Miscellaneous - Box-sets, Tapes, VHS, DVDs, T-Shirts, Zines etc.

SizeBandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
DVD300*DVD, Code 2, Deutsch / EnglishGER2007Warnermint222
ZineAblaze#14Jan. / Feb. '97, Black Metal magazineGER97very good333
BoxAerosmithPandora's boxCOL 469293 2, 3-CD-box-set, booklet, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockEU91Columbiavery good201821
DVDAlien versus Predator2xDVD, 2668107, double-DVD-set, Code 2, English / DeutschGER200520th Century Foxss (mint)222
BoxAnthraxChile on hellNB 3280-2, 2CD & DVD box, NTSC, code 8, Thrash MetalGER2014Nuclear Blastnear mint10911
BoxAnthraxFor all kingsNB 3567-7, box-set, 2Pic-LP, 2CD's, digipak, poster, art card, slipmat, Speed / ThrashGER2016Nuclear Blastm-/m-383540
DVDAnvilThe story of AnvilDVD, 8260326, UK version, English only, Code 2UK2009Universalmint768
DVDArtilleryOne foot in the grave the other one in the ThrashMMP DVD 0149, has slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, code 0, ThrashPL2008Metal Mindvery good9810
ZineBreak Out#4/95German writtenGER95vg+111
DVDDark Star, John Carpenter'sDVD, Sci-Fi, Code 2, Kult!GERStarlightnear mint222
BoxDarknessThe demosHRR 027, 3-LP-Box, booklet, Teutonic ThrashGER2008HRRmint (still sealed)504653
DVDDas Mercury Puzzle (Mercury Rising)ThrillerDVD, Deutsch/English, Code 22003Universalmint222
DVDDeath AngelRelentless retribution - Blood pack editionNB 2556-5, DVD & CD, certificate, booklet…what the hell I don't know why this one is called the blood back edition!!!????maybe the blood is missing?, Thrash MetalGER2010Nuclear Blastvery good121113
BoxDeath SSThe 666 boxLR 526 Box, 6 x 7"-Single-Box, lim. 666, rare, Black / Heavy / Speed MetalITALucifer Risingss( mint)605563
BoxDecoy ParisLove on the runSVR 003, die hard RED box-set, lim. 50, numbered, EP (blue wax), CD, T-Shirt (L), poster, red cap, keychain, button, slipmat, patch (totally complete), Heavy MetalGR2014Shiva Recordsm-/m-857889
DVDDer ExorzistComplete collection5-DVD-Box, complete collection, Code 2, German / English, HorrorGER2006Warnerss (mint)201821
DVDDestructionA savage symphony - The history of annihilationAFM 232-7, DVD & CD, ThrashGER2010AFMnear mint9810
DVDDioEvil or divine - Live in New York CityEVDVD094, DVD, PAL, Code 0UK2003Nijinear mint768
DVDDioHoly diver - LiveEREDV566, DVD, PAL, code 0UK2006Eaglenear mint768
DVDDioLive in London - Hammersmith Apollo 1993EREDV1022, DVD, NTSC, code 0UK2014Nijinear mint768
DVDDioWe rock0600753103562, DVD, Digipak, NTSC, Code 0, Rock legends serieEU2006Universalvery good768
TBExtremeStop the world Tour IITourbook / Tourprogramvery good546
CardForbiddenTrading card#177USRock Expressnear mint111
ZineGuitar SchoolJanuary 1993AC/DC, Megadeth, Dawn Yankees etc.US93very good111
ZineGuitarra Total#1incl. CD, Spanishvery good333
TBGuns & RosesUse your illusion TourTourbook / Tourprogramgood201821
ZineGwarViewer's guideEnglish writtenUSvery good111
DVDHalloween - UnratedDirector's cut by Rob Zombie (ab/from 18 years!)5930262, DVD, Code 2, English / DeutschCHAscotss222
ZineHard Force#2 (June '95)French written, incl. posterFRA95vg+111
ZineHard Rock#28 (Nov. '97)French written, CD is missingFRA97vg+111
ZineHard RockNr. 96 (Nov. 92)French written92very good111
ZineHard Rock Magazine#?? New Serie #3 (June '95)A4 100 pagres, French writtenFRA95very good111
ZineHard Rock Magazine#98 (January '93)A4, 96 pages, French writtenFRA93very good111
ZineHard Rock Magazine#99 (February '93)A4, 104 pages, French writtenFRA93very good111
ZineHitparader#341 (January ^93)A4, 100 pages, English writtenUSA93good111
ZineHorror Infernal#61 (Nov '95)German written, incl. posterGER95vg+111
BoxIced EarthDark genesis77397-2, 5-CD-box-set, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, a good second hand item, Power MetalGER2001Century Mediagood201821
DVDIced EarthGettysburg553-99227 DVD, double-CD-set, PAL, code 0, Power MetalGER2005Steamhammernear mint768
DVDIn ExtremoAm goldenen Rhein2700718, Digipak, code 0, Folk RockGER2009Universalmint (still sealed)10911
DVDIn FlamesSounds from the heart of GothenburgNB 3810-4, 2xCD & DVD, digipak, Death MetalGER2016Nuclear Blastvery good121113
BoxIn FlamesSounds of a playground fading9977470, box-set, CD/DVD, digipak, booklet, belt & buckle, 6 postcards, puzzle, 3 buttons, Melodic DeathGER2011Century Mediavery good201821
DVDIn FlamesUsed & abused - In live we trustNB 0661-9, double-DVD-set, Code 0, NTSC, Death MetalUS2005Nuclear Blastvery good768
BoxJacobs DreamThe early yearsBox-set, lim. 100, numbered, orange vinyl, "Demo years"-LP und "Same"-LP, T-Shirt (L), Power MetalGR2013No Remorsem-/m-555158
DVDLamb Of GodAs the palaces88843 09925 9, double-DVD-set, Code: 0, NTSC, Groove / MetalcoreEU2014Epicnear mint768
DVDLamb Of GodKilladelphiaEVD 57316, DVD, Live Phili 2004, NTSC, approx. 180 min., Groove Metal / MetalcoreUS2005Epicnear mint556
DVDLamb Of GodTerror andhubris202461 9, DVD, Live 2003, Video tracks, interviews, approx. 54 min., Groove Metal / Metalcore2004Prostheticnear mint556
DVDLamb Of GodWalk with me in Hell82876 85327 9, Double-DVD-set, Code 0, approx. 270 min., Groove Metal / MetalcoreUS2008Epicnear mint556
DVDMachine HeadElegiesDVD 0944-9, ThrashEU2005Roadrunnervery good556
DVDMegadethArsenal of Megadeth0946-3-30932-9-4 PAL, double-DVD-set, ThrashEU2006Capitolnear mint768
TBMegadethCountdown to extinctionTourbook, remove mark from price tag on back cover side92good121113
DVDMegadethRust in peace - Live06025274915-9(2), CD&DVD-set, Speed / ThrashEU2010Universalvery good768
DVDMegadethThat one night - Live Buenos Aires0602527100692, Speed / Thrash MetalEU2007Imagenear mint768
DVDMetallicaSeek & destroy161.397, DVD, Code 0GERMCPmint (still sealed)556
DVDMetallica with Michael KamenS&M40218-2, 2xDVD, code 1US2000Elektramint (still sealed)768
DVDNightwishEnd of innocenceDRAKKAR 056, Code: 0, PAL,Symphonic MetalEU2003Drakkarnear mint556
DVDNightwishMade in Hong Kong (and in…)NB 2337-2, DVD & CD, Code: 0, PAL, Symphonic MetalGER2009Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)768
DVDOcean's Twelveslightly Action / ComedyDVD, Code 2, Deutsch / English, approx. 120 minutesGER2005Warnernear mint222
BoxOmenInto the arenaNRR023-2, box-set, LP, CD, T-Shirt (L), hologram cover, lim. 100, numbered, US MetalGR2012No Remorsem-/m-110101116
DVDOmen I01079 116, DVD, Code 2, 25th Anniversary edition, English / DeutschGER200120th Century Foxss222
DVDOmen IV01919 116, DVD, Code 2, English / Deutsch / EspagnolGER200520th Century Foxss222
BoxOrden OganThe book of OganAFM 559-7, 2CDs & 2DVDs, Code 0, NTSC, Heavy MetalGER2016AFMvery good222023
DVDOsbourne, OzzyGod blessEREDV 898GV, DVD, NSTC, Code 02011Eaglemint (stillsealed)768
DVDOsbourne, OzzyLive at Budokan88697355649, Classic MetalEU2008Sonyvery good768
DVDOsbourne, OzzySpeak of the devilEREDV944GV, DVD, NTSC, Code 0, Classic Metal2012Eaglemint (stillsealed)768
DVDPantera3 vulgar videos from hellR2 971611, double-DVD-set, NTSC, Groove US2006Rhinovery good768
BoxQueensrycheOperation: LivecrimeE2 97048, box-set incl. CD and Video, booklet, US MetalUS91EMIvery good151416
ZineRare Records#1040 pages, German written, A5 sizeGER2002near mint445
ZineRare Records#11German written, A5 sizeGER2017mint556
ZineRare Records#9German written, A5 sizeGER2000mint445
ZineRock Sound#8incl. CD, SpanishESPvery good333
DVDRoter Drache823 351 8, DVD, Code 2, English / DeutschCHUniversalss222
TCSanctuaryTrading card#229USRock Expressnear mint111
DVDSepulturaChaos DVDDVD 0965-9, Thrash2002Roadrunnernear mint556
DVDSepulturaTamboursdubronx - Metal veinEREDV1045, code 0, NTSC, Thrash2014Eaglenear mint768
DVDShaft - Das OriginalDVD Code 2, Deutsch / English2000Turnermint222
ZineSnakepit#17Magazine, incl. Assassin-12"-Single "Black lord" (Demo from '85, 3-track, lim. 200 copies)2009mint484450
ZineSnakepit#19Magazine, incl. GRIFFIN - 7"-Single Live 82US2011mint151416
ZineStarline#97 - Green Day vs. Offspringis a bit warpedgood111
MagazineSwiss AttackNr. 1 / 1994A4, 40 pages, GermanCH94good111
ZineThat's Metal#17Best German written magazine for 80ies and Retro bands, finally after 15 years a new issue incl. bonus CD with unreleased material, Steel Prophet, Gothic Knights, Axemaster, Dammaj, Ion Vein etc. etc.GER2013m151416
PhotoTiamatPromo photoearly years, 15x20cm, OriginalGERvg+111
DVDTotoLive in Amsterdam - 25th anniversaryEREDV325, Code 0, PAL, approx. 133 min.2003Eaglenear mint556
TCTroubleTrading card#242USRock Expressnear mint111
BoxVAMetal = Life Vol. 2SC034-2, 2CD & 1DVD box-set, DVD-size, Digipak, US import (code 1!), GOD FORBID, AS I LAY DYING, IN FLAMES, INTO ETERNITY, DISSECTION etc.USSub Cityvery good121113
DVDVAMonsters of Metal Vol. 2NB 1211-2, double-DVD-set, Code 0, PAL, DVD material / plastic is in crappy quality, because some plastic parts can be removed (center ring, but cd is still playable)GER2004Nuclear Blastgood556
DVDVAMonsters of Metal Vol. 5NB 1646-0, double-DVD-set, digibook, slipcase, Code 0, PALGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint10911
BoxVargDas Ende aller LugenNPR 633 CS, 3-CD-Digipak, patch, flask, 5 beermats, lim. 500, autographed by Managarm, Viking MetalAUT2016Napalmnear mint353237
TCVio-lenceTrading card#243USRock Expressnear mint111
DVDZyklonStorm detonation LiveCANDLE127DVD, NTSC, Region 0, Industrial Death / Black MetalUK2006Candlelightvery good556