetalGERRising Nemesisvery good556
CDMortal FormTaste the bloodecho040, Thrash2008My Kingdomnear mint556
CDMortiisThe smell of rainMOSH248CDR, remastered, EBM, Industrial, Synth-PopUK2002Earachenear mint556
CDMortuusGrape of the vineFLAME87, digipak, Black MetalUS2014Ainavery good768
CDMortuus InfradaemoniImis avernisDimension 012, Black MetalGERCold Dimensionvery good768
CDMotorheadEverything louder everything live156.520, 11-track, Live, Greek pressingGRSeagullvery good768
CDMotorheadMarch or die471723 2EU92Epicnear mint556
CDMotorheadNo sleep 'til HammersmithSMRCD 136, Live, re-issueUK2004Sanctuarynear mint768
CDMotorheadThe best of & the rest of…CDAR1014EEC90Action Replaynear mint556
CDMr. DeathDeath suits youARMCD014, 6-track, Death Metal2010Agoniavery good556
CDMurder CorporationTagged & baggedD-00087, Brutal Death MetalNL2001Displeasedvery good556
CDMurder Death KillFuck with us and find outMSK 2346-2, HC2010Mediaskaremint (still sealed)556
CDMurphy's LawThe best of timesRO 9240 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HC / CrossoverNL91Relativitygood556
CDMy Own GraveNecrologyASH 059 CD, super jewel case, Death Metal2009Pulverisedvery good768
CDMy Shamefulof dustFDoom003, Doom / DeathFIN2004Firedoomnear mint768
CDMy ShamefulDescendFDOOM021, Doom / Death MetalFIN2008Fireboxvery good556
CDMyrkrBlack illuminationDMP0048, incl. Slipcase, Black Metal2009Debemur Mortinear mint768
CDMystic CircleOpen the gates of hellMAS CD0391, Black MetalGER2003Massacrenear mint556
CDNaer MataronLessons on how to defeat deathSFR001, lim. 1000, numbered, back inlay is slightly warped, Black MetalGER2004Shadowfacevery good9810
CDNaharA moment of dead emotionsKDP 014, Black MetalFRAKorosivvery good556
CDNaildownDreamcrusherSPI275CD, super jewel case, Death MetalEU2007Spinefarmnear mint556
CDNapalmZero to blackSPV 084-76222, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash / Funk MetalGER90Steamhammergood768
CDNazarethHair of the dog - LiveGCR 20030-2, Hard RockGER2008San Juannear mint9810
CDNeaeraLet the tempest come6984-14568-2, Melodic Death MetalGER2006MBRnear mint556
CDNecrologyMalignancy definedGWN003, Brutal Death MetalCANGreath White Northnear mint556
CDNecromicon (SWE)Sightveilerh.h.R. 014, Digibook (DVD size), Digibook = vg+, Symphonic Black / Death MetalNL98Hammerheartvery good768
CDNecrophagousDisgustedSP008, Brutal Death MetalUSSkepticnear mint768
CDNegu GorriakHipokrisiari stop! Bilbo 93-X-30EO-045/CD, Digipak, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, CrossoverESPEsan Ozenkivery good768
CDNephenzyWhere death becomes artBDP004, Black / Death MetalSWE98Black Diamondnear mint556
CDNeventFamiliarity breeds contemptPBR 140500 1, Swiss Modern ThrashCHPure Blendednear mint556
CDNight In GalesNailworkNB 444-2, Original 1st pressing, Melodic Death / Thrash MetalGER2000Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDNightwishAngel's fall first0602517449343, collector's edition, signed, Symphonic MetalEU2007Spine-Farmvery good9810
2CDNightwishEnd of am eraNB 1679-2, double-CD-set, Symphonic MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDNightwishImaginaerumNB 2789-2, Symphonic MetalGER2011Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDNightwishOnceNB 1291-2, no slipcase if there was any, Symphonic MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDNihil NocturneNecrohellSOL 039, Black MetalGERSolistitiumnear mint556
CDNo Bragging RightsCyclesEOM-CD-2453, HCUS2012Eonenear mint556
CDNo ReturnSelf mutilationPOSH 027, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash / Death MetalFRA2001Listenablegood768
CDNo Turning BackDamage doneGSR032, HCNLGSRnear mint556
CDNoctuary (USA)For salvationLDRF004CD, Black MetalUS98Lost Disciplevery good556
CDNoctuary (USA)When fires breed bloodLDRF0010CD, lyrics, Black MetalUS2000Lost Disciplenear mint556
CDNoir De SoieA suite of aural pictures393314, New Wave, IndustrialCH90150 BPMnear mint556
CDNon-FictionPrefaceSLAMCD 33, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalUS91Grand Slammgood556
CDNorma JeanMeridional7930183087 2, HardcoreUS2010Razor & Tienear mint556
CDNorma JeanRedeemerTND63560, HardcoreUS2006Solid Statenear mint556
CDNorthwinds (FRA)WinterBWRCD 138-2, Folk / Doom / Classic MetalITA2012Black Widowvery good768
CDNot FragileShout to the masterHE 670713, Teutonic Power / Speed MetalGER2013Hellionnear mint768
CDOccultus (FRA)InthialREG 061, lim. 1000, Black MetalUS2010Regimentalnear mint768
CDOcean Chief / RunemagickThe northern lightsAM chapter 53, Split-CD, lim. 500, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalNOR2007Aftermathvery good9810
CDOceanoContagionMOSH402CD, Death MetalUK2010Earachemint (still sealed)768
CDOdal (GER)Sturmes BrutDark 001, digipak (vg), 2nd press, Black MetalGER2004Darklandvery good556
CDOne Bullet LeftArmageddon sunriseDHM-0003, MetalcoreGER2010DHMnear mint556
CDOne Man Army…..21st Century killing machineNB 1551-2, slipcase is missing, Death / Thrash MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDOnheilRazorCYC 035-2, Blackened Heavy / Thrash MetalGER2009Cyclone Empirevery good768
CDOnkel TomIch glaub' nicht an den Weihnachtsmann74321 80351 2, X-Mas cover songs, Thrash MetalGER2000Drakkarnear mint556
CDOnly Living WitnessProne mortal formCM 84 9743-2, cover with band title on the right, Stoner / HC / GrungeGER93Century Mediavery good768
CDSOomph!BreathtakerMA 31-3, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, NDHGER93Machinerygood222
CDOomph!SpermDY 6-2, lim. edition, black cover with red writings, Industrial / HCGER94Dynamicavery good9810
CDOomph!Wahrheit oder Pflicht82876 58937 2, NDHGER2004Super Sonicnear mint556
CDOpethTher Devil's orchardLive Rock Hard Festival 2009, Death MetalGER2011Rock Hardnear mint768
CDOrden OganEaston hopeAFM 3.4-9, digipak, Power MetalGER2010AFM Rec.very good9810
2CDOrden OganRavenheadAFM 499-9, CD&DVD, digipak, Power MetalGER2015AFMnear mint9810
2CDOrden OganTo the endAFM 389-9, CD & DVD, digipak, Power MetalGER2012AFM Rec.near mint9810
CDOrden OganValeAFM 331-9, re-issue, Digipak, Power MetalGER2010AFM Rec.near mint9810
2CDOrder Of EnneadSameMOSH366CDL, 1xCD & 1xDVD, Black / Death MetalUK2008Earachemint556
CDOrder Of NineSeason of reignNMR-00052, US Prog. MetalUS2004Nightmarenear mint768
CDOrdher, TheWeaponizeULR60040-2, CD has some very slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalUS2007UniqueLeadervery good556
CDOsbourne, OzzyBark an the moon502042 2, re-issue, 2 bonus tracks, Heavy Metal2002Epicmint (still sealed)556
CDOsbourne, OzzyBlizzard of ozz88697 73818 2, re-issue, Heavy MetalEU2011Epicnear mint768
CDOsbourne, OzzyDiary of a madmanEPC 463086 2, Original 1st pressing, Heavy MetalEUEpicvery good556
CDOsbourne, OzzyNo ret for the wicked502046 2, re-issue, Heavy Metal2002Epicmint (still sealed)556
CDOsbourne, OzzyTribute450475 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Classic Metal87Epicvery good556
CDOver KillLive! Priceless collection - The encore collectionCOL-CD-8920, Live, Thrash MetalUS2002BMGnear mint768
2CDOverKillWrecking your neck - Liveedel 008613RAD, tripple-CD-box, thick cd case 1. CD has several surface marks which do not affe play at all, other 2 cds almost near mint, Thrash MetalGER95Edelvery good9810
2CDOverKillWrecking your neck - LiveSPV 085-21482 2CD, double-CD-set, Speed / ThrashGERSteamhammernear mint768
CDPaganizeEvolution hourCANDLE145CD, HeavyUK2006Candlelightnear mint556
CDPain Of SalvationEntropiaIOMCD 040, re-issue, Prog. / Heavy MetalGER99InsideOutnear mint556
CDPain Of SalvationFalling homeIOMCD 408, Prog. RockGER2014InsideOutnear mint768
CDPainflowAudio-visual-aidsMAS CD0176, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Groove / IndustrialGER99Massacrevery good556
CDPandemia (CZ)Rivenmap 054, Death MetalSK2005Metal Agenear mint556
CDPandemia (CZ)Spreading the messageLDRF007CD, Death MetalUS2000Lost Disciplenear mint556
CDPanteraFar beyond driven92302-2, Groove MetalUS94Atlanticnear mint556
CDPanteraOfficial Live: 101 Proof7559-62068-2, Live, Groove MetalGER97EastWestvery good556
2CDPanteraVulgar display of power8122-79741-1, CD & DVD-set, Groove MetalEU2012Rhinonear mint768
CDPell, Axel RudiMysticaSPV 99952 CD, Teutonic Heavy MetalGER2006Steamhammernear mint768
CDPell, Axel RudiMysticaSPV 80001013, Promo-CD, CD-single case, Heavy MetalGER2006Steamhammernear mint556
CDPell, Axel RudiThe balladsSPV 084-76642, Teutonic MetalGER93Steamhammernear mint556
CDPell, Axel RudiThe ballads IV309092 CD, Heavy MetalGER2011Steamhammervery good768
CDPendragonThe worldPEND5 CD, Prog. RockUK91Toffvery good768
CDPenetraliaSeelenkrankLEP 060, Dark MetalGER2000Last Episodevery good556
CDPertnessSeven times eternityCD 784-1305, Swiss Heavy MetalGER2008Karthagonear mint768
CDPerverse MonastyrPerverse monastyrOCR05, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalUSOld Cemetaryvery good556
CDPerversistNecrophilharmonyPSA 003, GrindcoreCZPigeonnear mint556
CDPilgrimII: Void worship3984-15289-2, Doom MetalGER2014MBRnear mint768
CDPilgrimMisery wizard3984-15062-2, digipak, DoomGER2012Poison T. / MBRnear mint768
CDPins Of LightIIVIRUS 423, PunkUS2012Alternative Tentaclesmint (still sealed)768
CDPlasmaticsCoup de graceWOW1010, Punk-MetalCAN2002Plasmaticsnear mint768
CDPlasmaticsPut your love in me10212, PunkGER2002Pointnear mint556
CDPosthumous (BRA)My eyes, they bleedEH003, Black MetalBRA99Evil Hordevery good556
CDPowerwolfAlive in the nightPower MetalGERMetal Hammermint (still sealed)768
CDPray For RedemptionPurification of the unhallowedDRA007, Metalcore / Death Metal2006DRAvery good556
CDPriestessPrior to the fireTPE-113, digisleeve, StonerUS2010TeePeenear mint556
CDProfundiThe omega risingVHR-45-006, Digipak, Black / Death MetalGER2007Viva Hatevery good9810
CDProwler (IRL)The new bloodSlaney 027, 4-track, Thrash MetalIRL2013Slaneynear mint556
CDPsycho P.Keep your eyes open39241, Punk / GlamCH93Lux-Noisenear mint768
CDPylonDoomQLR-37090 3-2, Swiss Stoner DoomCHQuam Libetnear mint768
CDQueensrycheAmerican soldierR2 517967, Melodic MetalUS2009Rhinomint (still sealed)556
2CDQueensrycheMindcrime at the moore8122-74838-2, double-CD-set, Live, Prog. Melodic MetalEU2007Rhinonear mint768
CDQueensrycheOperation: LIVEcrimeDPRO #4811, Promo, Live, 15-track, rare, Melodic Power / Prog. MetalUS91EMIvery good556
CDQueensrycheOperation: MindcrimeCDP-7-48640-2, Melodic Power MetalUK88EMIvery good556
CDQueensrychePromised land7243 8 30711 2 8, Melodic MetalNL94EMIvery good556
CDQueensrycheTake cover8122-79959-9, cover recordEU2007Rhinonear mint556
CDQuinta EssentiaNeutrality for definedchaosDG 030, Digopak, Black / Death / ThrashUS2006Deathgasmvery good556
2CDR.A.M.B.O.Bring it!HC 5023, CD & DVD, Punk RockUSHavocnear mint768
CDRainbowBent out of shape815 305-2, re-issue, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockGERPolydorvery good556
2CDRainbowLive in Munich 1977EDGCD503, double-CD-set, Live, Hard Rock2013Eagle Rocknear mint768
CDRaised FistWatch your stepBHR 135, HC-Punk / Post-HCSWE2001Burning Heartnear mint768
CDRamone, Marky & The IntrudersSameBLK 5005E-CD, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, PunkUK96Blackoutgood556
CDRamonesGreatest hits LiverArD-11459, PunkrockUS96Radioactivenear mint556
CDRamonesToo tough to die2292-44507-2, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, PunkGERTeldecvery good556
CDRatos De PoraoCarniceria tropical048/15, re-issue, CrossoverBRA2014Peculiomint (still sealed)768
CDRaunchyConfusion bayNB 1224-2, cut-out, MetalcoreUS2004Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDRaunchyVelvet noiseNB 1024-2, MetalcoreUS2002Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDRautiainen, TimoSarvivuorikfcd-005, Heavy MetalKing Foodnear mint768
CDReactoryKilled by ThrashSlaney 018, 6-track, Thrash MetalIRL2013Slaneyvery good556
CDRealm Of CarnivoraVerised relvadORCD 002, Melodic Black MetalOnslaughternear mint556
CDRebellionShakespeare's macbeth - a tragedy in steelDRAKKAR 029, signed, promo, Heavy MetalGER2002Drakkarnear mint768
CDRefleshedCollapse784-2127, Death Metal / MetalcoreGER2010Firefieldnear mint556
CDRemembranceSilencing the moments…Doom / DeathFIN2007Fireboxnear mint556
CDRescuerWith time comes the comfortrise 174-1, digipak, HCUS2013Risemint (still sealed)556
CDRetaliationViolence spreads its drapeZERO 002, GrindcoreSWE2002No Tolerancenear mint768
CDRide The SkyNew protectionNB 1874-2, Power MetalGER2007Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDRise To AddictionSome other truth251 108, digipak, Heavy MetalBEL2009Mausoleumnear mint556
CDRockwoodYou worship shitORM-008, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, punkish Black Metal (??) AUS2008Obsidiangood768
CDRot (Brazil)Sociopathic behaviourE.R.#140-CD, GrindcoreGEREcocentricmint556
CDRoyal HuntLand of broken heartsSPV 076-21082 CD, Melodic MetalGER92Steamhammervery good9810
CDRunning WildThe rivalryGUN 155, 3-D insert is missing, Original 1st pressing, Teutonic MetalGER98GUNnear mint556
CDSadorassStrength & wisdomBlack MetalGER2002Christhuntnear mint768
CDSagaThe security of illusion517 391-2, Prog. RockGERPolydornear mint556
2CDSagaThe works354 333, double-CD-set, Prog. RockGERBMGvery good9810
CDSalivaUnder your skinB0014979-02, Nu Metal / RockUSIslandnear mint768
CDSalt The WoundAres3041, DeathcoreUS2009Rottennear mint556
CDSaltusSlavonic prideM.R.BON7CD, CD is slightly tarnished, Black MetalGERMercilessvery good556
CDSanctimonious Orderand still the battle rages onNK 154, 4-track, Black MetalGER2003Neon Knightsnear mint556
CDSanguis (AUT)Chaosgate guardiansSCR-CD05, Melodic Black MetalGER2002Supreme Chaosvery good556
CDSargothLay eden in ashesBDP006, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black Metal98Invasionvery good768
CDSauronHornologyOLD.15, Digibook in DVD-size, numbered, Black MetalPL2007Old Templenear mint768
CDSavatageHandful of rain82660-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power MetalUS94Atlanticvery good556
CDSavatageThe wake of Magellan0089832CTR, Power MetalGER97Concretenear mint556
CDSaviour MachineLegend Part 1MAS CD0117, black jewel case, Heavy (Gothic) MetalGER97Massacrevery good768
CDSaviour MachineLegend Part 2MAS CD 0156, black jewel case, Heavy (Gothic) MetalGER98Massacrevery good768
CDScar SymmetryThe unseen empireNB 2689-2, no slip case, Melodic Death MetalGER2011Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDScene X DreamColosseumBCR / GOM 002, Prog. / Power MetalGERBattle Cry / GOMmint (still sealed)768
CDScorpionsGold balladsCDP 538-7 91015 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affe play at all, Hard RockGERHarvestvery good556
CDScorpionsSavage amusementCDP-7 46704 2, Hard RockUKHarvestvery good556
CDScott, Bon with the Valentines (AC/DC)The early yearsC5CD 520, RockUKC-Fivevery good768
CDScream SilenceApathologyPSR 011, Dark / Alternative Rock2008Plainsongnear mint768
CDSeasons In BlackThe swansong dieariesDigipak, Death Metal2013RAR Recordsnear mint556
CDSeetherHolding onto strings better left to fray50999 027580 2 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Nu MetalEU2011Wind-Upvery good556
CDSentencedFrozen77246-2, Melodic Death MetalGER98Century Medianear mint768
CDSentencedNorth from here84 9746-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGER93Century Mediavery good9810
CDSentencedThe funeral album8246-2, D has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Melodic Death MetalUS2005Century Mediavery good556
CDSepulturaAriseRO 9328-2, Original 1st pressing, Thrash MetalNL91Roadracervery good9810
CDSepulturaBeneath the remainsRR 8766-2, re-issue, ThrashNL97Roadrunnernear mint768
2CDSepulturaLive in Sao PauloSPV 99522 2CD, Live, ThrashGER2005Steamhammernear mint556
CDSepulturaMorbid visions & Bestial devastationRR 8765-2, re-issue, Thrash / DeathNL97Roadrunnernear mint768
CDSepulturaNationRR 8560-5, digipak, ThrashNL2001Roadrunnervery good768
CDSepulturaRootsRR 8900-2, ThrashNL96Roadrunnernear mint556
CDSepulturaSchizophreniaRO 9360-2, Russian counterfeit, Death / Thrash MetalRoadracervery good556
CDSepulturaTamboursdubronx - Metal veinARMCD563, Live, ThrashGER2014Eaglenear mint768
2CDSepulturaUnder a pale grey sky1686184362, double-CD-set, ThrashCAN2002Roadrunnervery good768
CDSerotonalMonumental - Songs of misery and hopeUBR009CD, slip case, Power Doom, AtmosphericUK2009Union Blackvery good768
CDSerpent ObsceneChaos reign supremeBLOD 032CD, Death / Thrash MetalSWE2006Black Lodgevery good556
CDSerpent SaintsLeather LuciferSSR-DL15, OBI, True MetalUS2008Stormspellnear mint768
CDSex Pistols, The10th Anniversary album2140009, PunkSound Solutionsvery good556
CDShade EmpireSintheticAV076, Industrial / Death / Black2004Avantgardenear mint556
CDShades Of RemembranceVeilHeavy MetalUS2013Burn Allnear mint768
2CDShadows FallThe war withinCM 77528-8, CD & DVD, discs havesome surface marks which do not affect play at all, Metalcore / Melodic DeathGER2004Century Mediagood556
CDShadows FallThreads of life115516-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Metalcore / Neo-£ThrashUS2007Atlanticgood556
CDShadows Of IgaChessman's innIga Rec. 002, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalGER97Iga Recordsvery good9810
CDShadowseedsDream of lilithDark Age 001, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, Atmospheric DoomSWE95Dark Agegood9810
CDShakraSameAFM 112-2, re-issue, Swiss SchwanzrockGER2005AFMnear mint768
CDSheidimShrines of the voidDDR143CD, Black MetalDark Descentnear mint9810
CDShezooChangeBM13C1426, Heavy MetalCH2014Nonstopnear mint556
CDShining Of KliffothSuicide kingsLEP 044, Black MetalGERLast Episodenear mint556
CDShowdown, TheA chorus of obliteration33100-2, HeavyGER2006Century Medianear mint556
CDSilenceUtopia0681-43, Hard Rock / AORGER2002Majornear mint556
CDSinai BeachWhen breath excapesVR 296, HCUSVictorynear mint556
CDSince The FloodNo compromise3984-14601-2, incl. Slipcase, HCGER2007MBRnear mint556
CDSince The FloodValor and vengeance3984-14521-2, HCGER2005MBRnear mint556
CDSix MagicsBehind the sorrowCR 009, Heavy MetalITA2010Coronernear mint768
CDSkarheadDrugs, music & sex88.796.02, HC2009I Screamnear mint556
CDSkid RowSlave to the grind82242-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affe play at all, Hair MetalUS91Atlanticgood556
CDSkid RowSubhuman race7567-82730-2, Hard / HeavyEU95Atlanticnear mint556
CDSkip The ForeplayNightlife7188-2, HC / DubstepNL2012Epitaphmint (still sealed)556
CDSkullwinxThe missions of HeraclesPrivate pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalGER2014Private pressingvery good768
CDSlashApocalyptic hammerHard RockGER2012Metal Hammernear mint556
CDSlaviorSameSPV 79352 CD, Progressive MetalGER2007InsideOutnear mint556
CDSlayerChrist illusion44300-2, Original US pressing, Thrash MetalUS2006Americanvery good768
CDSlayerDiabolus in musica491302 2, Thrash MetalEU98Americanvery good768
CDSlayerSeasons in the abyss50-51011-6038-2-2, re-issue, Thrash MetalEUAmerican Rec.near mint768
CDSlayerUndisputed attitude88697131072, re-issue, Thrash MetalEUAmericannear mint556
CDSmolski, VictorMajesty & passionDRAKKAR077, Classical / Heavy MetalGER2004Drakkarvery good768
CDSnider, DeeDee does Broadway79301831282, Classic RockUS2012Razor & Tienear mint768
CDSons Of AzraelThe conjuration of vengeance3984-14634-2, Melodic Death MetalUS2007MBRnear mint768
CDSoper Aeternus & The ensemble of shadowsSameAV029 CD, Dark WaveGERApocalyptic Visionvery good768
CDSorrow, TheBlessings from a blackened sky88697115782, Melodic Death Metal / MetalcoreGER2007Drakkarnear mint556
CDSorrows PathDoom philosophyISR 026-14/C, Power DoomGER2014Iron Shieldnear mint768
CDSoto, Jeff ScottLove paradeLIR 00094, Hard Rock / ShredGERLong Islandvery good768
CDSoul DemiseIn vainSOM 057, Melodic Death MetalFRA2003Season Of Mistvery good768
CDSoulbreachMy dividing lineM 7207 2, Melodic Death / ThrashNL2007Mascotnear mint556
CDSoulHealerChasing the dreamPLRCD012, Heavy MetalGER2013Pure Legendnear mint9810
CDSource Of TideRuins of beautyCANDLE036CD, Melodic Black MetalUK2000Candlelightvery good556
CDSouthern Oracle, TheHellwakeningLIB 054, o-card, DeathcoreGER2011Let It Burnnear mint768
CDSpectral (GER)StormridersCCP 100276-2, Black / Thrash / Viking MetalAUT2007CCPnear mint9810
CDSpock's BeardVIOMCD 063, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockGER2000InsideOutvery good556
CDSquealerMade for eternity0046692AFM, Teutonic Heavy/Speed MetalGER2000AFMnear mint768
CDStarbreakerLove's dying wishFR CD 383, Hard RockITA2008Frontiersnear mint556
CDState Of ShockLife, love and liesCBR-0462, digipak, Hard RockCAN2007Cordova Baymint (still sealed)556
2CDSteel ProphetBewareMAS CD0426, incl. Bonus DVD, Power MetalGER2004Massacrenear mint556
CDStigmata (IV)The court of eternityN 0303-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect pay at all, Power MetalGER98Noisevery good556
CDStill RemainsOf love and lunacyRR 8205-2, MetalcoreNL2005Roadrunnernear mint556
CDStone, The (Serbia)MaglaFR 036, Black MetalGERFoltervery good9810
CDStormfront / NecrostrigisSplit-CDlim. 300, Split-CD, Black MetalPOL2012Triumfnear mint9810
CDStormriderFate of the hunterPSRCD017, Heavy / Power MetalGER2008Pure Steelnear mint556
CDStraight To Your FaceMy belief's0002, HCUS2007Animositynear mint556
CDStraight To Your Face (S.T.Y.F.)From the underground we shall riseSC 158-2, HCITA2008Scarletvery good556
CDStraight To Your Face (S.T.Y.F.)The struggleDRA 046, HCGERDRAnear mint556
CDStrange LandAnomalySL1199, Progressive MetalUSPrivate pressingvery good556
CDStratovariusElements Pt. 1NB 1037-2, Melodic Power MetalGER2003Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDStructure Of Lies / Misery IndexSplit-CDDS48, Split-CD, Death Metal / GrindcoreUS2003Deep Sixnear mint768
CDStyggelseNo returnUER048, Black MetalSWE2013Unexplotedmint (still sealed)768
CDSubmissionFailure to perfectionPOSH080, Thrash / DeathFRAListenablevery good556
CDSubsignalTouchstonesGCR 20061-2, Digipak, Prog. RockGER2011ZYXvery good768
CDSubway To SallyKreuzfeuerNB 2300-0, digipak, Folk / Medieval MetalGER2009Nuclear Blastvery good768
2CDSuicidal AngelsEternal dominationNARCD025LTD, digipak, remove mark from sticker, ThrashAUT2013NoiseArtvery good9810
CDSuicidal AngelsSanctify the darknessMV 0059, digipak, re-issue, ThrashGER2014Metalvillenear mint9810
CDSuperiorUltima ratioHEL0153, Progressive MetalBRAHellionnear mint556
CDSuppository / RegurgitateSplit-CDp.i.u.#54, Split-CD, Death Metal / Grindcore / GoregrindGER2004Power It Upnear mint556
CDSurrender Of DivinityOriental Hell rhythmics2 bonus tracks, lim. 500, unnumbered, Black Metal2000God Is Deadnear mint9810
CDSvartsynNightmarish sleep4-track, Black MetalCarnalmint (still sealed)768
CDSvyatogorwith wolfish stalk and by wings of black…FLAMMA015, lim. 1000, Death / Black / Folk MetalBlazing Prod.very good556
CDSweet DiseaseNihilElecro, GothicCH93Dunlucevery good556
CDSweet, Michael (Stryper)Same84418-2231-2, Christian HardrockUK94Bensonvery good556
CDSworn AmongstAnd so it beginsRISING CD026, Heavy Metal2007Risingnear mint556
CDSworn EnemyManiacal77723-2, Crossover / HC / MetalcoreGER2007Century Medianear mint556
CDSworn EnemyThe beginning of the endHWCY-1218, Japanese pressing, OBI, HC / Crossover, MetalcoreJAP20063D System / Pryaidnear mint768
2CDSylosisDormant heartNB 3311-0, CD & DVD, digipak, Melodic Death / Thrash MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDSylosisMonolithNB 2879-2, incl. slipcase, Melodic Death / ThrashGER2012Nuclear Blastnear mint768
2CDSymphorceGodspeed3984-14547-0, CD & DVD, Teutonic Heavy MetalGER2005MBRnear mint768
CDSymphorceGodspeed3984-14547-2, Heavy MetalGER2005MBRnear mint556
CDSymphorceSinctuaryN 0334-9, Heavy MetalGER2000Noisenear mint768
CDT.C.F.Where madness reignsMR-001, Thrash / HCUS2011Malevolencenear mint768
CDTall StoriesSameEK 47145, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, RockUS91Epicvery good556
CDTangent, Theii: The world that we drive through0500688 / IOMCD 186, re-issue, Prog. RockGER2004InsideOutnear mint768
CDTarrgaLost & archives Vol. 1SSR-SS83 CD-1, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hair MetalUS2012Stormspellgood9810
CDTastersReckless till the endNB 2772-2, o-card, MetalcoreGER2011Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
CDTelochMorbid prayerBlack Metal2009D.T.M.very good768
CDTempestaPlatinumSwiss Modern Hard Rock / Nu "Metal"CH2003Private pressingvery good768
CDTempesta (CH)Unboundedtemp2013-001, Swiss Hard RockCH2013Membranenear mint9810
CDTemple Of BrutalityLethal agendaDEMCD 153, Thrash MetalUK2006Demolitionmint (still sealed)768
CDTerrorwayBlackwatersBT 028 DP, digipak, ThrashITA2013Bakerteammint (still sealed)556
CDTest Of TimeBy designB9R209, digipak, HCUS2009Bridge Ninenear mint556
CDTexas Hippie CoalitionPeacemakerCRVD06, Heavy MetalUS2012Carvednear mint768
CDTharsysUnder her dead handsYOH 0020, Gothic MetalGER2009Yonahvery good556
CDTheatre Of TragedySameMAS CD063, Gothic DeathGER95Massacrenear mint556
CDTheatre Of TragedyVelvet darkness they fearMAS CD0107, Gothic DeathGER2004Massacrenear mint556
2CDTherionLive in MidgardNB 1033-2, double-CD-set, Symphonic MetalGER2002Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDThis EndingInside the machine3984-14603-2, Death MetalGER2007MBRnear mint556
CDThou Art LordThe regal pulse of LuciferANTI-GOTH 248, Black MetalUSNuclear War Nownear mint768
CDThou Shalt FallFlaming godLEGIS XI, Black MetalRUSNomos Dievery good556
CDThreat SignalSameNB 2778-2, o-card, Metalcore / DeathGER2011Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)768
CDThreat SignalSameNB 2778-2, Metalcore / DeathGER2011Nuclear Blastnear mint556
2CDThriceAlchemy index Vol. I & II (Fire & water)VRUK063CD, digipak, Post-Rock / AlternativeUK2007Vagrantvery good556
CDThroneaeonNeither of godsHHR 102, Brutal Death MetalNLHammerheartnear mint556
CDThrough The Eyes Of The DeadMalice10046-2, Death Metal / DeathcoreUS2007Prostheticnear mint556
CDThrowdownDeathlessKOC-CD-2008, MetalcoreUS2009E1 Musicnear mint556
CDThrowdownIntoleranceSPV 266512 CD, HCGER2014Steamhammernear mint768
CDThy InfernalWarlords of hellNPR 094, 8-track, Black Metal2001Napalmnear mint768
CDThy NemesisChristcrushing anthemsCCP 100254-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalAUT2005CCPvery good768
CDThy NemesisForgotten dreadful legendsCCP 100244-2, Black MetalAUT2003CCPnear mint768
CDThy Winter KingdomOpus IBTOD-2001, 6-track, Black MetalITA2001BTODvery good556
CDThyruzDiseblot784-1893, Black MetalGER2010Twilightnear mint556
CDTiamatClouds84 9736-2,CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGER92Century Mediagood556
CDTiamatCold seed77167-2, Digipak, 3-track, Gothic MetalGER97Century Medianear mint556
CDTinPanAlleySameHALB 8 HC / PunkGER96Halb 7near mint768
CDTodtgelichterWas bleibt…FR 033, Avant-garde Black MetalGER2005Folternear mint768
CDTotal Hate (GER)Pure hatred and blasphemyARmcd007, 3-track, Black MetalPOL2005Agoniavery good556
CDTowards DarknessSolemnFOUNDATION 2, cardboard fold-out sleeve, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Doom / AmbientCANTwilightgood556
CDTownsend Project, Devin - ZiltoidDark mattersIOMCD 424, Prog. RockGER2014InsideOutnear mint768
CDTracerEl pistoleroM 7407 2, Digipak, Southern / StonerNL2013Mascotnear mint556
CDTransatlanticBridge across foreverIOMCD 086, Prog. RockGER2001InsideOutnear mint768
4CDTransatlanticKaLiveoscopeIOMSEDVD 029, 3CD & DVD, digipak, Prog. RockGER2014InsideOutmint (still sealed)9810
CDTransatlanticSmpt:EIOMCD057, Prog. RockGER2000InsideOutnear mint768
CDTransmissionNaked flamesPRRCD012, Classic MetalGER2012Pure Rockvery good768
CDTransport LeagueBoogie from hellMV 048, digipak, SludgeGERMetalvillevery good768
CDTravers Band, PatSchool of hard knocksINT 845.155, Hard RockGER90Intercordvery good556
CDTrews, TheNo time for later0190242ERE, PunkGER2008Edelnear mint556
CDTridentWorld destructionRR163, Death / Black MetalSWERegainnear mint768
CDTrigger The BloodshedThe great depression3984-14717-2, Death MetalUS2009Rising / MBRvery good768
CDTrimoniumBlow the hornsFR 027, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGERFoltervery good556
CDTrinacriaTravel now journey infinitelyINDIE010CDL, digipak, Black / DoomNORIndie Rec.very good556
CDTristaniaWidow's weedsNPR041, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Gothic MetalAUT98Napalmvery good556
CDTrollechSynove lesuECLIPSE 006, Black MetalCZ2002Eclispevery good556
CDTrue Endless, TheA climb to eternityAP 012, Black Metal2004Aphelionnear mint768
CDTrue Endless, TheBuried by time and dustap 017, Black MetalUK2006Aphelionnear mint768
CDTwisted Tower DireBattle hymns to the pantheonTRUE METAL 002, compilation, Heavy MetalGRUnisoundnear mint768
CDTykettoStrength in numbersCDMFN 17, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, AOR / Hard RockUK94MFNgood9810
CDUnder That SpellApotheosisWAR033CD, Black MetalGER2009War Anthemnear mint556
CDUnholy GhostTorrential reignOLY 0237-2, Blackened Death Metal2004Olympicvery good556
CDUnleashed PowerQuintet of spheresRS-101, Progressive Power / Thrash MetalGER93Rising Sunnear mint768
CDVAin the eyes of death II77299-2, Death / Thrash / BlackEUCentury Medianear mint556
CDVAA call to irons 2 - Tribute to Iron MaidenMHD 003, Promo, Greek pressing, Steel Prophet, Acheron, Ion Vein, Mystic Force, October 31, Prototype, Abattoir etc.GRDwellvery good9810
CDVAAnd justice for none0000020, Death / ThrashNL92Displeasedvery good556
CDVAChords of chaos (Exhumed, Necrose, Excreted Alive, Ear Bleeding Disorder)LSR 004, 4-Way-Split-CD, Death Metal / GrindcoreBRALofty Stormvery good556
CDVADeaf Metal samplerDEAF 12CD, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all; DISSECTION, MORTA SKULD, IMPALER, THERION, AT THE GATES etc.93Deafvery good768
CDVADoomsday news 2N 0130-2, compilation with CORONER, WATCH TOWER, DEATHROW, MIDAS TOUCH, MORDRED, RAGE, MANIA, VENDETTA, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Thrash / Speed, Power MetalGER89Noisevery good768
CDVAHeavy Metal Nation Vol. 1QLR-0070503, PYLON, TEMPESTA, IN YOUR FACE etc. Swiss underground samplerCH2005Quam Libetnear mint768
CDVAHymns of rebellion - Part IIGOLD 06CD, Death Metal sampler with PULVERIZER, AGHORA, OBSCURA (SWE), CRYPTIC REVELATION etc.US2000Dark Symphoniesvery good556
CDVAInto the pit - This is the new hate3984-41040-9, Dual disc (CD/DVD), with As I LAY DYING, UNEARTH, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CATARACT etc.EU2006MBRnear mint556
CDVAJut De Asken compilation 2007Death / Black / Viking Metal samplerGER2007very good556
CDVAJut De Asken compilation 2008Death / Black / Viking Metal sampler, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at allGER2008very good556
CDVAMCM sampler - Music for the next millennium Vol. 1SMD 6061, SAVIOUR MACHINE, WEDDING PARTY, NARNIA etc.GER99MCMnear mint556
3CDVAMetal = Life Vol. 2SC034-2, 2CD & 1DVD box-set, DVD-size, Digipak, US import (code 1!), GOD FORBID, AS I LAY DYING, IN FLAMES, INTO ETERNITY, DISSECTION etc.USSub Cityvery good10911
CDVAMetal crusade Vol. VNazca, Katagory V, Black Majesty, Gothic Knights, Doomshine etc.GERHeavy, oder wasvery good556
CDVAMetal crusade Vol. VIWarmachine, Defyance, Battle Ram, Forsaken, Heir Apparent etc.GERHeavy, oder wasvery good556
CDVAMetal for muthas Vol. 1CMRCD142, NWOBHM samplerUK2000Sanctuaryvery good768
CDVAOn top of lifeSwiss HC sampler, 17-track with Ocme, Knut, Incured, Dark Day Dungeon, Cataract, Riots etc.CHPrawdavery good556
2CDVAProtect the innocentTCD 2363, CD 1 = very good, CD 2 has several surface marks which do not affect play at allUK89Telstargood556
CDVARazorback: A hog wild tale of terror Comp. #2RR03, Death Metal / Grindcore sampler with DERANGED, ENGORGED, MACHETAZO, LAST DAYS OF… etc.US99Razorbackvery good556
CDVARegressive hostilityHORE-01, IRRITATE, NASUM, CARDIOID etc., Grind samplerFIN98Hostilenear mint9810
CDVASlatanic slaughter - Tribute to SlayerBS 003, Thrash, Speed, DeathSWEBlack Sunnear mint768
CDVASlatanic slaughter II - Tribute to SlayerBS 006, Thrash, Speed, DeathSWEBlack Sunnear mint768
CDVAStrength thru Oi!AHOY CD 30, Oi, HC, Punk samplerUK2003Captain Oivery good556
CDVATales from the streets #1KOCD 182, Punk samplerGERKnockoutnear mint556
CDVATales from the streets #2KOCD 191, Punk samplerGERKnockoutnear mint556
CDVATales from the streets #3KOCD 192, Punk samplerGERKnockoutnear mint556
CDVATribute to KreatorFMP024, CD is a bit tarnished, ThrashUS2000Full Moongood556
CDVAWe Bite America - The collectionWBA 2-001-2, with NEGAZIONE, SUCKSPEED, SLAPSHOT, EMILS, DEATH IN ACTION etc., CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, booklet has a tab mark, Promo copyUSWe Bite Americagood556
CDVAYouth Against Police BrutalityDF-122-2, HC / Noise / Grind samplerCHI2000Deifervery good768
CDVA (Ars Diavoli, Irae, Penitencia, Thy Black Blood)Black throne of diseaseWPCD003, 4-way-Split-CD, lim. 500, Black MetalWar Prod.very good556
CDVaderBlood3984-14461-2, 7-track, Death / Thrash MetalGER2003MBRvery good556
CDVaderReign forever world3984-14365-2, Death / Thrash MetalGER2001MBRnear mint556
CDVan Halen.1984.7599-23985-2, Hard RockGERWarnervery good556
2CDVan HalenLive: Right here, right now9362-45198-2, double-CD, Live, HardrockEU93Warnernear mint556
CDVan HalenWomen and children first9362-47739-2, remastered, Hard RockEU2000Warnernear mint556
CDVanexa1979 - 1980JRR06, compilation, Classic MetalITA2010Jolly Rogermint556
CDVanishing PointTangled in dreamLMP 0011-024 CD, Heavy MetalGER2000Limbvery good768
CDVastatorMachine helllim. 1000, Thrash MetalFRA2010Infernovery good768
CDVein, TheScouring the wreckage of timeSKR073CD, Death / DoomUS2013Shadow Kingdomnear mint556
CDVenomAt war with satanCLACD 256, early CD pressing, Thrash MetalUK92Castle C.very good9810
CDVenomEine kleine NachtmusikNEAT CD 1032, re-issue, 21-track, Thrash MetalUKNeatnear mint768
CDVenomLeave me in hell16089CD, Best of...EEC93Elapvery good556
CDVenomMetalpunk (Calm before the storm)111.1101-2, Thrash MetalCHSoundwingsvery good556
CDVenomThe singles 80-86CLACD 246, NWOBHM / Black / Speed MetalUKCastlenear mint768
CDVenomous MaximusBeg upon the lightNPR 485, Digipak, StonerAUT2013Napalmvery good556
CDVerseAggressionB9R095, Digipak, HC2008Bridge Ninenear mint556
CDVerseBitter clarity, uncommon graceB9R168, digipak, HC / PunkUS2012Bridge Ninenear mint556
CDVibratorHeavy Rock tankPrivate pressing, Hard & HeavyAUT2011Private pressingmint (still sealed)768
CDVirgin BlackRequiem - FortissimoTE095, Doom / Gothic / Symphonic MetalUS2008The End Rec.near mint768
CDVirgin BlackSombre romanticMAS CD0290, Death / Doom / GothicGER2001Massacrenear mint768
CDVisthiaIn Aeternum deletiATMF021, Black MetalATMFmint (still sealed)556
CDVoid Of SilenceCriteria ov 666code010, digipak, Doom MetalCode 666 / SPVnear mint556
2CDVondurNo compromiseOPCD 249, Digipak, Black MetalFRA2011Osmosevery good768
CDVoodoo Glow SkullsSouthern California street musicVR 348, HC / Punk / SkaUS2007Victorystill sealed (mint)556
CDVredehammerVinterofferINDIE131CD, Death / BlackNOR2014Indievery good768
CDWacht (CH) / DunkelheitSplit-CDBS20, Split-CD, Black MetalCH2012Bergstolznear mint768
CDWar Of AgesArise & conquerFCD072, MetalcoreUS2008Facedownnear mint556
CDWar Of AgesFire from the tombFCD061, MetalcoreUS2007Facedownnear mint556
CDWar Of AgesPride of the wickedFCD055, MetalcoreUS2006Facedownnear mint556
CDWar Of AgesReturn to lifeFCD114, MetalcoreUS2011Facedownnear mint556
CDWarpathAgainst everyone84-76812, Teutonic Thrash MetalGER94Steamhammervery good768
CDWartonlifeA diagram for victoryFWH027, HardcoreGER2006Filled With Hatenear mint556
CDWartornIn the name of the father, the son, and the holy warCAHRECS045, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Crust PunkUS2005Crimes Against…very good768
CDWartorn (US)Tainting tomorrow with the blood of yesterdayEXIST 111, Crust PunkUS2008Profane E.near mint556
CDWewelsburgVier Jahre des KampfesCompilation, Industrial, Death, ThrashGER2005Listenablenear mint768
CDWhitesnake_1987_7 46702 2, HardrockNL87EMInear mint556
CDWhitesnakeStarkers in Tokyo7243 8 23788 2 2, Hard RockEU97EMIvery good768
CDWhitesnakeThe purple albumFR CD 683, Hard RockITA2015Frontiersnear mint768
CDWild HorsesBareback7567-82275-2, Hard RockGER91Atlanticnear mint768
CDWill HavenCarpe diemCDMFN 269, HCUK2001MFNvery good556
CDWill HavenVoir direBLB-CD-70055, digisleeve, HC2011Bieler Brosnear mint556
CDWindsProminence and demiseTE086, Prog. MetalUS2007The End Rec.near mint556
CDWingerIn the heart of the young7567-82103-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockGER90Atlanticgood556
CDWinter Of ApokalypseSolitary winter nightDEAD 56 CD, Black MetalUS2004Moribundnear mint556
CDWishbone AshBare bonesTRACD332, Classic RockUK99HTDnear mint556
CDWishbone AshHere to hearIRSD-82006, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Classic RockUSIRSvery good556
CDWitchcurseHeavy Metal poisonIR009CD, Heavy MetalFRA2010Infernonear mint556
CDWith PassionWhat we see when we shut our eyesMOSH 348CD, Melodic Death / MetalcoreEU2007Earachevery good556
CDWithering SurfaceForce the paceSC 089-2, Melodic Death MetalITA2004Scarletnear mint556
CDWithering SurfaceWalking on phantom iceCOP018, Melodic Death MetalUK2001Copronear mint556
2CDWithin TemptationBlack symphony88697342672, double-CD-set, Digipak, Symphonic MetalGER2008Sonyvery good768
CDWithin TemptationThe dance309.1015.2, 6-track, Symphonic MetalNL98DSFAvery good556
CDWithin TemptationThe heart ofeverything82876871082, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Symphonic MetalEU2007Sony / Gungood556
CDWolfsmondDes dusterwaldes ReigenOriginal 1st pressing, Raw Black MetalGER2002Nebelfee Kl.very good768
CDWolfsmondTollwutDigipak, Raw Black MetalGER2005WTCvery good768
CDWolfswinterNordalchristhunt cd 004, lim. 1000, Black MetalGER2001Christhuntnear mint768
CDWombbathLavatoryNPR 003, 4-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death & RollAUT94Napalmgood9810
CDWyvern (ITA)Lords of winterJRR020, Power MetalITAJolly Rogermint556
CDWyvern (ITA)The red flame of painJRR011, Italian Power MetalITAJolly Rogernear mint556
CDYesBig generator7567-905 22-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard / Prog RockGERAtcovery good556
CDZorn (GER)TodesschwadronBA 016, Black MetalGER2005Black Attakknear mint556
CDZyklonWorld ov wormsCandle061CD, Original 1st pressing, Industrial Death / Black MetalUK2001Candlelightnear mint556