New Arrivals

CD69 ChambersWar on the insideSPV 620102 CD, Alternative MetalGERSPVnear mint768
CDAbigail WilliamsLegendCANDLE163CD, Brutal Death / BlackUK2006Candlelightnear mint556
CDAC/DCDirty words - Interview cd3D 006, holoview CD, Interviewvery good556
CDAes DanaFormorsFPG31D, digipak, Black MetalFRA2005Oaken Shieldnear mint9810
CDAge Of EvilLiving a sick dreamEEE666-2, Thrash2009Evil Eyemint (still sealed)768
CDAlasAbsolute purityHHR069, Symphonic MetalNLHammerheartnear mint556
CDAncient WisdomCometh doom, cometh deathAV073, Black / DoomITAAvantgardenear mint9810
CDArkayic RevoltDeath's riverP18R 024, ThrashITA2010Punishmentmint (still sealed)556
CDAsag (CH)Feuer zieh mit mirPrivate pressing, lim. 500, Black MetalCH2010Private presisngnear mint768
CDBiohazardNo holds barred - Live in EuropeRR 8803-2, Groove MetalNL97Roadrunnernear mint556
BoxBrainstormFiresoulAFM 468-6, box-set, Digi-2CDs, €5-voucher, sticker, insert, poster, guitar pic, 5 signed band member cards, matches, dog tag with bag, lim. 666, Power MetalGER2014AFMnear mint454147
CDCarcassSymphonies of sicknessMOSH 18CD, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Grind / DeathUK89Earachevery good201821
CDCorroptionDevil's shareMMP CD 0739, StonerPL2014Metal Mindnear mint768
CDCult, TheBorn into thisRR 7971-2, Hard RockNL2007Roadrunnervery good556
CDD.O.A.Murder.LS 9413 2, HCNL90Restlessvery good9810
3CDDeep PurpleD.P. on stage 1970 - 1985DP BOX 300, 3-CD-box incl. slipcase (vg-), Connoisseur collection, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalHard RrockEC94Connoisseurvery good768
CDDegradeadThe monster withinMV0038, digipak, Death / ThrashGER2013Metalvillemint (still sealed)9810
CDDialSynchronizedPRR118, Prog. RockProgrocknear mint556
CDDie!StigmataBBE 0009 DI, IndustrialGERBlack Bardnear mint556
CDDivinityThe singularityCANDLE308CD, Prog. Death MetalUK2010Candlelightnear mint556
CDDown BelowWildes HerzPRE 0262, digipak, Dark RockEU2009Premiummint (still sealed)556
CDEmpty TremorApocolokyntosys35899, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockGER97Rising Sunvery good556
CDSEnd Of GreenMotor3-track, Gothic / Hard RockGER2002Silverdustnear mint556
CDFalchionLegacy of heathensKDM-018, Folk / Death Metal2005World Chaosnear mint556
CDFear My ThoughtsThe great collapseLFR 044-2, digipak, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Melodic Death MetalGER2004Lifeforcegood556
CDForever In TerrorRestless in the tides3984-14621-2, Melodic Death / MetalcoreUS2007MBRnear mint556
CDGift Of Gods (Nocturno Culto's)ReceiveCDVILEF487, Heavy MetalUK2013Peacevillenear mint768
CDGreeley EstatesThe death of Greeley estatesTGH2-90082, HC / EmoUS2011Tragic Heronear mint556
CDGrimmstineSameMHV00078, Classic MetalEEC2009Metal Heavennear mint556
CDHartmannBalance12 04 0042, Hard RockGER2012Avenue Of Alliesnear mint556
2CDHelloweenMaster of the rings (Expanded edition)CMQDD1313, double-CD-set, no slipcase, Teutonic Power / Melodic MetalEU2006Castlenear mint768
CDHigh 'N DryHands off my toy!290-09-066, Teutonic Hard & HeavyGERBellaphonvery good9810
CDHighgateShrines to the warheadTRUST015, Stoner-Black-DoomISRTotal Rustnear mint556
CDHuman Abstract, TheIIIIEOM-CD-2358, Math / Prog. RockUS2011E onemint (still sealed)768
BoxIced EarthBox of the wickedSPV 308040 Box-Set, 5-CD-box, poster, booklet, Power MetalGER2010Steamhammervery good252326
BoxIced EarthDark genesis77397-2, 5-CD-box-set, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Power Metal5-CD-box-set, CDs have some surface marks which do not affect play at allGER2001Century Mediavery good201821
BoxIced EarthLive in ancient kourion9983049, DVD, blu-ray, 2CD - box set, Digibook, all have some remove marks of that crappy packaging, Power MetalGER2013Century Mediavery good151416
CDIllwillEvilutionDR 002, ThrashDK98Diamondvery good556
CDImpiousHellucinate3984-14502-2, Death MetalGER2004MBRvery good556
DVDIn FlamesSounds from the heart of GothenburgNB 3810-4, 2xCD & DVD, digipak, Death MetalGER2016Nuclear Blastvery good121113
2DVDIn FlamesUsed & abused - In live we trustNB 0661-9, double-DVD-set, Code 0, NTSC, Death MetalUS2005Nuclear Blastvery good768
CDIncesticideSameRNR 002, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Death MetalGERRising Nemesisgood556
CDInevitable EndThe severed inceptionRR 7039, Death Metal2009Relapsenear mint556
CDIron MaidenA real dead one0777 7 89248 2 1, incl. family tree poster, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalNL93EMIKvery good9810
CDIron MaidenA real live one0777 7 81456 2 2, Heavy MetalUK93EMIKvery good556
12"Iron MaidenCan I play with madness12EM 49, white colored labels (not white labels!), NWOBHMUK88EMIvg/vg10911
EPIron MaidenMaiden JapanMLP-15000, 5-track, NWOBHMUSHarvestvg/vg+10911
LPIron MaidenPiece of mindIM 7724-5TP, grey splatter vinyl, numbered, white plain sleeve, Promo, NWOBHM2001EMIm-/m-353237
7"Iron MaidenRun to the hillsEMIP 5263, Picture disc, rareUK82EMIvg+181719
TourbookIron MaidenSomewhere on tour 86/87Tour program, quite 2nd hand, fair condition86fair121113
7"Iron MaidenThe number of the beastEMI 5287, red vinyl, small remove mark from price tag, NWOBHMUK82EMIvg/vg10911
7"Iron MaidenThe number of the beastEM666, red vinyl, re-issue, poster's missing, NWOBHMUK2005EMIvg+/vg879
CDIronweedYour world of tomorrowSS-114, StonerUS2011Small Stonenear mint556
CDDiverciaModus operandiHHR127, digipak, Goth / DoomNLHammerheartnear mint556
CDKing DiamondThe spider's lullabyeMASS CD 062, Original 1st pressing, Digipak, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalGER95Massacrevery good768
CDMachine HeadBloodstone & diamondsNB 3322-0, mediabook, Thrash MetalGER2014Nuclear Blastnear mint9810
CDMade Of HateBullet in your headAFM 201-2, Thrash / DeathGER2008AFMnear mint556
CDMandrakeForeverGF 007, Gothic MetalGER2007Greyfallnear mint556
DVDMegadethThat one night - Live Buenos Aires0602527100692, Speed / Thrash MetalEU2007Imagenear mint768
CDMortal AgonyDobermannDeath MetalGERRising Nemesisvery good556
CDMortuus InfradaemoniImis avernisDimension 012, Black MetalGERCold Dimensionvery good768
CDMotorheadIt's almost…1916NSK 2295, 3-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, front inlay has a tab indent, PromoUS91WTGgood768
CDMotorheadThe best of & the rest of…CDAR1014EEC90Action Replaynear mint556
CDNaildownDreamcrusherSPI275CD, super jewel case, Death MetalEU2007Spinefarmnear mint556
CDNebular MoonOf dreams and magic5.7046.20.561, Death / Black MetalGER99Last Episodevery good556
CDNightwishAngel's fall first0602517449343, collector's edition, signed, Symphonic MetalEU2007Spine-Farmvery good9810
CDSNightwishElanNB 3484-0, digisleeve, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
2CDNightwishEnd of am eraNB 1679-2, double-CD-set, Symphonic MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastnear mint768
DVDNightwishEnd of an eraNB 1678-2, Code: 0, PAL, Symphonic MetalGER2006Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)768
DVDNightwishEnd of innocenceDRAKKAR 056, Code: 0, PAL,Symphonic MetalEU2003Drakkarnear mint556
CDSNightwishEndless forms most beautifulNB 3529-2, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2015Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
DVDNightwishFrom wishes to eternity - LiveDRAKKAR 019, Code: 0, PAL, Symphonic MetalEU2001Drakkarnear mint556
CDNightwishHighest hopes - The best of…987 395 5, best of…, Symphonic MetalEU2005Spinefarm / Drakkarnear mint556
CDNightwishImaginaerumNB 2789-2, Symphonic MetalGER2011Nuclear Blastnear mint768
CDNightwishImaginaerum - The scoreNB 2993-0, poster, slip case, Symphonic MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastnear mint121113
DVD/CDNightwishMade in Hong Kong (and in…)NB 2337-2, DVD & CD, Code: 0, PAL, Symphonic MetalGER2009Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)768
CDSNightwishNemoNB 1290-2, digipak, 4-track, Symphonic MetalGER2004Nuclear Blastvery good556
CDNightwishOver the hills and far away74321 86443 2, Symphonic MetalEU2001Spinefarm / Drakkarnear mint556
CD/BluNightwishShowtime, storytimeNB 3206-0, digibook, 2xBluray & 2 CDs, another stupid & crappy packaging, discs once removed they have surface marks!!!!!!, Symphonic MetalGER2013Nuclear Blastvery good151416
CDSNightwishThe crow, the owl and the doveNB 2866-0, digipak, 5-track, Symphonic MetalGER2012Nuclear Blastmint (still sealed)556
CDNo Turning BackDamage doneGSR032, HCNLGSRnear mint556
CDOsbourne, OzzyBlack rain88697 05334 2, fold-out cardboard cover, NO "code", CD has some surface marks because of this crappy package which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalUS2007Sonygood556
DVDOsbourne, OzzyLive at Budokan88697355649, Classic MetalEU2008Sonyvery good768
CDOsbourne, OzzyTribute450475 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Classic Metal87Epicvery good556
CDPertnessSeven times eternityCD 784-1305, Swiss Heavy MetalGER2008Karthagonear mint768
CDQueensrycheOperation: MindcrimeCDP-7-48640-2, Melodic Power MetalUK88EMIvery good556
DVDRammsteinVolkerball06025 170507-2, 2DVD &CD, CDs have several surface marks which do not affect play at all, NDHEU2006Universalgood768
CDRatos De PoraoCarniceria tropical048/15, re-issue, CrossoverBRA2014Peculiomint (still sealed)768
CDRebellionShakespeare's macbeth - a tragedy in steelDRAKKAR 029, signed, promo, Heavy MetalGER2002Drakkarnear mint768
CDRise To AddictionSome other truth251 108, digipak, Heavy MetalBEL2009Mausoleumnear mint556
CDSanctityRoad to bloodshedRR 8050 2, Melodic Thrash Metal2007Roadrunnernear mint556
CDSepulturaEscape to the voidSE-457, sticker, Lice Belgium '91, ThrashDead Dognear mint151416
CDShade EmpireSintheticAV076, Industrial / Death / Black2004Avantgardenear mint556
2CDShadows FallThe war withinCM 77528-8, CD & DVD, discs have some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Metalcore / Melodic DeathGER2004Century Mediagood556
CDShadows FallThreads of life115516-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Metalcore / Neo-£ThrashUS2007Atlanticgood556
LPShadows FallThreads of lifeRRCAR 8002-1, incl. 7"-Single, lyrics, Metalcore / Neo-ThrashGER2007Cargo / Roadrunnerm-/m-121113
CDShylockSameCD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard & HeavyGER99Point Musicvery good454147
CDSkip The ForeplayNightlife7188-2, HC / DubstepNL2012Epitaphmint (still sealed)556
CDSkullwinxThe missions of HeraclesPrivate pressing, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Heavy MetalGER2014Private pressingvery good768
CDSky ArchitectExcavations of the mindGR023-PRR790, Prog. RockGalileo / Progrockmint (still sealed)768
CDSolution .45For aeons pastAFM 294-2, Death MetalGER2010AFMnear mint556
CDSorrows PathDoom philosophyISR 026-14/C, Power DoomGER2014Iron Shieldnear mint768
CDSoulbreachMy dividing lineM 7207 2, Melodic Death / ThrashNL2007Mascotnear mint556
CDSpock's BeardVIOMCD 063, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockGER2000InsideOutvery good556
CDStraight To Your FaceMy belief's0002, HCUS2007Animositynear mint556
CDSworn AmongstAnd so it beginsRISING CD026, Heavy Metal2007Risingnear mint556
CDSymphorceSinctuaryN 0334-9, Heavy MetalGER2000Noisenear mint768
CDTall StoriesSameEK 47145, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, RockUS91Epicvery good556
CDTharsysUnder her dead handsYOH 0020, Gothic MetalGER2009Yonahvery good556
2CDThriceAlchemy index Vol. I & II (Fire & water)VRUK063CD, digipak, Post-Rock / AlternativeUK2007Vagrantvery good556
CDTowards DarknessSolemnFOUNDATION 2, cardboard fold-out sleeve, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Doom / AmbientCANTwilightgood556
2CDTownsend, DevinThe retinal circus0506612, double-CD-set, Prog. MetalGER2013InsideOutnear mint768
CDTrews, TheNo time for later0190242ERE, PunkGER2008Edelnear mint556
CDTrigger The BloodshedThe great depression3984-14717-2, Death MetalUS2009Rising / MBRvery good768
CDTrollechSynove lesuECLIPSE 006, Black MetalCZ2002Eclispevery good556
LPVAHMP présante French connection Vol. 1MAD 2013, insert, French MetalFRA85Devil's Rec.m-/vg+302832
LPVAHolland Heavy Metal Vol. 1OP 7, SAD IRON, SEDUCER, sticker on front cover, Heavy MetalNL82Universevg+/vg+151416
LPVAHolland Heavy Metal Vol. 2OP 10, VORTEX, THE WILD, NEXUS etc, Heavy MetalNL82Universem-/vg151416
CDVAMetal for muthas Vol. 1CMRCD142, NWOBHM samplerUK2000Sanctuaryvery good768
CDVein, TheScouring the wreckage of timeSKR073CD, Death / DoomUS2013Shadow Kingdomnear mint556
CDSWASPThe real meCDCL 534, 3-track, Heavy MetalUK89Capitolvery good879