Vinyl releases of Swiss Bands

BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
LPApocalypse (CH)SameCRA 001, 1st pressing, different sleeve, Speed / Thrash MetalCH87Crashm/m252326
LPAutopsy (CH)fondre la graice, fond la caisseFAR OUT 014, Swiss HC / ExperimentalCH94Far Outm-/m-151416
7"Black Angels (CH)All you've got tonightMOR 22030, Swiss Heavy MetalCH84Meteorvg+/vg+353237
LPBlack Angels (CH)Broken spellLP 11 253, their very hard to find 4th LP, Classic Swiss Hardorock / MetalCH85Goldvg/vg403742
2x7"Brut (CH)FootstepsS.O. 020, double-7"-set, lyrics, foc, HC / PunkCH2014Strongly Opposedm-/m-768
7"ExcruciationWorshipAR001, incl. download card, Doom / Heavy MetalCH2013Auricm-/m-10911
LPFinger (CH)SameFAROUT 026, lyrics, HC / PunkCH96Far Outm-/m-151416
LPFleisch (CH)SameFAR OUT 011, Swiss HC / PunkCH91Far Outm-/m-10911
LPGonoreasDestructive waysBM15C1847, Swiss Power MetalCH2015Sonic Rev.m/m (still sealed)252326
7"KrokusAmerican woman103 993, German pressing, Hard RockGER82Aristavg+/vg121113
7"KrokusToky nights / Heatstrokes102 340, German pressing, rare very very small whole in the cover centreGERAriolavg+/vg10911
7"Lee WhiteSpotlightNr. 580, Hard RockCHPrivate pressingvg+/vg+353237
7"Mona Lisa Overdrive (MLOD) - CHJust take a trip to DisneyworldFAR OUT 015, lyrics, HCCH93FarOutm-/m-556
LPMona Lisa Overdrive (MLOD) - CHUnique scrawling screechFAR OUT 022, lyrics, Punk / AlternativeCH94Far Outm-/m-121113
7"Satrox(Love is) more than a feeling655760 7, Melodic MetalNL90CBS
LPSeed Of Pain (CH)Blindfolded & doomedCR-024, lyrics, foc, Swiss Post-HCGER2009Cobra Xm-/m-9810
7"SteadySteal the nightPINK 108 400, (Hard) RockCH86Pink Recordsm-/m-403742
LPStonefield (CH)Light of lies21932, Swiss Hard / Classic Metal GER90Iron Ages / BSCm-/vg+252326
EPStonefield (CH)The eyes of the dawn572 17052 AG, 4-track, lyrics, remove marks from price tag on front cover, Classic Hardrock / MetalGER88BSCvg+/g+151416
LPSubwayDangerous games39P706, insert, rare, Swiss Melodic / Hard RockCH90Pink 7 Musicm-/m-201821
7"Thomson, SteveAfrican eyesP 45-32, insert, Swiss AOR / HardrockCH88Phonagvg+/vg+556
7"Thomson, SteveEurope (I need you)P 45-31, insert, Swiss AOR / HardrockCH88Phonagvg+/vg556
7"TransitTake your loveSwiss MainstreamCH88K-Telvg+/vg+667
7"Transityou can't stop the fireK-tel 5240, Hard RockCH88K-telvg+/vg+10911
LPVAAvalancheFAR OUT 001, purple vinyl, magazine, Swiss underground sampler with CALHOUN CONQUER, FLEISCH, INFECTED, WICKED etc.CH89Far Outm-/m-151416
LPVAAvalanche 2FAR OUT 007, magazine, Swiss underground sampler with PROFAX, AUTOPSY, WORNOUT etc.CH91Far Outm-/m-151416
LPVAFar Out - Tribute to FrankFAR OUT 023, with FLEISCH, MYDEVICE, MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, GOATSKIN etc.CH94Far Outm-/m-121113
7"Wounds Left DeeperEmotion & compassion10, lim. 666, numbered, HCCH2002Prawdam-/m-556