Picture Discs / Shaped Picture Discs

BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
PicLPBathoryTwilight of the godsBMPD666-6, re-issue, incl. sleeveSWE2007Black Markss (mint)201821
PicLPBehemoth (PL)from the pagan vastlandsEVIL 020 LP, DIE HARD EDITION incl. CD, poster, patch, sticker, lim. 666, #ed, Black MetalPOL2011Witching Hourm-/vg+322934
PicLPBehemoth (PL)The return of the northern moonEVIL 019 LP, DIE HARD EDITION incl.poster, patch, sticker, lim. 666, #ed, CD is missing, Black MetalPOL2011Witching Hourm-/m-181719
PicLPCirith UngolFrost and firelim. 500, incl. green sheet which is not numbered, Epic Metalm-353237
PicLPFates WarningNo exitD1-73330, Promo only, Progressive MetalUS88MBRm-282629
PicEPGraven ImageSame (Warn the children)RR-PDI, 3-track, same tracks on both sides, megarare, great 80ies US MetalUS87Rockhouse Americavg+656068
Pic12"Iron MaidenBe quick or be dead12 EMPD 229, insert, 3-trackUK92EMIvg+201821
PicLPIron MaidenThe number of the beastEMCP 3400, Original UK pressing, no bootleg / no re-issue!!UK82EMIvg+706474
PicLPJag PanzerAmple destructionlim. 150, numbered, US Power MetalUSIWRm120110126
2PicLPJag PanzerChain of commandHHMR -3&4, double-Picture disc-set, unreleased tracks, lim. 500, very rareCHHellhammer Maniacm-/m-656068
4PicLPKissSolo albumsSet of all 4 solo picture discs, counterfeit (Matrix#: GS 826 239-1, PS 826 915-1, PC 826 917-1, AF 826 916-1), same artwork on both sides, no P/Svg+10092105
PicLPMaze Of TormentDeath strikesMRSRLP024, lim. 500, Death / Thrash MetalUS2000Necropolism-10911
PicOmenBattle cry3984-14459-1PD, die-cut factory sleeve, lim. 500, numbered, US MetalGER2005MBRm-/m-302832
PicLPOsbourne, OzzyDown to earthPIC-OZ-4984741, rare2001m-302832
PicEPQueen BitchSameQB-1, 5-track, US 80ies Metal, rareUSBlue Valentinem-454147
PicLPTwiste Tower DireCrest of the martyrsREM 024, incl. cover, lim. 250 copies, Power MetalGER2003Remedym242225
PicLPVADoomsday news - The new generation of Heavy MetalN 0105, incl. fold-out cover, seam split on bottom, SCANNER, RAGE, DEATHROW, CORONER, SABBAT, VENDETTA, HELOOWEEN, VOIVOD etc.GER88Noisevg+/vg141315
ShapeWASPMean manCLP 521, 3-track, shaped picture disc, insert, Heavy MetalUK89Capitolvg879
ShapeWASPThe real meCLPD 534, shaped picture disc, 2-track, insert, Classic MetalUK89Capitolvg10911