Vinyl & CD releases of Swiss Bands

SizeBandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
CDAbgrund (CH)Final destinationPrivate pressing, Swiss Black / Death MetalCH2009Private pressingnear mint151416
CDAin't Dead YetRead your mindP 81106, Swiss Hard / HeavyCH96Phonagvery good121113
CDAlastis (CH)The just lawHNF 001, back inlay is slightly warped, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalNOR93Head Not Foundvery good353237
CDAllisonOneP-81084, booklet has some tab indents, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard Rock / AORCH93MMPvery good10911
CDAllisonWonderland900212, CD has some slight surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCH95Muvevery good151416
CDAmen (Manfred Ehlert's)Same341 372, feat. Glenn Hughes & Marc Storace, Swiss Hard Rock / AORAUT94Kochvery good151416
CDAnalforteAn endless pain…EMB 2840012, Swiss Melodic / Hard RockCH95Embunear mint222023
CDApocalypse (CH)SameDT 277-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, booklet has some tab indents from jewel case, ThrashCH88Out Of Tunevery good302832
LPApocalypse (CH)SameCRA 001, 1st pressing, different sleeve, Speed / Thrash MetalCH87Crashm/m-222023
CDAriseDistorted112005, Thrash / Groove MetalCH2005Private pressingm-/m-151416
CDAriseShades150601, CH2001Private pressingm-/m-151416
CDAtritas (CH)Where witches burntOriginal very first pressing, Symphonic Black MetalCHPrivate pressingnear mint121113
LPAutopsy (CH)fondre la graice, ŕ fond la caisseFAR OUT 014, Swiss HC / ExperimentalCH94Far Outm-/m-151416
CDBartrekIn the red inkP 81113, Swiss Folk RockCH96Phonagnear mint10911
CDBig Red One (CH)Russian roulette150297-2, Swiss Hard RockCH97SoundServicenear mint302832
7"Black Angels (CH)All you've got tonightMOR 22030, Swiss Heavy MetalCH84Meteorvg+/vg+353237
10"BloodstarExterminator 666….RdB 91002, 10"EP, green wax, poster, EBM / IndustrialUS91Red Decibelvg+/vg+768
EPBolzerAuraIBP158, silver wax, 3rd pressing, lyrics, Black / DeathGER2013Iron Boneheadm-/m-121113
EPBolzerAuraIBP158, clear wax, 4th pressing, lyrics, Black / DeathGER2014Iron Boneheadm-/m-121113
EPBolzerSomaIP058, 2-track, gold vinyl, 3rd pressing, Death / BlackIRL2015Invictusm-/m-151416
2x7"Brut (CH)FootstepsS.O. 020, double-7"-set, lyrics, foc, HC / PunkCH2014Strongly Opposedm-/m-768
7"Burn (CH)Get out of my wayKOS 14112, Hard & HeavyCH82Koboldm-/vg+605563
CDChina (CH)Same834 451-2, re-issue, with IFPI code, 12-track, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, HardrockGER88Vertigovery good151416
CDCover ConnectionVintageCC-DS9811M, 4-track, 4 cover of Metallica, ZZ Top, Genesis, Mellencamp, Swiss bandCH98Private pressingnear mint657
CDCrashinTV violencePrivate pressing, Swiss Hard RockCH96Private pressingvery good201821
CDCryptic VoiceRetribution comesSwiss Melodic Death MetalCH2002Private pressingnear mint151416
CDDeyssVision in the darkFGBG 4152.AR, re-issue, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Prog. RockFRA95Museavery good151416
CDDisaster (CH)No hope for the future9810-36, Swiss Death MetalCH99Art-Teammint (still sealed)504653
CDDisparagedDeathtrapdispCD0001, Swiss Death MetalCH2002Assburnvery good121113
CDDistant PastExtraordinary indication of unnatural perceptionKay0000a2, CD has some surface marks witch do not affect play at all, Swiss Prog. MetalCH2005Kayfabevery good151416
CDDouble HeartHearts on fireCD 29103, Swiss AOR / Hard RockCH93Solonear mint403742
CD-rEistroll (CH)DimitriosOfficial CD-r - Demo, Black MetalCH2005Private pressingnear mint121113
10"EnoidSuicide genocideBS 02, Black MetalCH2008Bergstolzvg/vg556
CDExhortation (CH)The last trialOPUS 005, rare, Swiss Death MetalCH95Opus Diemint353237
CDFast LanePlanet EarthP 81189, Hard & HeavyCH2001Phonagnear mint201821
CDFelonyFirst worksPrivate pressing, lyrics, Swiss Melodic MetalCH2005Private pressingmint10911
LPFinger (CH)SameFAROUT 026, lyrics, HC / PunkCH96Far Outm-/m-151416
CDForce, The (CH)Voodoo cock's revengeEF 322-2, Southern / Hard RockCH2007Earforcenear mint10911
CDFun GoghBack for moreLux-NOISE 39233, Swiss Melodic Hard RockCH92Lux Noisevery good10911
CDGenocide (CH)Stranded74321280042, Original 1st pressing, Hard Rock / Classic MetalCH95BMGnear mint121113
CDGetz, Leo (CH)I'll get itSwiss AOR / Hard Rock, quite hard to findCH93DayStarvery good302832
LPGonoreasDestructive waysBM15C1847, Swiss Power MetalCH2015Sonic Rev.m/m (still sealed)252326
CDGonoreasOutbreakSwiss Power MetalCH2003Private pressingnear mint121113
CDGonoreasPlead not guiltySwiss Power MetalCH2007Private pressingmint151416
CDGotthardAnytime anywhereG 004, Digipak, 6-track, lim. 1000 copies, Swiss pressing, AORCH2005G Rec.mint10911
CDSGotthardHe ain't heavy…7432 1409652, 3-track, AOREC96BMG Ariolanear mint879
CDGotthardHeaven74321808642, 3-track, Hard Rock / AORGER2000BMG Ariolanear mint121113
CDSGotthardLift u up13680, 5-track, cardboard sleeve, remix version with Mousse T., official song for the Swiss national soccer teamCH2008G. Recordsmint556
CDSGotthard & Montserrat G.One life, one soul74321464372, 3-track, Hard RockCH97BMG Ariolanear mint201821
CDSHang LooseHopeSCD 855, 2-track, AOR2000Tyrolisvery good879
CDHang LoosePerfect worldCD 375 428, Hard Rock / AORCH2001Helpvery good121113
CDHeaven 11Baptism of fireKM CD 193 211, CD has some surface marks which do not affect playat all, Swiss Glam / Hard RockCH93Kay-Musicgood353237
CDSI MadmanToo bad to funkKKS 002, 5-track, rare, Alternative MetalCH93Kling Klonknear mint879
CDI.M.C.Enter deliriumSwiss Industrial Death Metal, back inlay is slightly warpedCH92Blackendvery good252326
CDIrrwischTime will tellcmp 2002, Swiss Prog. RockCH2002Chestwoodnear mint151416
7"KrokusAmerican woman103 993, German pressing, Hard RockGER82Aristavg/vg121113
12"KrokusBallroom blitzADP-9313, Promo, factory sleeve, Hard RockUS84Aristavg+10911
CDSKrokusI want it all5050466240224, 3-track, Hard RockCH2003Warnervery good879
LPKrokusMetal rendez-vous201 199, no insert, bent corner, Hard RockEU80Ariolavg+/vg-768
CDLazy Bones, The (CH)Irony of ignorance39897152, Swiss Hard RockCH95Dildonear mint151416
7"Lee WhiteSpotlightNr. 580, Hard RockCHPrivate pressingvg+/vg+353237
CDLoge (CH)Embryo38206, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Swiss Alternative RockCH94Hear Wegovery good121113
CDLunacy (CH)Believe?SUFF003, Original pressing, Swiss Thrash MetalCHSufferingvery good201821
LPMegoraWaitingDGR002, lyrics, lim. 300, numbered, signed, promo photo, bonus CD, Power MetalCH2018Doc Gatorm-/m-322934
7"MescarbonicLost soul in winterlim. 200, numbered, Swiss Gothic MetalCH97Private pressingm-/m-252326
CDMescarbonic (CH)FirstingreenPrivate pressing, Gothic MetalCH97Private pressingvery good151416
7"Mona Lisa Overdrive (MLOD) - CHJust take a trip to DisneyworldFAR OUT 015, lyrics, HCCH93FarOutm-/m-556
LPMona Lisa Overdrive (MLOD) - CHUnique scrawling screechFAR OUT 022, lyrics, Punk / AlternativeCH94Far Outm-/m-121113
CDMorgartDie TurmeMP 01, signed, Atmospheric Black MetalCH2007Black Towervery good10911
LPNH3 BandLet's have a good time!11 103, RockCH80Gold
CDrO.I.R.O. (Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus)Cosmic horrorBS-11, CD-R, 1-track, jakebox-cover, lim. 100, Black Metal / AmbientCH2011Bergstolznear mint768
CDPaganiniDetoxCD TOP 20023, Original-CD, very rare, Swiss Hardrock / Heavy MetalCH90Gruezinear mint252326
CDPetrified (CH)with fearPrivate pressing, Swiss Death MetalCH2006Private pressingnear mint252326
CDPylon / My Silent WakeEmpyrean roseQLR-511311-2, digipak, incl. Pylon guitar pick, Split-CD, lim. 500, DoomCH2013Quam Libetmint (still sealed)151416
CDSadness (CH)Ames de marbreWIHU 9313, Gothic / Black / DoomCH93Witchhuntnear mint302832
Pic7"SamaelAfter the sepulturePicture-7", lim. 500, Black MetaGER93Century Mediavg+403742
CDSarnathShadowlandB.C.P. 06/004, official CD-r, lim. 111, numbered, Black MetalCH2006Black Coloursnear mint121113
7"Satrox(Love is) more than a feeling655760 7, Melodic MetalNL90CBS
CDSatroxEnergy469472 2, Swiss Glam / Hard RockAUT92Columbiavery good121113
CDSchiliro, AngiWhite ladyLAKE 3050, Original 1st pressing, Hard RockCH93Lakesidevery good121113
CDSharp Brothers Inc.PinupCD 38006, SwissMelodic Hard RockCH90Fun Keyvery good201821
CDSiegrist Band, DanuWasser u Brot280200-2, Swiss Mundart RockCH2000SoundServicenear mint10911
CDStargazersHeavy Metal power5-track, Swiss Heavy MetalCH2004Private pressingmint (still sealed)252326
7"SteadySteal the nightPINK 108 400, (Hard) RockCH86Pink Recordsm-/m-403742
CDSteamtrainOn the move…476805 2, Original pressing, Swiss Melodic Rock / AOREU94Epicvery good282629
CDStonefield (CH)Light of lies21933, Original 1st pressing, Swiss Classic Heavy MetalCH90BSC Musicnear mint282629
LPStonefield (CH)Light of lies21932, Swiss Hard / Classic Metal GER90Iron Ages / BSCm-/vg+252326
EPStonefield (CH)The eyes of the dawn572 17052 AG, 4-track, lyrics, remove marks from price tag on front cover, Classic Hardrock / MetalGER88BSCvg+/g+121113
CDSubwayDangerous games39P706, Original 1st pressing, Swiss Hard RockCH90Pink 7 Musicnear mint252326
LPSubwayDangerous games39P706, insert, rare, Swiss Melodic / Hard RockCH90Pink 7 Musicm-/m-181719
CDSupremacyHuman's destinyFR 187, CD has several surface marks which do not affect play at all, cover & back inlay are warped and have some remove marks (see scans), Swiss Death MetalCH94Private pressingfair504653
CDTainoLunar eclipsecd-ta-5977, Space / Prog. RockCH97Private pressingvery good151416
7"Thomson, SteveAfrican eyesP 45-32, insert, Swiss AOR / HardrockCH88Phonagvg+/vg+556
CDSThomson, SteveBlazing heart878 099-2, 3-track, rare, AORGER90Vertigonear mint879
7"Thomson, SteveEurope (I need you)P 45-31, insert, Swiss AOR / HardrockCH88Phonagvg+/vg556
CDThomson, SteveEveryone loves a winner846 676-2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Swiss AOR / Hard rockGER90Mercuryvery good10911
CDThomson, SteveSameP 81044, Original 1st pressing, AOR / Hard RockCH89Phonagvery good151416
7"TransitTake your loveSwiss MainstreamCH88K-Telvg+/vg+667
CDUnchainPlug & playOF 68120, signed, CH Hard RockCH2009Private pressingvery good302832
CDUndiscovered SoulDresscode loveDigipak, Swiss Classic RockCH2011Private pressingmint (still sealed)10911
LPVAAvalancheFAR OUT 001, purple vinyl, magazine, Swiss underground sampler with CALHOUN CONQUER, FLEISCH, INFECTED, WICKED etc.CH89Far Outm-/m-151416
LPVAAvalanche 2FAR OUT 007, magazine, Swiss underground sampler with PROFAX, AUTOPSY, WORNOUT etc.CH91Far Outm-/m-151416
LPVAFar Out - Tribute to FrankFAR OUT 023, with FLEISCH, MYDEVICE, MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, GOATSKIN etc.CH94Far Outm-/m-121113
LPVARock made in Switzerland203 493, KROKUS, BITCH, FLAME DREAM, STEVE WITHNEY etc.CH81Ariolavg/vg+121113
CDVergeat / StoraceWhen a man…74321 597172, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Hard RockCH98BMGgood201821
7"Wacht / FreitodSameclear vinly, Split-7", 2 posters, Black MetalCH/GER2012BergStolzm-/m-556