BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
AngantyrEndelos / Nordens stolte krigereDouble-10"-Maxi, compilation, Black MetalGER2005Northern Silencem-/m-121113
AnnihilatorStonewallRR 2425 6, 3-track, Power / Speed MetalNL91Roadrunnerm-/m-10911
Cradle Of FilthTwisted nails of fateCOF1, red vinyl, 3-track, lim. 500, very rare, plain black sleeveUK98m-/vg+353237
DaudurSamePT 105, 10"-Maxi, 4-track, lim. 500, numbered, Black MetalGER2005Perverted Tastm-/m-121113
GuitarminatorMIM4-track, remove mark from price tag, Rock / IndustrialUK92Mirror Imagem-/vg-556
HammerFallNatural highNB 1730-1, 10"-Maxi, foc, True MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastism-/m-10911
Iron MaidenAces high1C K 062-20 0385 6, big remove mark on back cover,a tear thru label, vinyl is still listenable, NWOBHMGER84EMIvg-/g556
Iron MaidenBring your daughter to….12 EMP 171, 3-track, NO banner calendar, NWOBHMUK90EMIvg+/vg10911
Iron MaidenFlight of Icarus1C K052-07 721 Z, 2-track, NWOBHM / Classic MetalGER83EMIvg-/vg879
Iron MaidenThe evil that men do12 EMS 64, posterbag (used!!! - some remove marks from tape)UK88EMIvg/vg-768
Iron MaidenThe trooper1C K052 1077646, NWOBHMGER83EMIvg-/vg879
Iron MaidenWomen in uniform1C 062-07 418 YZ, 3-track, NO seam splits!!!!!, NWOBHMGER80EMIvg-/vg121113
Machine HeadKillers & kingsNB 3323-1, blue vinyl, "strength cover", Thrash MetalEU2014Nuclear Blastm-/m-121113
MegadethThe threat is real0602547585516, bended cover, Thrash MetalEU2015Universalstill sealed (m/vg+)10911
NightwishStorytimeNB 2801-1, 10"-Maxi, clear vinyl, lim. 250, numbered, Symphonic MetalGER2011Nuclear Blastism-/m-302832
QueensrycheOverseeing the operation10 QR 1, 10"-Maxi, 6-track, rare, US Power MetalUK88EMIm-/vg+201821
ThorLet the blood run red12ION165, red vinyl, 2-track, very slight remove mark form price tag, Classic Heavy MetalUK84Ultra Noisem-/vg+121113
Tygers Of Pan TangDon't stop byMCAT 723, 3-track, NWOBHMUK81MCAm-/vg+10911
VADon't burn the witch…MR666-05, 10"-Maxi, black vinyl, GOAT MESSIAH, MONOTAUR, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, EVIL ANGEL, Thrash / Black MetalUS2006Midnightm-/m-121113
Wicked AngelChaotic intellectTMU1005, 10"EP, orange vinyl, "band edition", booklet, poster, numbered, lim. 100, Texas MetalUS2013TMUm/m-282629